“She now weighs 29lbs.  She’s a super happy girl, that loves everything and everybody, and is really good at entertaining herself.  Her favorite things are throwing the ball and retrieving by herself & with me, sprinklers and water hoses.  She’s obsessed with water, and that’s a good thing for me.  She loves to put her face underwater in the pool and grab toys from the top step.  She loves to play on surfboards and we’ve caught waves together.  She’s got great balance and rides on my motorcycle with me, both in front of me and behind me on the seat.  I keep her tethered to my body by a leash and harness, and she lays down and stays calm and relaxed.  Cat like at times.  She loves to be at least half on my lap whenever possible. ” – Sydney


“Nash is very confident, and very coordinated. She likes to retrieve balls, in the ocean or out of the pool. When I hold the toy underwater she will put her whole face and eyes under to get it.  As a swim and surf instructor, this delights me to no end. She’s not a huge barker, but she will do a single yelp every couple of minutes when at a restaurant and she’s bored.  This is probably her worst behavior, if you can call it that. 

She loves everyone she meets, both dogs, people, and small children. Last week she was running around with a big group of small children I didn’t know at the beach last week, and not a single time did she jump up and try to grab them with her mouth, and they were running around trying to get her to chase them etc. I was really impressed.  She has surfed with me on the paddle board and we caught lots of waves. She never shakes or trembles or cries when she’s on the board, or when we’re paddling through waves. This has been awesome.  She loves to take my shoes and move them around and her favorite game with them is to take the insoles out. So far she is not destroyed or damaged a single one.”

Nash is the Classic looking Blue merle that has made AwesomeDoodle famous. She has very little white. Blue Merle all the way down her legs. What more can we say about Nash? She’s perfect.

Congrats to Sydney in California. He has waited a long time for this girl.

At the airport; ready to go find some waves with dad

7 weeks old


6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old

3 weeks old

2 weeks old

1 week old