Breed: Poodle

Weight:  55

Owner: Tammy

Indy -

Indy is a handsome Merle Standard Poodle. He weighs about 55 pounds. He is a wonderful dog. He loves everyone he meets. He has the most easy going nature. His favorite thing is to walk with me and bring me sticks. Sometimes they are longer than he is, but he is determined! By the time we are done walking we have a huge collection of sticks. Indy is so good with my Grandson. He is very gentle and will let him walk him on a leash and not try to pull away. Indy knows he is little and will even walk slower for him. My favorite thing about Indy is his calm centered temperament. I can take him walking on a busy road or in to our local farm store and nothing startles or bothers him. He just takes everything in stride and is a joy to live with. Indy is the kind of dog that ANY family would love to have. He doesn't bark too much, he is not protective, but will let you know when someone pulls into your drive way. He is a perfect all around dog, and we expect his puppies to inherit his calm and collected demeanor.

Indy's Past Puppies

Puppies will be added here soon!