Apricot AussieDoodle from Puzzle X Humphrey

Hey AwesomeDoodle fans,

It’s been an exciting July for us, as we’ve sent home three incredible litters from Roxie, Zinnie, and Puzzle. We are getting lots of great comments from new puppy owners as the little ones are getting settled into their new homes. Are you getting excited about picking your new puppy? August will be a record breaking month for us as we have 7-8 litters being born all over the USA.

Picking your new puppy

Phantom Blue Merle from Zinnie X Humphrey

When it’s time to pick your puppy, it can be a hard decision. With so many litters being born, you’ll have lots of choices. Candidly, most of us get caught up in trying to pick the prettiest puppy. In the end what really matters is the temperament and behaviors of your puppy. Rather than picking based on looks alone, I would read up on all the mom’s and dads and take into consideration their descriptions and see if that is the kind of dog you want. I often talk to families when their puppies are 1 year old and when they describe their 1 year old dog, it always sounds like they are describing mom.

Some families ask us if they can come visit mom or dad and evaluate their temperament. While that sounds like a logical idea, in reality, it is impossible to visit a dog for an hour and get a good idea of it’s temperament, especially if they are pregnant or have puppies. Australian Shepherds are particularly loyal to their families, and it usually takes them a good hour to “warm up” to you before they start demonstrating their real character. With AwesomeDoodle, you have the luxury of picking your puppy from any of our families around the USA, and visiting each dog would be impossible anyway. That’s why we have photos, a bio, and a video for our mom and dad dogs on our website. I would encourage you to take a look at our August litters and try to pick a couple moms you love the most. You can see our upcoming litters here and then follow the links to read up on mom and dad. While all our dogs demonstrate a gentle, affectionate and intelligent temperament, there may be one mom who “speaks” to you over the others. You’re going to have this dog for ~15 years, and after the “cuteness” wears off, your dog’s temperament is what really matters. If you need any help choosing a mom, shoot us an email and we are here for you.

AwesomeDoodle welcomes Sharon to our team

Sharon and her Husband Andy got their first AwesomeDoodle (Jorja) almost 2 years ago, and their second AwesomeDoodle (Lucy) Just a few months ago. Sharon has been in your shoes twice, and she’s learned the ropes about AussieDoodles. Just like you will, she got the weekly photos, emails, and was addicted to PuppyCam! Now, she’s putting her dog skills to the test shaping the behaviors of her two new family members. While talking to Sharon, we saw how well she trained her dogs, so we recruited her on our team. Sharon is a part time nurse but is semi retired now, and is passionate about her dogs and helping you shape the behaviors of your dog and teach you how to socialize properly. Once you pick your puppy, Sharon will be communicating with you to help you prepare for your new furball, with tips on nutrition, health, potty training, and how to puppy proof your home. When puppy comes home, she’ll be coaching you how to shape your puppy’s behaviors, which is key in raising a well behaved family dog. Please read her emails in full, as they are chock full of important information. Sharon is a valuable addition to our team and we are lucky to have her.

Better get ready!

In the upcoming weeks, we will be sending you an email with details on each litter as they are born, and then you’ll get an opportunity to pick a puppy from that litter (as long as it meets your puppy criteria). I would encourage you to log in to your profile and double check your preferences. For example, if you’ve told us you will only consider a puppy up to 25lbs, then we won’t offer you a puppy that could get up to 30lbs, even if that puppy is perfect in every other way for you and your family. Make sure your profile is as wide as possible, for the best selection of puppies.

That’s all for now. We will talk soon.