Ollie is a No Color found F1 AussieDoodle puppy.


adult blue merle aussiedoodle



Litter: Dani x Gator

Born: April 28, 2019

Breed of Puppy: F1 AussieDoodle

Estimated Size: 15-30lbs

Go Home Dates: November 28, 2020 to November 28, 2020

Olive “Ollie” is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. This little girl has a white collar and lots of white on her chest, paws and face. It looks like she has some copper/tan coming out on her face. She’s so beautiful! We think she will look like Willie as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Michelle and Darrell in Connecticut.

“I cannot get enough of Olive (Dani X Gator, 4 months)! She is so unbelievably perfect. We started a tricks class at our local training club today and the instructor raved about her and used her for demos. She even said she was so cute she should do commercials! 😂 I knew y’all could appreciate that since all of our ADs are the best pups in the world!”- Michelle

australian shepherd mom with her aussiedoodle puppy

6 weeks old