Mickey. See more photos below.

Mickey is being raised by:

  • Mickey is NOT an AussieDoodle. He is a Blue Merle Toy Size Australian Shepherd.

    Mickey has been socialized well and has no weird behavior issues. He rides in the car often and is friendly with strangers after a few sniffs. We had planned on keeping Mickey so he could be a boyfriend to female poodles, but we are no longer using female poodles as moms.

    Mickey’s fee is $2400.

    Mickey does NOT come with lifetime support by AwesomeDoodle, however we are here to answer basic questions and get you started with Mickey. We will let you know the kinds of things he likes and what things he likes to do.

    Mickey is one of the best dogs ever. He is a big dog in a toy size package. Originally, we wanted to keep him, so we socialized him well. We take him everywhere. He loves other dogs, likes to ride in the car, and loves to meet new people. Like any Aussie, he will alert you when a stranger comes to your house, but within 5 minutes he is asking them for love and he soaks it right up. He knows how to sit and wait his turn for treats. He is crate trained and happily goes in his crate but he cannot be left alone for more than 4 hours per day. He is fully potty trained / litter box trained.

  • Size: Mickey is currently 15lbs at 9 months old. We expect Mickey to be no more than 16-18lbs, full grown.

  • Mickey is 9 months old and has had all of his vaccinations, so your puppy vet visits are already paid for. Mickey is not available to a breeder. He is a pet only. He is not neutered yet and will come with a neuter agreement. His tail is docked to Aussie standard. Mickey will shed, just like any other Aussie.

  • Pick up info: Free delivery within 1 hour of Louisville, KY. No puppy nanny, no shipping. He is a little too big to ride in a carrier on a plane.

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Predicted Temperament & Personality:
While puppy personalities vary a little, temperaments are very well balanced. Our AussieDoodle owners consistently tell us their dogs characteristics are a lot like their mom and dad. Read the descriptions below to see if you think these qualities would be a good fit for your family.

Gracie May

Gracie is a toy size Aussie, at 9 lbs. She is TINY. She will make toy size Aussies and we have a couple boyfriends in mind for her. Gracie has character, that’s for sure. She has some “toy-ish” mannerisms. She can be a little skittish of new people, (like most Aussies) and she thinks she is a little guard dog. Little dog, big personality. And you should see her fetch a Frisbee! Watch the video below. Diane and Morgan have been teaching her and Maddie to fetch, and they are doing well. Size: 9lbs Faith's Current Puppies in the Nursery:

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