Why AwesomeDoodle?

/Why AwesomeDoodle?
Can you spare 7 minutes for your new Aussie Doodle Puppy? If so, watch the two videos below to learn how AwesomeDoodle works, and how we raise our AussieDoodle puppies. Then scroll down to read more details about AwesomeDoodle, to see if we’re the kind of people you would love to raise your new furry family member.

AwesomeDoodle Quick Intro

Check out our YouTube channel and our "About Us" page to learn all about our AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodles. You'll see us, our dogs, where our dogs are raised, where puppies are born, and how and where our puppies are raised. Want to come visit? No problem, we love to meet our puppy owners. Dogs are family members. Every dog in the AwesomeDoodle crew, is a family member, from 8 weeks old, for LIFE. That means every one of our dogs are "in house" dogs.  Therefore, they don't live in a kennel or "facility," and we don't have barn yard dogs. All [...]


AwesomeDoodle is Always Improving

When AwesomeDoodle started, our goal was to be the best Aussie Doodle Breeder in the USA. Now that we've achieved that, how can we improve even more? AwesomeDoodle is already doing things other breeders wouldn't dream of, including allowing you to watch your AussieDoodle puppy on our 24/7 puppycam.  AwesomeDoodle has the best quality photos sent to you you weekly, plus weekly video updates of your puppy (so you can watch it grow). We start the potty training process, we teach your puppies to sit before they go home, and many other things that help shape a great puppy. While our basic recipe for raising puppies hasn't changed, we continue to improve in order to make better puppies. Click to read more about the improvements we've made over the last few years.


AwesomeDoodle is trusted by families all over the USA

We have several families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA, and hundreds of happy AwesomeDoodle puppy owners around the USA. With AwesomeDoodle, you have the flexibility to pick a puppy from any of our families, so you'll have lots of choices, and not limited to any one single list. This map shows where we raise AussieDoodles and where those AwesomeDoodles live with their forever families. Looking for AussieDoodle Breeder puppy reviews? Follow this link see what AwesomeDoodle owners tell us about their puppies.


From Our Home, to Yours

We believe all puppies, especially social dogs like AussieDoodles, should be raised inside the home, so they can get comfortable with human life. Our puppies hear the blender, the ice maker, the vacuum cleaner, knocks on the front door, and all the hustle and bustle of every day life with a regular family, just like yours. We don't keep them in a horse stall until they are ready to go home. Our puppies get human touch, several times every day. We even teach them to sit and take treats from our hands. When your puppy comes home, it will already be familiar with every day human life. This makes a transition much less stressful for your new puppy. AwesomeDoodle, from our home to yours.


Lifetime Support

AwesomeDoodle offers LIFETIME support for our dogs, from puppy to adult. Yes! For the life of your dog you can call us, email us, pick our brains, and we'll be there for you. We work hard to find the best homes for our pups.  However, we also work hard to provide the best puppy support system for our owners.  We truly care about the life of our puppies, and it's bond with you. Because of this, we happily provide a guarantee we will be available as a resource to you.


Genetic Testing and Our 2 Year Health Guarantee

When you get your new AussieDoodle puppy from AwesomeDoodle, you're protected by our two year health guarantee. In addition, we do DNA health checks on every mom and dad before breeding is approved. Have you ever seen a dog that is blind? In most cases, they are a victim of PRCD, which could have been prevented. A DNA test is a test that looks for certain diseases (like PRCD, and others) in your dog's DNA. At AwesomeDoodle, you can be assured your dog will not suffer from one of these diseases which could have been avoided at breeding with proper DNA testing.


Our Puppies Get The Best Health Care

Sadly, many breeders give their own puppy vaccinations and their puppies don't get a proper exam from the vet before going home. While we keep up with the latest technologies regarding medicine, nutrition, and health, when it comes to vaccinations and a proper puppy exam, we leave that up to the professionals. Puppies need a full physical exam including eyes, ears, bone structure, and also need to be checked for heart murmurs, hernias, and other abnormalities common in puppies. While most breeders buy and administer their own vaccinations to save a few bucks, AwesomeDoodle lets the vet do what they do best. Wouldn't you rather have the satisfaction of getting a puppy that was properly examined by a vet? Viruses like Parvo and Distemper are real, and if vaccines are not stored or administered properly, they may not work, leaving your puppy vulnerable.


Weekly Quality Photos, Video Updates, and 24/7 PuppyCam

Yes that's right! Here's what you'll get with your new Aussie Doodle Puppy: 24/7 access to live PuppyCam from the time the pups are 1 week old, to 5 weeks old (except in our Arkansas location). Weekly, QUALITY pictures of your Aussie Poo puppy, like this one. Yes we have expensive camera gear and we are all professional dog-tographers. And yes, you'll get weekly videos of your AussieDoodle puppy, like this one below. We keep you updated with your puppy's progress, including letting you know their health, and their personalities, as they grow. If you're like us, you WANT to [...]


An Early Start on AussieDoodle Puppy Training

Before your new AwesomeDoodle goes home with you, it will already have a head start on the most important training lessons it will learn.  In weeks 6-8, each puppy gets one on one training sessions learning to sit and wait patiently for a treat. We introduce them to car rides, the crate, and best of all, they come 90% litter box trained, which makes the transition to potty training much easier, when you get your puppy home.