Sammie is no longer making AwesomeDoodles. We love Sammie but she is uber protective of her babies, to the point where we cannot have guests in the house if she is pregnant or has a litter. We love you, Sammie! Sammie is a mini, red merle Australian Shepherd, 25lbs, ASDR registered, and has one blue and one partial blue / cinnamon colored eye.  She has a few different shades of red, plus copper, and she passes these gorgeous colors on to her AussieDoodle Puppies.  Sammie gives new meaning to the term "velcro dog."  She is extremely affectionate and WILL NOT leave your side.  Sammie loves everyone in the family, and she will hang with whoever is giving her the most love. 's Past Puppies:



"Rita seems to have bonded right away and is much less fearful than I've experienced with other puppies I've raised, she is NO shrinking violet!  She will sit for me now, after a morning session with some treats.  She is so inquisitive, almost kitten-like.  Velcro is an understatement!  She is glued to me.  Thanks again for checking in, your hands-on approach and follow through with adoptions is a real difference from the status quo and appreciated so much"   Margarita or "Rita," is a red bi-color with tons of white. Take the darkest color from Sammie (her mom) and it's all over Rita. The thing that makes her special and rare is the perfect white full collar all the way around. She is a doll. Congrats to Debra



"We had an uneventful trip home. Rosie rode in her travel crate the entire time. She cried for 10-15 minutes each time we put her in but then settled in. We took breaks every 2hrs and got her some exercise. We’re now home and she’s quickly getting settled in. We had already done some of the things your note detailed, but the reminders/affirmations were good to have. And she has DEFINITELY bonded - does not like it when we step out of kitchen without her.    Thank you so much for making this transition so smooth and for enabling us to become a dog family again. We couldn’t be happier!"  Rosie is "rocking it" with her bold colors, her white collar and look at the copper on her face. She will have a face blaze that the Aussie "show breeders" die for. She has it all. A full white collar, flashy copper, she's simply perfect. Congrats to Joy and Joe


Weller : October 2018 ADOTM

"Things are going great with Weller - he’s adjusting well and is so affectionate.  He has certainly been living up to the “velcro dog” expectation; he is so cuddly and never wants to leave our sides." What can we say about Weller? Bold colors, white collar, white snout, and copper. "Stunning", does not describe this exceptional boy. If you don't like attention in public, I would NOT pick an AwesomeDoodle like Weller! Congrats to Ryan and Kayla

Weller : October 2018 ADOTM2019-08-19T10:12:00-05:00


Callie is the "envy" of the litter with her amazing color pattern. She has 5 different colors, which technically make her Awesomedoodle's first ever "Harlequin" AussieDoodle. Wow wow wow. What a stunning girl. Congrats to Chris and Karen


Max: the red merle aussiedoodle

"Max is an amazing puppy! He sleeps in his crate all night long just after 2 days of getting him used to it.  He loves running and playing w the kids outside, and he rarely barks just mostly at his reflection in the window. He already sits and waits patiently for treats. He loves his toys and we love watching him jump in his toy basket to find his favorite one. Overall, he's terrific with kids and people. Also, believe it or not, he's had no accidents in his crate or in the house!!! He has peed on his puppy patch a few times if we can't get to the door on time, and we are using the bell which has worked really well." Congrats to Jill and Brad.

Max: the red merle aussiedoodle2018-02-28T16:59:47-05:00

Tessie: Chocolate merle aussiedoodle

"We take her out all the time and she is a huge people pleaser.  Almost everyone has to come over to pet her...she loves it.  She is a total velcro dog.  When I am making anything in the kitchen, she will come over and lay on my feet.  I hate to move.   The whole family loves her." Tessie is a beautiful and very unusual Chocolate merle girl. Congrats to Suzanne & Don.

Tessie: Chocolate merle aussiedoodle2019-08-19T10:17:34-05:00

Tucker: Red merle aussiedoodle

"Tucker is doing great. He is so smart - already going up and down stairs, easily finds his way home, sits for food and to go outside. He is so fun and engaging; curious about everything but mostly, his pure love of people draws everyone in. He treats everyone like his new best friend. What a gift! If there is a more perfect dog somewhere, you'd have to convince me. Thanks to you and your family for your tremendous care of him!" Congrats to Steve and Brenda W.!

Tucker: Red merle aussiedoodle2019-08-19T09:50:22-05:00

Evie: the red merle aussiedoodle

"Little Evie is doing great! Her potty training is going well - we've had a few accidents when it's raining outside, but for the most part she's great! She's a doll and we can't get enough of her! Our Goldendoodle has formed a special bond with her; she's the best babysitter! She's used to her crate- even puts herself to bed some nights around 9:45! She has mastered sitting and down. She comes when called when I have treats! We are using the bell system and teaching her to have her feet cleaned after going out! Our Golden lifts her paws for them to be cleaned- When we first started this with Evie she didn't like it one bit. Now, she allows me to clean her paws and even allows me to clip her toenails without throwing a fit! I will be contacting a trainer soon to  help with excitement when people come to the door and a few other things! Evie loves long walks and she prefers plush toys over balls. I would like to train her to catch a frisbee - she seems to like catching toys in the air already! We've taken her on many outings. She's wonderful with our kids, other kids, and people in general. She is still a little scared of other dogs, but overall, she is very smart and very loving! We could not be happier with her! :) Thank you for the videos and communication! We appreciate it!" Congrats to Stephanie and Bill.

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