December Newsletter

December Newsletter

Congratulations to December‘s AwesomeDoodle of the Month, Cibo! (Pronounced Chee-bow)

Cibo is 28.2 lbs. He loves iceberg lettuce, squeaky tennis balls and when the buzzer rings (it always means friends or food!). He doesn’t love the vacuum or leaving the dog park. At just over 6 months old, Cibo is already quite the traveler — he has taken trains, planes, boats and automobiles to 3 different states. Whether at home or on the road, he is always happy and can make friends with any puppy or human he meets.

Current Litter News:
All of Glimmer’s puppies are settling in wonderfully in their new homes.  We have been receiving lots of cute Christmas pictures from these little ones!  We miss them, but know they are getting spoiled rotten in their new homes.

Diva and Stella’s litters are just as playful and adorable as can be and headed to their new families.  The black phantoms and tricolors really are stunning with all of their copper highlights.

Robin, Gracie, Willow, Sugar, Winnie and Faith ALL have puppies right now.  It really is a busy time for us, especially here in Louisville.  These puppies all have happy homes anxiously waiting for them.  Their owners have lost all productivity as the puppy cams are now live…..hopefully they have their Christmas shopping done:).

AwesomeDoodle is proud to have another semi-celebrity family getting a new puppy. Congrats to Jaci Stofferahn and her new Toy size Gracie puppy, Sully. She’s waited a long time for this precious little guy. The next photo you see of Jaci will be with her new little Sully.

Jaci Stofferahn (Miss North Dakota 2012) soon to get her new AwesomeDoodle, Sully

Upcoming Litter News:
Getting anxious?  We have 7 litters due before the end of February!
Allie, (Just born) who lives with Sally in Akron, OH.
Maddie, who lives with Diane and Morgan in Louisville, KY.
Annie, who lives with Kris and Natalie in Dallas, TX.
Belle, who lives with Jordan in Columbus, OH.
Skyler, who lives with Mike in Columbus, OH.
Layla, whose puppies will be raised by Tom in Louisville, KY
Puzzle, Jordan’s new little pip-squeak in Columbus, OH

Our wait list and upcoming puppy picks:

With our most recent litters, we were able to get a lot of people on our waitlist a puppy.  In fact, lots of you were offered a puppy from one of those litters.  If you know you are NOT ready for a puppy, let us know the date you are ready, and we won’t bug you until then. WE EXPECT to get to the bottom of our list with these litters. Also, keep your phones near you in the next couple months, and make sure your phone is set to alert you when you get an email or txt message from us. When we have puppies available, we will contact you via txt message to see if you are interested in a particular litter. If you answer back, we will then send you an email with your choices of picks. If you don’t answer, we will move to the next person on our list. Let us know if you have a new phone number.

Partner news:
Welcome Marc and Michelle to the AwesomeDoodle crew!  They are raising their small mini AwesomeDoodles in Waynesboro, Georgia.  Marc and Michelle have experience raising puppies and we are very lucky to have them as part of the team. They are already becoming one of our A++ partners.

Happy Holidays, from our home to yours,
Tom, Erin, Courtney, Cheryl and the entire AwesomeDoodle family