Before we can offer you a puppy, we need to have your deposit, your adoption agreement, and your puppy preferences. Here are instructions:

1. Log in with your email address and password by going to the top of this web page and clicking “Log In”. If you don’t know your password, use the “lost password” link to reset it.



2. Click edit, and set your puppy requirements, and click UPDATE. Then check your preferences to make sure they saved properly.

Puppy Requirements:
We use your puppy criteria to know if we should offer you a certain puppy. If your criteria isn’t set accurately, you might miss out on an Awesome puppy. In order to get offered a puppy sooner, you should set your puppy criteria to the most wide range of choices possible.

Size: Check all the sizes you would consider.
Our dogs are well rounded, happy go lucky dogs, no matter what the size.

Gender: Check the genders you would consider.
Many families tell us they want a specific gender, and when we ask them why, we often seem to get a response like this: “Our last dog was male and we really liked him so that’s what we want to stick with.” If you want a certain gender, we respect that, however, you’re eliminating 50% of your choices by doing so. There’s little difference between boys and girls.  They are equally as intelligent and easy to train.

Color: Check all the colors you will consider.
We strongly urge you to open your mind to all the different colors. They’re all AwesomeDoodles, no matter what the color. If you have your heart set on a certain color and you won’t accept anything but that, that’s just fine; we’ll txt you when we get that color, in your size range, and your gender preference. Just remember this may extend your wait time. Keep your options open to lots of colors. They are all so beautiful.


3. Click the link in your profile to sign your adoption paperwork.
Once you sign, your profile will tell you we have your paperwork. You can email us to request a copy.


4. Follow the instructions to send your deposit.


5. Turn on your VIP membership!