At AwesomeDoodle, our puppies go to the vet. We do what we do best, and that’s raising well rounded and affectionate puppies. But when it comes to medicine, we leave that up to the vet. While most breeders cook up their own concoction from farm stores like “Tractor supply” in order to save a few bucks, AwesomeDoodle lets the vet do what he or she does best.

Q. What vaccinations will my puppy get, before it comes home?
A. Every puppy gets it’s first set of vaccinations (aka puppy booster shots) at 6 weeks old. In some cases, we give a Parvo vaccination at 4 weeks old. When your puppy goes to the vet at 6 weeks, you will receive an email with it’s vet record that you can take to your own vet. We will also give you the name and number, so your vet can call ours, if needed. Your puppy will be ready for it’s second around of vaccincations at 9 weeks old.

Q. Do you “de-worm” your puppies before they come home?
A. Yes, puppies are de-wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks old. At the 6 week vet check, we also have the lab do a FULL stool sample analyses to make sure no parasites are present. Your puppy will be ready for another de-worming at 9 weeks old.

Q. Are there any specific questions I should ask my vet when I take my AwesomeDoodle at 9 weeks old?
A. Yes, you should ask your vet to pay close attention to your puppy’s ears and check well for ear infections. AussieDoodle puppies (and lots of other breeds) are prone to getting ear infections at the age of about 8-10 weeks old. Also, ask your vet to do a FULL STOOL ANALYSES, not just a simple stool check. Most vets charge $10 to do a simple stool check to look for common parasites. However this check usually doesn’t include the harder to detect parasites, like giardia. Ask your vet to check for everything. Parasites are EVERYWHERE! And giardia is on the rise, so make sure your puppy is clear.

Note on ear infections: ear infections are common with *doodles because hair usually grows inside their ear. In order to prevent ear infections, we clean the puppy’s ears a couple times (before they go home) with an ear wash. You should be diligent in plucking your puppy’s ear hairs and keeping their ears clean. Even doing so, we still get puppies with ear infections from time to time. An ear infection is not severe and is easily healed. Ask your vet or groomer about ear care.

Q. Do you dock tails?
A. No, tail docking is a tradition from Australian Shepherds and unless your dog is herding sheep, it doesn’t need it’s tail docked. We will not dock your puppy’s tail (even upon request) because that needs to be done at 2 days old.

Q. Do you remove dew claws?
A. No, dew claws DO serve a purpose. Watch this and you’ll see why we don’t remove dew claws: