Madison is a female Tuxedo F1B AussieDoodle. Her fur is super curly and She has white tips on her back feed. She will look a lot like Oscar when she gets bigger.

Zinnie’s puppies were born Sunday, May 26th, and will be ready to go home by car on July 14th, and by plane on July 21st.
Shannon is raising Zinnie’s puppies in Bryan, OH. If you want to fly to come get your puppy, you would fly to the Toledo Airport. More than half our puppies go home on airplanes under the seat (not cargo). Our puppy nanny may be available to hand deliver your puppy to a major airport for about $450, sometime between 8-9 weeks old.
Zinnie is 45lbs and Hump is 25 so we expect Zinnie x Hump puppies to land in the 30-40lb range, full grown, but some could tip the scales a little more, since they have Winnie’s genes and she is 55lbs. You can read more about Shannon, Zinnie and Hump, and also see Hump’s past litter here.
These are F1B (AussieDoodle X Poodle) so they will be extra curly and very low shedding.

7 weeks old

6 weeks old

5 weeks old

4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old



1 week old