Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support

Born an AwesomeDoodle, ALWAYS an AwesomeDoodle.

AwesomeDoodle is now offering LIFETIME support for our dogs, from puppy to adult. Yes! For the life of your dog, you can call us, email us, pick our brains, and we’ll be there for you. Whether you need training tips, behavior shaping techniques, or nutrition advice, we are here for you. And if you enter a situation where you can no longer keep your dog, we WILL take it, rehabilitate it if needed, and re-home it with one of our loving and qualified families on our waiting list.

At AwesomeDoodle, we are dedicated to finding the best homes for our pups, and the best puppy support system for those owners (YOU).  We truly care about the life of our puppies, and it’s bond with you. Because of this, we happily provide a guarantee we will be available as a resource to you, for the lifetime of your puppy. We get so attached to these little Aussie Poo puppies when they are little, and we want them to have a good life, forever. Whatever it takes, we are here to help. Do you feel like you’re a high maintenance customer? That’s ok. Are you afraid to ask the simple questions? That’s ok. Bring it on! No question is too easy, no question too difficult.

This lifetime support guarantee means you’re a part of the AwesomeDoodle family forever.  Any time you have questions, concerns or you just want to share a picture of how cute and smart your pup is – we’ll be there.  You’ll also continue to have access to our most up-to-date training articles and videos to help continue to challenge your dog and yourself.

In case you’re wondering, if you already have an AwesomeDoodle… yes, you’re covered.