November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Congratulations to November’s AwesomeDoodle of the Month, Samantha’s Rem Dog! Remy lives an awesome life in Alaska. You can see more of him on our facebook group, “AwesomeDoodle Friends” and here on instagram.
Parents: Winnie x Cash
Age: 5 1/2 months

Likes: Sojos puppy treats, off-leash hikes (hikes in general and being off leash in general also..) other Aussies (he has a special bond with them), morning snuggles, belly rubs, the snow and catching snowballs, running with friends or after a ball at the dog park, giving kisses, licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, learning new tricks (we are currently working on “give me a hug” where he puts his paws on my shoulders and rests his chin on me), jumping on everyone and everything (this is definitely a hard behavior to control, he’s like a little spring), chew toys.  I give him a chew every evening because it really helps calm him down and get ready for bed!

Dislikes: leash training (he just wants to run around and be free), the blow dryer (and going to the groomer), the cone of shame, very large men with beards (lots of these here in Alaska), frisbees.

He currently weighs 39.5 pounds. And he’s growing on average 5lb/two weeks. Remy is the best dog in the whole world and makes me incredibly happy. One thing I would tell perspective owners: Make sure you start training good behaviors immediately! I know some of my friends and family were skeptical about how well disciplined I would be with a puppy (because I just want to love on them all the time), but I was very very strict with Remy from the beginning (including crate training him even though he still to this day HATES the crate) and it’s really made a huge difference. He is only 6 months old, but I can leave him in the house while I go to the grocery store (or do other short errands) and he doesn’t touch a thing (besides his toys). He also knows all of the basic commands and we are excited to start agility training in the spring. He knows I am the boss and does not want to upset me. But he is not afraid to snuggle up for warmth at night and lick my face when I’m not paying enough attention to him. Also, he loves every other dog and human. He’s so friendly, which is slightly surprising. I think this is probably because he was socialized from the day I brought him home. He always had other human friends around, wanting to touch him and talking to him. I wouldn’t say he’s easy going because he definitely knows what he wants and how to get it, but he is so sweet and always wants to experience new things.

Current Litter News:
All of Sammie’s, Maggie’s and Pumpkin’s puppies have gone to their furever homes. Their owners are over-the-moon for their new babies and we are getting lots of wonderful updates from some very happy families.

Natalie’s Diva had a healthy litter of 6 on November 1st.  5 of her puppies are a “mini me” of their daddy, Jackpot.  They are our first every black phantoms and are absolutely stunning.  They get cuter every day and are starting to look like little teddy bears. Stella gave birth a week later to a litter of 8 which included several beautiful tricolors.  Both of these litters have been chosen by some very excited families.  You can see them on the puppy cam for the next week or two, until they begin to escape the puppy box.

Becky’s Robin just had her puppies and they are being evaluated and weighed daily to ensure they are happy and healthy.  We will begin the pick process on these sweet babies soon.

And guess who had an x-ray today? Little miss Gracie. Can you tell how many puppies she is going to have? Click the x-ray photo for a full size and lets see your puppy x-ray tech skills.

Upcoming Litter News:
Are you getting anxious for your new puppy? We have 9 litters due before the end of February. GO here to see the full list.
Faith who lives with Jordan in Columbus, OH.
Gracie and Maddie who live with Diane and Morgan in Louisville, KY.
Winnie who lives with Tom in Louisville, KY.
Sugar, whose puppies will be raised by Tom in Louisville, KY.
Allie, who lives with Sally in Akron, OH.
Annie, who lives with Kris and Natalie in Dallas, TX.
Belle, who lives with Jordan in Columbus, OH.
Layla, whose puppies will be raised by Tom in Louisville, KY

Our wait list and upcoming puppy picks:
We currently have 150 deposits and 40-50 people who are not ready for a puppy until summer 2018 or later.  With every litter, we get lots of people who pass due to the wrong timing, size, color, gender or location of the litter. If you know you are NOT ready for a puppy, let us know the date you are ready, and we won’t bug you until then. WE EXPECT to get to the bottom of our list with these upcoming litters. Also, keep your phones near you in the next couple months, and make sure your phone is set to alert you when you get an email or txt message from us. When we have puppies available, we will contact you via txt message to see if you are interested in a particular litter. If you answer back, we will then send you an email with your choices of picks. If you don’t answer, we will move to the next person on our list. Let us know if you have a new phone number.

Partner news:
Our new partners, Martha and Pete and Cheryl and Jason have welcomed their future mamas into their homes and are loving their gorgeous babies!  Miss Grace and Zoe are two of the most beautiful puppies we have ever had and we can’t wait for them to become AwesomeDoodle moms in about 18 months.

Want to get involved as an AwesomeDoodle partner too? Let us know.

Happy Holidays, from our home to yours,
Tom, Erin, Courtney, Cheryl and the entire AwesomeDoodle family