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Stella is a FULL sister to Jordan’s Belle and half sister to Mike’s Skyler.  Stella is 35lbs, so Stella X Cash will be 25-35lb dogs, full grown.   Past Puppies Cali AussieDoodles…Click to see more CaliCali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. She weighs 25 lbs. Full bio and pictures coming soon.  …Click to see more Setting up your Puppy ProfileLog in with your email address and password by going to the bottom of this web page and clicking the KEY ICON. If you don’t know your password, use the “lost password” link to reset it. Then change your preferences and click UPDATE PROFILE. Then check your preferences to make sure they saved properly. Your Information: When you log in, you can change your your phone numbers, address, etc. Please verify your address is accurate, as we may send you a surprise in the mail.…
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“Hobbs is doing great.  He enjoys our yellow lab Riley and Riley enjoys him.  He is having very few accidents and slept pretty well through the evening .  He got sick a couple times in the car on our drive home, but perked right up once he got settled into our home. ” Hobbs is a black bi-color, aussiedoodle boy born in Columbus, Ohio.  He has a lot of white on his paws, face and chest.   Congrats to Bob and Carolyn in Pennsylvania.
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Zen is a black tri-color AussieDoodle boy born in Columbus, Ohio.  He has adorable white markings on each of his paws and his chest.  He might have some copper coloring come out on his legs as he grows.  Congrats to Steven and Haliel in Pennsylvania.
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“Auzzie is doing very well. Puppy class is going well too. He’s so smart!” Auzzie is a perfect Red Tri-color Male AussieDoodle born in Columbus, Ohio.  Congrats to Lisa and Mike in Ohio!
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“Tucker has been to the vet twice!  He is doing well and got his second set of vaccines.  He is really a joy.  His crazy puppy times are not too bad, and we try to keep him busy.  He loves his toys and his people and seems genuinely excited when people come to visit.  He has met quite a few people as a puppy is a big draw with teenagers, and there have been a few little kids too.”   Tucker is a super cute Black Tri-color aussiedoodle puppy born in Columbus, Ohio.  Congrats to Stephanie and Steve in Ohio.
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“Love Henry, he is a sweetheart.  He slept through the night…..went to bed at midnight and got me up a 6am sharp!”   Henry is an adorable black tri-color male born in Columbus, Ohio.  Congrats to David and Dana in Colorado.
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tuxedo male aussiedoodle coal-5993


“We are having a blast with Coal.  He LOVES it here.” Coal is a cute black tuxedo pup born in Columbus, Ohio.  He has four white paw tips and white on his chest.  Congrats to Jeremy and Caroline in North Carolina.
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Coco Red Tri-Color AussieDoodle

“We adore her and she certainly seems happy to be near us.  She has even made friends with our very old cat, and will sit with him on Gary’s lap. ” Coco is a red tri-color female Aussie Doodle born in Columbus, Ohio.  She has perfect white markings, and you will see her copper eyebrows as she grows.   Congrats to Jeanette and Gary in Colorado!
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Ruby is an adorable red merle WITH COPPER AussieDoodle girl born in Columbus, Ohio.  She has distinct merle contrast and perfect markings.   Congrats to Pam and Bill in Indiana.
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