Breed: Poodle

Weight:  18

Ares - Ares, the sweetest of all the Poodles

Ares, aka “Loverboy” is a 18lb, “Silver and beige Mini Poodle.” He lives in a guardian home and only comes to visit when it’s time to make a magic with our girls. Ares is an amazing dog! He is a little shy of strangers at first, but then he warms up and as sweet as can be. Ares and Cash are our #1 handsome studs for our litters. Ares makes sweet, affectionate, very low shedding AussieDoodle puppies, in the 17-40lb range, depending on his girl.

Ares is a fairly low energy dog, but loves to romp around the back yard with the girls. He is also happy to just chill by your side. He is definitely a “velcro” dog, incredibly affectionate. If he has his choice, he would sit ON you the entire time. I am convinced he helps with the sweet, loving personalities of our puppies.

We love Ares so much, and he is a pleasure to have around. Needless to say, when Ares sees me, he knows “what’s up!”