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Sugar Baby

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Sugar, Sugar Baby, Sugar Bear, we have lots of nicknames for her, but one thing is for certain: she has spunk and personality. Sugar Baby lives in her forever home with Jennifer and Aaron in Bloomington, Indiana. She’s what we call a “Guardian dog” just like Robin. Sugar lives with her Winnie X Ares AussieDoodle sister, named “Winnie Jr”. She has a fun life with Jennifer, Aaron, and their 4 kids. Sugar goes to Tom’s house every few months for “vacations” and hangs out with Tom and family. Sugar is just as comfortable at either home. Sugar will also go to Tom’s house when it’s time to have puppies, in December 2017. What can we say about Sugar? How much time do you have? I could talk about her all day. You’ve probably seen her in some of our videos, like our “what to do and what not to do”…
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Brady is a gorgeous red bi-color AussieDoodle with tons of white. What a beautiful little guy.  Congratulations to Dave, Mary Beth, and Brooke in Florida.
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Oreo Cookie

Oreo Cookie is a hard to find tri-color AussieDoodle with lots of white. She has bits of copper on her eyebrows, her cheeks and legs, and these will come out as she grows.  Congratulations to Jan and Thom in California.
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Sienna Brown

Sienna Brown or “Sienna” is a chocolate tuxedo AussieDoodle with a little white on her chest. You can tell her apart from her brother because she has one white front paw. She’s the smallest of the litter but only by a tiny bit.  Congratulations to Paula and Cathy in Kentucky.
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Marble is a blue merle AussieDoodle with lots of spots everywhere. She is SUPER cute and AwesomeDoodle’s classic Blue Merle. Congratulations to Melissa and Ken.
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dark chocolate tuxedo aussiedoodle ziggy-


Ziggy is a dark chocolate tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy. He has a little patch of white on his chest. Both his front paws are solid; his twin sister is a little little lighter chocolate and she has one white front paw.  Congratulations to Nicole in Maryland.
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Zoe is a dark blue merle with lots of bold markings. She is super cute and her bold colors are rare for an AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Ivan and Debra in New York.
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