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Find out if an Aussie Doodle is the right breed for your family.

These cute and bouncy dogs will make you melt with their expressions and bubbly, happy-go-lucky attitude. But AussieDoodles aren't for everyone; can you handle this intelligent and attention demanding breed?


AussieDoodles are incredibly smart, and require mental stimulation several times a day. Do you have time to challenge and stimulate a very intelligent dog?
How much do you plan to include your dog in your daily life?
What kind of space do you have for a dog to run and sniff freely?
When your 8-16 week old puppy demonstrates an undesirable behavior, like barking or jumping, what should you do?
How many total hours would your dog / puppy be left alone in the course of a normal day?
Where would your dog sleep at night?
How much time do you want to spend with your dog?
How important is it for you to have dog that is easy to train?
AussieDoodles shed very little if any at all, but they require regular grooming so their coats stay soft and fluffy. If not groomed regularly, they can get matted.
AussieDoodles aren't hyper dogs, but do require daily exercise to burn excess energy, especially from 0-2 years old.

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