“Thank you so much for checking in and all the super helpful tips and articles to read/watch. We are LOVING, enjoying and having a wonderful time with Atlas.

Some of the successes:
– He has been sleeping all night (~7 hours) without crying. He did for the first two nights but was very minor.
– He follows the “sit” command most of the time – super IMPRESSED
– He did fantastic at housebreaking and seems adjusted to his new home.

We feel so lucky to have an AwesomeDoodle in our life. Day by day we continue to get to know him better, he so smart, joyful, playful, loving… we are super happy to have him as part of our family and feel fully supported with this great community.” – Javier & Nilka

Atlas is a male Red Tri-color AussieDoodle with copper. His copper will come out a little more as he grows. He will look a lot like Coco when he gets bigger.

Congrats to Javier and Nilka on this handsome boy.


6 weeks old


5 weeks old


4 weeks old


3 weeks old


2 weeks old


1 week old