AussieDoodle Potty Training

AussieDoodle Potty Training


At just 3-4 weeks, we start teaching puppies not to pee where they play, sleep, or eat.

When your new Aussie Doodle puppy goes home with you, he will already have a jump start on his potty training.  At just 2-3 weeks old, we start training them not to eliminate where they hang out.  At 4 weeks, they start to “get it” and by the time they are 7 weeks old, they almost always pee away from where they play.

The first goal of house training your dog, is to make the dog understand, “We don’t eliminate where we play.”  A dog that is constantly walking around in it’s own pee, will get comfortable with this, and begin to sleep right on top of where they pee. YUCK!

How do we do it?

1. Puppies pee almost instantly when they wake up.  At 3 & 1/2 – 4 weeks old, we start to wake puppies up, and put them on the far side of the whelping box.  They go pee, and then we get them out of the whelping box to play.  What does this teach a dog?  1.  Puppies learn one side is to is pee, and the other side is where we sleep.  2.  We are conditioning the dog to think “fun things happen after I pee.”

2.  By constantly keeping the Puppy box clean and changing bedding a couple times a day, we condition our Aussiedoodles to be clean.  This gives your dog a huge head start in house breaking.


1.  They will be house broken sooner.

2.  They are less likely to play around, or step in their own poop.  YUCK

3.  They are less likely to run to another room and pee where you can’t see them.

4.  Puppies will be more likely to keep themselves cleaner.


PuppyPeeAnd there’s Jett, peeing on the pee pee side, while the others are getting ready for bed on the sleeping side.