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Captain Tucker Riggs "Riggs" is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He has classic blue merle markings, with darker patches on his back legs. He has adorable white paws and a little white on his face and chest too. He's so cute! We think he will look like Kona or Ned as he gets older. Congratulations to Dan and Amie in Kansas.



Cooper is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy has that classic blue merle look but with a cute dark patch on his back. He has the most adorable little face! We think he will look like Merlin as he gets older. Congratulations to Stan in Texas.



Loki is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy has a full white color and tons of white on his legs, face and chest too. He's perfect! We think he will look like his older sister Zoey as he gets older, but with even more dark spots. Congratulations to Brandon and Alex in Nebraska.



Jaxon is a black and white bi color male aussiedoodle. This little guy has tons of white all over his face, legs, and chest. He may have some tan/copper coming out on his eyebrows. What a cutie! We think he will look like his older sister Chesney as he gets older. Congratulations to Mandy and Jared in Indiana.



"Duke loves his new home here in, VA! He loves training treats, dog puzzles, and playing with his ball. He also snuggles with his duck toy! He doesn’t like the stairs or the broom, but we have continued to practice with him and he has gotten used to both.  Duke is able to find treats in the puzzle and is doing a great job with his training, showing off his smarts.  He also knows that he is supposed to potty outside, and accidents inside are few nowadays! I don’t have a video, but duke is able to sit, stay, touch fingers with his nose, come when called, lay down, and will stay close on a walk and when tethered. He is going to join the adolescent training class in a few weeks, and we are so excited. We are loving spending time with him, and everyone loves to meet him. We are thankful to be a part of the awesome doodle family and wish you a merry Christmas and a happy holiday! Thanks for all your support raising our sweet boy!" Duke is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. He is so handsome, and his fur is so silky and soft. He has the cutest white patch on his chest and a little on each paw too. We love this little guy! We think he will look like his adorable sister Lexi or his brother Hemi when he gets older. Congratulations to Connor and Lindsey in Virginia.



"Thank you for all of that awesome information. It's been really helpful since we picked up our little Zoey on Monday. She is doing really well and I think she's starting to feel comfortable around us as her new parents. She is super smart and training has been going well. We also took her to the vet a couple days ago and the visit was good. We love her so much and couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family!" Zoey is a beautiful blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has copper highlights coming out on her face and tons of white everywhere. She's gorgeous! We think she will look like Calypso or Ellie but with copper, as she gets older. Congratulations to Preetam and Radhika in Maryland.



Jack is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. This boy is so handsome! He has tons of white everywhere, cute black patches, and copper eyebrows. We think he will look like the adorable Hurley or his brother Brody as he grows a little more and gets fluffy. Congratulations to John and Karen in California.



Honor is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He as a full white collar. He's perfect! We think this little guy will look a lot like Sydney or Remy as he gets older. Congratulations to Stacy and Dax in Virginia.



Bubba is a handsome blue merle male aussiedoodle. His merle markings are super vibrant and he even has copper showing on face and legs. We love this little guy! We think he will look like Keeper or Leo as he gets fluffy. Congrats to Jennifer & Michael in North Carolina!



Willie is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. He is stunning. He has tons of white and vibrant copper markings on his face. We think he will look like the adorable Hurley or his brother Brody as he grows a little more and gets fluffy. Congratulations to Lisa and Bob in Massachusetts.



"Thank you all for all the work you’ve done to help make our Brody finally ours! He is here with us now safe and sound and we cannot be more thrilled about his homecoming. We are all so crazy IN LOVE with this little baby of ours and I know he will fit right in soon enough." Brody is a blue merle male AussieDoodle. Congratulations to Florence and Aaron in California.



"It’s going very well!  Last night was a bit rough but we all got a surprising amount of sleep.  Sadie is very happy tonight.  She has bonded to us very quickly." Sadie is a blue merle female aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Joline and Charles in Colorado.



"Cody is such a sweet boy.  I can’t wait for you to see him.  He has settled right in and is so playful.  Last night he slept through the night until 5:30 am this morning.  We are so thankful to have him.  Mike and family did such a wonderful job." Cody is a tuxedo male AussieDoodle. What a little sweet boy. Congrats to Ashley and Paul in Kentucky.



"We are home after a 10 hour marathon.  Lexi did wonderful on the drive.  She is a little whiny at the moment but is starting to settle down.  Very clingy but I am trying to wear her out before bedtime.  She is so adorable I can hardly contain myself!" Lexi is a tuxedo female aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Lisa in South Carolina.


Kip Black Tuxedo AussieDoodle : July 2018 ADOTM

"These past 7 weeks have really flown by. Kip has gotten so much fluffier/bigger since the day we brought him home and he has the cutest little personality. Kip loves playing fetch on the beach, playing with his furry friends at puppy socials, relaxing at dog-friendly beer gardens, and getting belly rubs from everyone he meets. He dislikes baths, the ocean, the vacuum cleaner, and not being able to say hi to every single dog/person he meets. Since Kip was 10 weeks old, we've made sure to socialize him by bringing him to puppy socials, setting up play dates with our friends' dogs, enrolling him in puppy classes, introducing him to human friends, and taking him EVERYWHERE we can. We recently brought him on a trip to D.C. and started bringing him to doggy daycare as well. Kip is a star student in his puppy classes. He nails almost everything on the first try (thanks Awesome Doodle for giving him a head start). He also figured out how to open the latch on his play pen so we had to figure out a workaround. Kip is doing really well with training. He knows sit, stay, down, come, fetch, crate, and leave it. We are still working on "drop it," separation anxiety, and extreme recall, so we're working with a professional dog trainer. We are very impressed with what Kip is capable of at 17 weeks old. We love our rambunctious little Kip and are so glad he's a part of our family. We look forward to taking him on many more trips and adventures." Kip is a tuxedo male aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Chris and Helen in California.



Ozzie is a tuxedo female aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Marilynn and Samantha in South Carolina.



"He's adjusting surprisingly well and seems to enjoy all of his puppy play time walking our trails with us and playing on the porch.  He's even mastered the three steps leading up and down. We couldn't be happier with him and we're so totally in love with this little fur ball that it's painful" Hemi is AwesomeDoodles classic tuxedo male AussieDoodle. If you're not sure what that will look like as he grows, just click here to take a look at Oscar.  What a cute boy he is. He will have very wavy hair, and best of all, he is one of Skyler's puppies. Congratulations to Kim and Bill in West Virginia. Congratulations to Kim and Bill in West Virginia.



"Chesney continues to master new tricks and is a very sweet and loving dog! Chesney loves retrieving balls and frisbees! She absolutely loves eating and getting treats. She is fully vaccinated and just got groomed for the first time. I didn’t think she could get any cuter. She is staying with nana and pops this week as we are on vacation! She is definitely getting spoiled! They love her! Chesney also just finished her first level of obedience class! She was a little show off. I taught her most of the skills before the classes began so she was able to show off to the trainer! We socialize Chesney by taking her to the park, grandparents’ houses to play with their dogs, pet store, and numerous neighborhood walks everyday. We get asked constantly what kind of dog she is. She loves meeting new people! Only thing that we have to continue to work on is her nipping and herding of our beagle especially when it’s time to go outside. Luckily, he’s very patient with her.  We love Chesney and we so thankful for your continuous support! If you ever need us to write a testimonial, we would love to! Awesome Doodle has an amazing crew and we have loved working with each of you! Very impressed!" Chesney is a black and white bi color female aussiedoodle. Congratulations to Allison and Brad in Indiana.