Huckleberry Finn is a puppy.



Litter: Zena x Humphrey 8-19

Born: August 28, 2019

Breed of Puppy: F1 AussieDoodle

Estimated Size: 20-35lbs

Go Home Dates: November 28, 2020 to November 28, 2020

“We finally decided on a name … Huckleberry Finn.   He has been such a good pup so far.   Stanley, our 1yr old AwesomeDoodle, has been so gentle yet playful with him.  Huck slept well (11:30 to 6:30).  Not one peep out of him.  He slept in a crate next to our bed.  He has eaten and is drinking a lot.  We carried him on our hike through Marsh Creek this morning.  He was a little nervous in the car, but never cried. He met my brother and his family.   

He has gone to the sliding door twice now when he had to poop which is amazing.  We plan to train him with bells just like we did for Stanley.  He has a fenced in area with food, water, a dog bed and toys that is right in our kitchen/family room area.   

So far, so good.   He adores Stanley and people.  He is alert and his tail can’t wag fast enough most of the time!  The hardest part so far is that the kids want to hold him all the time ;). 

Please tell Tom his little guy is doing well and is being spoiled with lots of love ️. He is fitting right into the mix of our family :)” – Renee and Matthew

Huckleberry Finn is a beautiful Phantom Blue Merle Male. The “phantom” means he has the big bold (non fading) copper that we only get from Humphrey puppies.  He will look like Rusty when he gets bigger. Flyer also has white on his chest. Congratulations to Matthew and Renee on this cherub, their 2nd AwesomeDoodle!


7 weeks old


6 weeks old