October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Congratulations to October‘s AwesomeDoodle of the Month, Tucker!
Parents: Belle x Cash
Age: 8 months

Tucker is a black tricolor AussieDoodle. He lives in St. Louis, MO with his family: Kendall, Caroline, and their 3 kids, Marissa, Ellery, and Griffin. You can read up on Tucker and the awesome life he is living here. Tucker wins a $50 puppy pack, hand selected by Courtney.

What’s new at AwesomeDoodle?
Health check Audits. We are going back thru all our moms and dads and making sure every doggie has the proper heath checks done. There has been some controversy over the “PRCD” test in the past and we have re-tested any dog that didn’t have a PRCD test done from our favorite labs. We are also looking at who qualifies for a certification from the orthopedic foundation for animals. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Click here to learn more. Never get a puppy from a breeder who does not test their dogs; you run the risk of getting a dog who will not live a long healthy life, for example, they could go blind at just 4 years of age. Pound puppies are at an even greater risk genetic diseases and PRCD and hip / joint problems.

Current Litter News:
All of Patches and Auna puppies have gone to their furever homes. They are happy healthy, and quickly bonding with their new families. Auna’s puppy owners have reported their puppies are the sweetest, smartest pups they’ve ever known. We’re so proud of Wendy, Cozy, and Auna on their first litter. Wendy’s Glimmer had 7 healthy puppies as well. You can see them now on the puppycam.

We still have 5 litters of adorable AwesomeDoodles growing and getting strong and ready to go to their homes. Sammie and Maggie with Jordan and Angela, Pumpkin with Mike (Columbus, OH), and Wendy’s Glimmer, all have a houseful of happy, playful puppies. And, London is in Arkansas with LaDonna, spoiling her litter of one.


Upcoming Litter News:
Tired of waiting for your perfect puppy? AussieDoodle Paws are about to hit the ground this Winter, as we have 8 litters planned to be born in the next 10 weeks.  Wanna guess how many puppies Diva is having? Click the x-ray photos to the left to view the full size photos. We’re hopeful the following girls are pregnant and due in November/December 2017:
Diva who lives with Natalie in Dallas, TX.
Stella who lives with Mike in Columbus, OH.
Becky’s Robin who will stay with Tom in Louisville, KY.
Faith who lives with Jordan in Columbus, OH.
Gracie and Maddie who live with Diane and Morgan in Louisville, KY.
Winnie who lives with Tom in Louisville, KY.
Sugar, who lives with Tom in Louisville, KY.

Diva and Stella are confirmed pregnant. We will keep you updated on the rest, as we confirm they are soon-to-be moms.

Our wait list and upcoming puppy picks:
We currently have 130 deposits and 30-40 people who are waiting until 2018 or later to get a puppy. With the holidays and winter weather approaching, we expect many people to pass on these fall/winter pups and wait until spring. If you know you are NOT ready for a puppy, let us know the date you are ready, and we won’t bug you until then. WE EXPECT to get to the bottom of our list with these litters. Also, keep your phones near you in the next couple months, and make sure your phone is set to alert you when you get an email or txt message from us. When we have puppies available, we will contact you via txt message to see if you are interested in a particular litter. If you answer back, we will then send you an email with your choices of picks. If you don’t answer, we will move to the next person on our list. Let us know if you have a new phone number.

Partner news:
AwesomeDoodle welcomes a new family, Martha and Pete to the crew. They are super excited to be a part of the AwesomeDoodle family, but also to be getting one of Maggie’s puppies! In a couple of years, Martha and Pete will have one of AwesomeDoodle’s first F1B AussieDoodle puppies (Poodle X AussieDoodle). Stay tuned for more information on Martha and Pete. We are proud to have them and can’t wait to see their puppies in Lafayette, Tennessee.

Want to get involved as an AwesomeDoodle partner too? Let us know!

From our home to yours,
Tom, Erin, Courtney, Cheryl and the entire AwesomeDoodle family