Why AwesomeDoodle?

/Why AwesomeDoodle?
Can you spare 7 minutes for your new Aussie Doodle Puppy? If so, watch the two videos below to learn how AwesomeDoodle works, and how we raise our AussieDoodle puppies. Then scroll down to read more details about AwesomeDoodle, to see if we’re the kind of people you would love to raise your new furry family member.

AwesomeDoodle Quick Intro

Check out our YouTube channel and our "About Us" page to learn all about our AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodles. You'll see us, our dogs, where our dogs are raised, where puppies are born, and how and where our puppies are raised. Our life is an open book. Want to come visit? No problem, we love to meet our puppy owners. Dogs are family members. Every dog in the AwesomeDoodle crew, is a family member, from 8 weeks old, for LIFE. That means every one of our dogs are "in house" dogs.  Therefore, they don't live in a kennel or "facility," and we don't have barn yard dogs. All our dogs sleep on a bedroom floor (some IN the bed) EVERY night. Most importantly, no AwesomeDoodle dog will EVER be used for breeding and then shipped off to a home somewhere. Click here to see the difference between AwesomeDoodle and a puppy farm. AwesomeDoodle doesn't have a litter of puppies, until we have enough families on our waiting list. Due to that, you will rarely see our AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodles on "PuppyFind" or other puppy web sites. Occasionally, we have a few puppies that make the "available" list, but that's rare. Beyond that, there [...]


AwesomeDoodle is Improving

When AwesomeDoodle started, our goal was to be the best Aussie Doodle Breeder in the USA. Now that we've achieved that, how can we improve even more? AwesomeDoodle is already doing things other breeders wouldn't dream of. You can watch your AussieDoodle puppy on our 24/7 puppycam, we send you weekly professional photos and videos of your puppy (so you can watch it grow), and we provide a Lifetime support for your puppy. We start the potty training process, we teach your puppies to sit before they go home, and many other things that help shape a great puppy. How do we do it? We get that question often. We've even been approached by other skeptical dog breeders, who simply don't believe us, challenging us "How can you do all that?" Well, that's just the start. In 2018, we're taking "AwesomeDoodle Style" to the next level.  We're improving it, by giving tiny puppies even more stimulation, socialization, and mini puppy challenges. Why is this important? The puppy learning process starts they day they are born. The more things we can do to stimulate these little ones before they go home, the smarter and more well rounded they will be. While [...]


AwesomeDoodles Live All Over The Country

This map represents where AwesomeDoodles live in their forever homes. This map is not exhaustive of every AwesomeDoodle, but we're working on it. If you own and AwesomeDoodle and can't find your AussieDoodle puppy on the map, let us know and we will get it on there.


From Our Home, to Yours

Want a peak behind the scenes at AwesomeDoodle? Want to visit AwesomeDoodle but don't want to fly here to do it? This video will give you a virtual tour into our lives, and shows where we raise our AussieDoodle puppies. We believe all puppies, especially social dogs like AussieDoodles, should be raised inside the home, so they can get comfortable with human life. Our puppies hear the blender, the ice maker, the vacuum cleaner, knocks on the front door, and all the hustle and bustle of every day life with a regular family, just like yours. We socialize them to all household sounds. We don't keep them in a horse stall until they are ready to go home. Our puppies get human touch, several times every day. We even teach them to sit and take treats from our hands. When your puppy comes home, it will already be familiar with every day human life. This makes a transition much less stressful for your new puppy. AwesomeDoodle, from our home to yours. Watch the videos below to see where we raise our AussieDoodle Puppies. From birth to five weeks old, we raise them in a whelping box designed by AwesomeDoodle. This [...]


The Story of AwesomeDoodle

Several years ago we had our first litter of AussieDoodle Puppies. Our first litter went swimmingly. When we raised our AussiePoo puppies for their owners, we were doing something different, something special, and other potential puppy owners were noticing. We were given the privilege of delighting families, one Awesome puppy at a time. Soon, people started finding the website. Being a "puppy farm" was not in the vision for raising puppies. Families loved our puppies because they knew they were raised by hand in our own homes. They knew we treated their future furry friends as if they were our own, raising them in an enriching environment, and socializing them to all the sights, sounds, and human touch of a regular household. How could we raise more puppies without being a puppy farm? We called a friend, Natalie (who raised Aussies) and asked her if she would like to raise a litter of AussieDoodles with us. At first she laughed, but a few months later she called me back. Over the next couple years, several more families have asked to raise puppies. None of us are "dog breeders"; we are doctors, engineers, executives, and professionals. In fact, we're regular people, just [...]


Lifetime Support

Lifetime Support - born an AwesomeDoodle, ALWAYS an AwesomeDoodle. AwesomeDoodle offers LIFETIME support for our dogs, from puppy to adult. Yes! For the life of your dog you can call us, email us, pick our brains, and we'll be there for you. We work hard to find the best homes for our pups.  However, we also work hard to provide the best puppy support system for our owners.  We truly care about the life of our puppies, and it's bond with you. Because of this, we happily provide a guarantee we will be available as a resource to you. We get so attached to these little Aussie Poo puppies when they are little want them to have a good life. Dedicated puppy coach. Once you pick your puppy, you will be connected with our dedicated puppy coach. You will get weekly emails, coaching you on what you should be doing to prepare for your puppy. We'll go over everything from providing a shopping list with crate sizes, the treats and toys AussieDoodles love, to helping you prepare your home for the arrival of your new baby. But our support doesn't stop once you take your dog home. Then the real [...]


Health Testing and Our 2 year Guarantee

When you get your new AussieDoodle puppy from AwesomeDoodle, you're protected by our two year health guarantee. What is DNA (Genetic) testing? Have you ever seen a dog that is blind? In most cases, they are a victim of PRCD, which could have been prevented. A DNA test is a test that looks for certain diseases (like PRCD, and others) in your dog's DNA. There are a few diseases that can affect AussieDoodles, and of both mom and dad could be carriers of that disease, or worse yet, affected by it, meaning they will suffer from it. What would happen if a puppy was affected? Lets say for example, a puppy is affected by PRCD. There is a very high chance this puppy will go blind between the ages of 3 and 7 years old. How do you prevent a puppy from being affected? The only way to ensure puppies cannot be affected by a disease like PRCD, is to test both mom and dad. Mom and dad test results could be as follows: Clear Carrier Double carrier (affected) Lets suppose a breeder didn't test their dogs, because they thought they were fine: "My dogs are 5 years old and [...]


Our Puppies Get The Best Health Care

At AwesomeDoodle, our puppies go to the vet. We do what we do best, and that's raising well rounded and affectionate puppies. But when it comes to medicine, we leave that up to the vet. While most breeders cook up their own concoction from farm stores like "Tractor supply" in order to save a few bucks, AwesomeDoodle lets the vet do what he or she does best. Q. What vaccinations will my puppy get, before it comes home? A. Every puppy gets it's first set of vaccinations (aka puppy booster shots) at 6 weeks old. In some cases, we give a Parvo vaccination at 4 weeks old. When your puppy goes to the vet at 6 weeks, you will receive an email with it's vet record that you can take to your own vet. We will also give you the name and number, so your vet can call ours, if needed. Your puppy will be ready for it's second around of vaccincations at 9 weeks old. Q. Do you "de-worm" your puppies before they come home? A. Yes, puppies are de-wormed at 3, 5, and 7 weeks old. At the 6 week vet check, we also have the lab do [...]


Weekly Quality Photos and Videos

Yes that's right! Here's what you'll get with your new Aussie Doodle Puppy: 24/7 access to live PuppyCam from the time the pups are 1 week old, to 5 weeks old (except in our Arkansas location). Weekly, QUALITY pictures of your Aussie Poo puppy, like this one. Yes we have expensive camera gear and we are all professional dog-tographers. And yes, you'll get weekly videos of your AussieDoodle puppy, like this one below. We keep you updated with your puppy's progress, including letting you know their health, and their personalities, as they grow. If you're like us, you WANT to know where and how your puppy is being raised. At AwesomeDoodle, we'll show you everything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFJ76Br080Y


Puppy Pick Process

  The AwesomeDoodle Pick List. How does it work? When you sign up to get your new AussieDoodle Puppy, you'll go on our master waiting list. What kind of puppy do you want? What size and color do you want? Do you want a puppy from a certain mama? You don't need to answer these questions right away. However, if you have "must have" criteria, let us know. For example, if you tell us you ONLY want a dog under 25lbs, we won't contact you with any puppies above that weight range. From what location will you get a puppy? We have loving families, just like yours, raising puppies all over the USA. You can pick a puppy from ANY family. The majority of our puppies go home on airplanes, riding under the seat (we don't "cargo ship" puppies). So don't restrict your choice based on location. You should pick the puppy you want, as it will be your family member for ~15 years. When do we let our families pick a puppy? When we have a new litter, we take photos and a video of each puppy when they are deemed healthy (usually at 1-2 weeks old). We start [...]


We Help Prevent Hundreds of Unplanned Pregnancies

AwesomeDoodle is doing their part to help with unplanned pregnancies. We are often asked, "Should I RESCUE a dog" or get a dog from a reputable breeder? There are pros and cons to either option. When you get a dog from the pound, sometimes you get a great dog, sometimes you get a dog with behavior problems. But let's face it, if you get a dog from the pound and take it home and raise it like a normal dog, you didn't RESCUE it. You raised it, just like you would any dog. On the other hand, if you get a dog with behavior problems, and you spend hundreds of hours rehabilitating and training it, THEN one can say, they RESCUED a dog. While we commend the people who do adopt dogs from the pound, this does NOT help the dog population problem; in fact it contributes to the problem. Bob Barker doesn't tell you to adopt a dog from the pound; he tells you to spay and neuter your pets. Smart man! As long as we continue to give the irresponsible people a "way out", they will continue to leave their dogs intact.  When you get a puppy from [...]


We Introduce Puppies to the Crate

When the puppies are 6 weeks old, they do not want to be contained in the whelping box any longer!  This is when we start to introduce them to their crates.  By doing this now, they will already be familiar with a crate, and will be more comfortable when they get to their new homes. The first step is to open up the crate, and put a puppy blanket inside. If puppy doesn't show any interest in going into the crate, that's ok.  We don't force them into it.  We want every new experience to be fun and safe for your new puppy.  If the puppies don't go in, I throw a yummy treat inside to see if they go for it.  As soon as I opened the second crate, Roscoe decided he would claim it as his own den. Mini AussieDoodle Crate Training, Roscoe, the Mini black and white AussieDoodle Puppy, all safe and comfy in his new crate. There is no need to close the door on them.  We don't want them to feel trapped.  We want them to feel safe, and free to get in and out.  We leave the crate doors open for them. [...]


We start the Potty Training Process

  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wzrhKsv2xyM At just 3-4 weeks, we start teaching puppies not to pee where they play, sleep, or eat. When your new Aussie Doodle puppy goes home with you, he will already have a jump start on his potty training.  At just 2-3 weeks old, we start training them not to eliminate where they hang out.  At 4 weeks, they start to "get it" and by the time they are 7 weeks old, they almost always pee away from where they play. The first goal of house training your dog, is to make the dog understand, "We don't eliminate where we play."  A dog that is constantly walking around in it's own pee, will get comfortable with this, and begin to sleep right on top of where they pee. YUCK! When you get your new puppy home, try to contain it to one area for a couple weeks until it is mostly potty trained, in that area. Puppies don't want to pee where they play, so as soon as you introduce a new room to puppy, your puppy will think that is a great place to pee! So when moving to another room, go in that room with your [...]


We Start Teaching Puppies to Mand

At just 6-7 weeks, we start training puppies to wait until it is their turn for a treat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BWCUOZIbKjw   Before your new Awesome Doodle goes home with you, it will already have a head start on the most important training lessons it will learn.  In weeks 6-8, each puppy gets one on one training sessions. 1.  Sit.  Puppies start learning both the hand signal, and the command. 2.  NOT jumping.  Our puppies learn very quickly, that jumping on humans won't get them the treats they want. 3.  Not pawing or biting or barking.  No treats for puppies until all 4 feet are on the floor, and no teeth are touching hands. 4.  Building attention and eye contact.  Puppies learn to look at a human's eyes, instead of the hand holding the treat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QSAHBIR0Ms Here's an example of a one-on-one puppy training session.  This was only Ace's second lesson. Smarty pants.