Nico is a AKC registered blue merle female Australian Shepherd. Nico has beautiful light blue eyes, she weighs 50 pounds and all 50 pounds of her is pure love for her family! Nico has an amazing temperament; Nico is the sweetest dog I have ever owned for sure. She gets along great with my other dogs and loves the cats and always welcomes any and all company she meets. Nico is such a gentle soul , we never worry about her with the neighbor children that run over to our house unannounced, Nico welcomes them all with a gentle greeting and she loves the attention the kids give her. Nico’s coloring is very unique, her head and ears are the blue merle pattern, but her body has red merle coloring. Very unique color pattern. She sports a big white collar and beautifully white blazed face. We can take Nico to any public event or business that welcomes dogs, the attention that she gets is non stop and she loves every minutes of it. Nico has had all of her DNA health testing done, has had her hips x-rayed for hip dysplasia and all results are A++. Pictures of Nico coming soon.