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Ares, aka “Loverboy” is a 18lb, “Silver and beige Mini Poodle.” He lives in a guardian home and only comes to visit when it’s time to make a magic with our girls.  Ares is an amazing dog!  He is a little shy of strangers at first, but then he warms up and as sweet as can be. Ares and Cash are our #1 handsome studs for our litters.  Ares makes sweet, affectionate, very low shedding AussieDoodle puppies, in the 17-40lb range, depending on his girl.

Ares is a fairly low energy dog, but loves to romp around the back yard with the girls.  He is also happy to just chill by your side.  He is definitely a “velcro” dog, incredibly affectionate.  If he has his choice, he would sit ON you the entire time.  I am convinced he helps with the sweet, loving personalities of our puppies.

We love Ares so much, and he is a pleasure to have around. Needless to say, when Ares sees me, he knows “what’s up!”

Ares is AKC registered, he is OFA certified for Hips, joints, eyes and heart. He is clear for full panel for poodles.

Ares is owned by our great friend Shannon. Thank you to Shannon for letting Ares be a part of AwesomeDooodle.

Ares's Past Puppies


Ares, aka "Loverboy" is a 18lb, "Silver and beige Mini Poodle." He lives in a guardian home and only comes to visit when it's time to make a magic with our girls.  Ares is an amazing dog!  He is a little shy of strangers at first, but then he warms up and as sweet as can be. Ares and Cash are our #1 handsome studs for our litters.  Ares makes sweet, affectionate, very low shedding AussieDoodle puppies, in the 17-40lb range, depending on his girl. Ares is a fairly low energy dog, but loves to romp around the back [read more]

Oso the intense dark Red AussieDoodle

At first we thought Oso was a black tuxedo, but it is looking like her fur will be a DARK intense red, which is a rare Aussie Color. We can't wait to see how she matures. Congrats to Lori and Lois on this sweet little pea.


"We are so so happy with him.  He's doing really well. He met both families and he's soooo well behaved!" Stout is a gorgeous, blue merle mini aussiedoodle puppy. He's got a striking coat with handsome, high-contrast black and white markings. Check out that black and white sock! Congrats to Dominic C and family.


"Gold stars to you and your excellent and thorough work with him and us!! We think he is doing great. He slept in my arms most of the way home. He went to the vet on Saturday (was a little wiped out after that),  and today he visited a dog training facility and we signed him up for a puppy kindergarten obedience class which starts 6/10. The Manager there said he "seems confident" and that we must have found a good breeder. We did! He is just too sweet and loving and is bonding nicely to us. He is not very food motivated, but we have been using clicking to work with him to come and managing his unwanted puppy behaviors with toy distractions.  He has been sleeping through the night (with a gazillion stuffed puppy toys, including the duck you sent, which is a huge success). No fuss getting into his crate. He often retreats to the crate on his own to rest. He has learned to climb stairs, but as of yet has not tried going down, so when he gets to the top he barks to come down. It's pretty funny!" OBie is a sleek and handsome black tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy with some adorable, super tiny white markings on his chest and snout. He has such a shiny coat! What a sweetie! Congrats to Sherrie B and family.


"The first couple of days were a bit of a learning curve, but thanks to the videos and plenty of chew toys we're on track. ;) He's resting just near me in his puppy bed. We were just outside running around. He just loves exploring our yard. He's doing well. :)" Logan is a super sweet, black and white tuxedo mini AussieDoodle puppy. He's got adorable, tiny white markings on his chin, chest, and paws! Congrats to Bailey and family!


"Jordy had his vet check today and he is doing great!!  He is a super little fluffy guy.  So excited to have him in our family." Jordy is a very handsome, black and white tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy. He's got a gorgeous coat with white markings on his feet, chest, legs, and snout. Jordy is going to be living in Louisville, KY, so we can follow him as he grows! Congrats to Diane and family.


"Thank you for bringing Darcy into our life - she's wonderful and sweet and smart and better behaved than any puppy I've seen. She seems to have taken to life here with ease. It couldn't have been more than a couple minutes of crying last night before she was fast asleep. We are filled with gratitude." Darcy is a darling black mini aussiedoodle puppy with adorable, tiny white markings on her chest, chin, and feet! Congrats to Austin & Chelsea


"We all love him so much! So far so good. He sleeps from 10pm-5:30am which is great. He goes in crate willingly most of the time. He went to the doctor on Monday and he is doing well. On Sunday, we took a road trip and he is a terrific traveler. He also takes my daughter to the school bus. All the kids want to get off to pet him. There isn't a person , old or young  -  boy or girl who doesn't stop us to say how cute he is.  So far his older brother is tolerating him- Ozzy curled up with Jake to take a nap."   Ozzy is an adorable, male blue merle mini aussiedoodle. He's got a gorgeous, merle coat and lots of white markings, including little white socks! Congrats to Tracy K. and Sammie J.!


"Nellie is settling in well and we are thoroughly enjoying her! She has been to Starbucks, Lowe's, the hair salon, and the pet store. She did extremely well in the car. She is starting to get a little feisty!  Need to work on puppy biting" Nellie is a gorgeous and sleek black and white tuxedo mini aussiedoodle puppy! She's got adorable white spots under her chin and on her chest. Congrats to Janet W and family.

Max: the red merle aussiedoodle

"Max is an amazing puppy! He sleeps in his crate all night long just after 2 days of getting him used to it.  He loves running and playing w the kids outside, and he rarely barks just mostly at his reflection in the window. He already sits and waits patiently for treats. He loves his toys and we love watching him jump in his toy basket to find his favorite one. Overall, he's terrific with kids and people. Also, believe it or not, he's had no accidents in his crate or in the house!!! He has peed on his puppy patch a few times if we can't get to the door on time, and we are using the bell which has worked really well." Congrats to Jill and Brad.

Tessie: Chocolate merle aussiedoodle

"We take her out all the time and she is a huge people pleaser.  Almost everyone has to come over to pet her...she loves it.  She is a total velcro dog.  When I am making anything in the kitchen, she will come over and lay on my feet.  I hate to move.   The whole family loves her." Tessie is a beautiful and very unusual Chocolate merle girl. Congrats to Suzanne & Don.

Tucker: Red merle aussiedoodle

"Tucker is doing great. He is so smart - already going up and down stairs, easily finds his way home, sits for food and to go outside. He is so fun and engaging; curious about everything but mostly, his pure love of people draws everyone in. He treats everyone like his new best friend. What a gift! If there is a more perfect dog somewhere, you'd have to convince me. Thanks to you and your family for your tremendous care of him!" Congrats to Steve and Brenda W.!

Evie: the red merle aussiedoodle

"Little Evie is doing great! Her potty training is going well - we've had a few accidents when it's raining outside, but for the most part she's great! She's a doll and we can't get enough of her! Our Goldendoodle has formed a special bond with her; she's the best babysitter! She's used to her crate- even puts herself to bed some nights around 9:45! She has mastered sitting and down. She comes when called when I have treats! We are using the bell system and teaching her to have her feet cleaned after going out! Our Golden lifts her paws for them to be cleaned- When we first started this with Evie she didn't like it one bit. Now, she allows me to clean her paws and even allows me to clip her toenails without throwing a fit! I will be contacting a trainer soon to  help with excitement when people come to the door and a few other things! Evie loves long walks and she prefers plush toys over balls. I would like to train her to catch a frisbee - she seems to like catching toys in the air already! We've taken her on many outings. She's wonderful with our kids, other kids, and people in general. She is still a little scared of other dogs, but overall, she is very smart and very loving! We could not be happier with her! :) Thank you for the videos and communication! We appreciate it!" Congrats to Stephanie and Bill.

Ozzie: the black tuxedo mini Aussiedoodle puppy

"Bentley is AMAZING.  He took right to our girls and family.  He did not have an accident the entire car ride. Made it home and we took him in the yard and he did his business. He played with us in the yard for a while and relaxed with us for a bit in the evening. Only 1 small accident  (and it is my fault bc I took my eyes off him while getting ready to take him out). He is an AMAZING dog and we are lucky to have him in our family. I will be sure to read ALL of these tips and appreciate any advice you may have.   The trainer is scheduled to come tomorrow. We are absolutely in love!" Congrats to Justine and Family in Connecticut on this cutie.

Bluez: the blue merle mini AussieDoodle Puppy

"He is a super good boy! Almost potty trained, sleeps from 10 or 10:30 to 7:00-7:30 without getting up and no accidents in his crate, can sit, stay, come, fetch, drop, and touch! Couldn't ask for a better dog, although he is definitely a puppy! We have spent a ton of time working with him these past three weeks, but it's paying off!" Congrats to Tracy and Phil in Indiana.

Thunda: the blue merle mini AussieDoodle Puppy

"Thunda is doing wonderful! At 12 weeks she's just over 11 lbs and is doing very well with potty training. She sleeps through the night in her crate and can hold it for a max of 4 hours outside the crate. We are so happy with the progress she has made. She's a champion with sit, down, come, and stay. She does really well with loose leash walking, but would much rather run. I took her on a mile walk the other day that turned into mommy getting a running workout. She is also a VERY talkative dog. Makes about 5 different noises and especially barks when she is super excited to see other dogs! We are working on controlling that a bit more, however. I'd like her to be able to do troll her impulses as she gets older so we are focusing on that more now." Thunda is a gorgeous blue merle girl! Congrats to Kyle and Danielle in Massachusetts!

Remi: Red merle mini aussiedoodle puppy

"He is doing great! The whole family is in awe of him. He has never cried at night from day one. He goes right in the crate as long as he can see me and right to sleep. The bells on the door are working well, he rang yesterday probably 75% of the time. We had company last night and they couldn't believe it. Remi loves everyone he meets. He was sitting and making eye contact by his third day with us. I use that when I need crazy puppy to stop. Lol I could go on all day.... I still can't believe he's ours!" Gloria Remi is the famous red merle puppy who has defeated all odds! Congrats to Gloria and her husband, who were so lucky to get this handsome guy.

Santiago, the Toy Size Red tuxedo AussieDoodle

"6 days later we feel as if we have loved him for years. He is such a good boy! He is about 80% using the wee pads- we heavy treat train when he goes #1 & #2. Every night when we go up to bed- we have a little playtime, then when he is tired he walks into his kennel and falls right to sleep with he door open. Such a good boy! He is eating his kibble much better and growing right before our eyes. We do training multiple times a day and using the clicker. Tonight Rafael did the clicker and he sat his butt down so fast you would have chuckled... he was ready for that next treat! I'll send better picks in a couple days. He is hard to photograph moving around so quick... little maniac! Thanks for sending us our little saint! He sends his love... woof woof" Santi has gone home with Cherina and Rafael to Oregon State. We can't wait to see how he matures.

Emma, the Toy Size Blue Merle AussieDoodle Puppy

"Emma remains a very positive addition to our family. We have so much fun watching her gleefully carrying branches around the yard, pouncing on passing leaves, proudly bringing back her fetch toy, and running through her tunnel countless ways.  I promise, we are not encouraging her to get excited, but she is just hysterically funny when she has her crazy times – running in circles, grabbing one toy and then the next! I think her record is holding three toys in her mouth while running around the chairs, under the table and jumping on and off the couch! (She is allowed on the couch).  She really makes us laugh; what a little handful of joy she is!  At other times, she is a little lover, giving us little licks as she sits on our laps and cuddles with us on the couch. We couldn’t love her more!" Congrats to Peter and Gwen on this little doll.

We are so happy with Mac

"You guys did a terrific job of making the transition from your home to mine as easy as possible! Thanks for being patient with us as we worked the kinks out! It's obvious you have the puppies best interest at heart!" Congrats to Lisa W in Mississippi.

Bold And Beautiful Beyla

"I can't tell you how wonderful it is to come in the back door, see Beyla snug in her crate and staying there, quiet and content, while I put things away, go to the bathroom, or just have a quiet moment to myself. Then, when I'm ready, I let her out, let her stretch, give her a good rub and then take her outside. It is pure heaven!!! I swear, if she could only do one thing, this is the thing I'd want her to do. As luck would have it, though, she does this and soooo many other wonderful things. It's amazing to see how much she loves to please us. Wow. Wow. Wow!" Congratulations to Karen & Dean

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