Huey is being raised by:

  • Huey is a “extra mini” tri-color poodle and he will be about 12lbs full grown.

    Huey is available to the perfect family in Louisville, KY. If everything works out, he will sire our mini / toy size litters in Louisville for several years.

    The photo you see here is not Huey, but this is what we expect Huey to look like when he grows up. Huey will be trained by Tom until he is about 4 months old, and then he can go home around Valentine’s day.

    Huey’s fee has not been determined yet, however he will be about 25% of his investment. His owner will make a small fee for every litter he sires.

    Read about our guardian program here.

  • Size: 12lbs

  • Huey will be about 9 weeks old at Christmas time. We will have real photos of him up by the new year.


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