Remmy. See more photos below.

Remmy is being raised by:

  • Congrats to Kimberly and Christopher from KY!

    Remmy’s Update. Well she’s still the Queen of my husband’s life and heart ❤️, cute as can be, she’s the early bird of our crew, she barks to potty, yep she’s pretty perfect… We just are BLESSED with Awesomedoodle Joplin x Rocky Sheepadoodle litter ! We are so Thankful we saw her! She loves her bows ( next pics will have HUGE BOWS). Sheepadoodles are the Best! I’ve actually been logging on frequently to see if any are available!! 🥰 Be Blessed AwesomeDoodle Family!

    Here is our Remington, aka Remmy The Sheepadoodle!! What a smile this girl has and she has stole my husband right from me. She is still as laid back as ever, loathes walks and heat, loves the air vent, consistently wakes me up by barking in my face at 5 am to potty and then right back to sleep she goes. When she needs to potty she goes to the door and barks one time during the day. She has been completely potty trained pretty much several days after we had her. She loves to fetch and to be the very center of attention. She is wonderful when I have to run to the store. She doesn’t enjoy car rides yet but I’m sure that will come with time. Her coat is so beautiful, she doesn’t shed, she’s great with our 5 ,8 & 14 year old. She is also wonderful with the rest of our fur babies. We just love her to pieces. Kimberly and Family

    Remmy is a female F1 standard size Sheepadoodle puppy. She is tri colored and has some copper shading on her legs and side burns. We love her little white mittens! She is one cute little doodle doll!

  • Size: We estimate this standard size Sheepadoodle puppy to be between 55-75 lbs full grown.

  • Born Monday May 18th, 2020.  Ready to come home by car on July 6th, or by plane by July 13th. Puppy must go home no later than July 20th, 2020.

  • Pick up info: Free delivery within 1 hour of Sioux Falls, SD or pick up at Sioux Falls Regional Airport. Puppy nanny available for an extra charge.

  • Predicted Temperament & Personality: While puppy personalities vary a little, temperaments are very well balanced. Our AussieDoodle owners consistently tell us their dogs characteristics are a lot like their mom and dad. Read the descriptions below to see if you think these qualities would be a good fit for your family.


sheepadoodle puppy

6 weeks old

sheepadoodle puppy sheepadoodle puppy sheepadoodle puppy

sheepadoodle puppy

5 weeks old

sheepadoodle puppy

sheepadoodle puppy

4 weeks old

sheepadoodle puppy

3 weeks old    sheepadoodle puppy

sheepadoodle puppy

2 weeks old

sheepadoodle puppy  sheepadoodle puppy