Breed: Australian Shepherd

Weight:  40

Owner: LaDonna & her Affectionate AussieDoodle Puppies

Koda - She is our loyal companion.

Koda does not let me get out of her sight very often. When I leave a room Koda is usually right by my side. If I’m busy and going from room to room Koda goes too. Koda is not a hyper dog but she does love to run and play fetch outside. Hiking through the woods and trails are her favorite things to do. Kids are attracted to her because she is so loving and sweet. Koda loves our cat and loves to lay on the deck in the sun with her. Koda has a beautiful full coat that is worthy of dog shows for sure. Her merle pattern is perfect along with her huge white collar and blaze face and she has beautiful rich copper points. Koda is beautiful inside and out, that is for sure. She is a joy to have; we love her dearly!

Koda's Past Puppies

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