Raising your new AussieDoodle

/Raising your new AussieDoodle

Maintaining your AussieDoodle’s Fur

AussieDoodles, known for their gorgeous and wavy coats, require regular maintenance to avoid matted fur. Follow these brushing and grooming tips to ensure a beautiful coat, healthy skin, and happy puppy (and owner).


Critical fear period for AussieDoodles

The critical fear period for AussieDoodles is during 8-10 weeks of age. During this time, if they don't have a positive experience with something, they may develop a permanent fear of that thing for life. Here are some keys in creating an environment that will help form a socially self-confident puppy that is strongly bonded to you.


Kids and AussieDoodle Puppies

Kids love puppies and puppies love kids. Puppies tend to recognize children as litter mates, especially if your kids are just as rambunctious as a puppy. In order to build the right relationship between them, certain rules should be established. This article talks about how to help your puppy recognize your kids as leaders, instead of litter mates.


Play SEARCH with your dog

"SEARCH" is a super fun game you can play with your dog. It will teach your dog to search for things on their own, use their nose to sniff it out, gain a sense of satisfaction, and build their confidence. And that it's an especially good game for apartment dogs to play. Watch the video to see how you can teach your dog this fun game.


Puppy Crazy Time!

Getting a new puppy is not all "cuteness and cuddles."  These little ones are FULL of energy. A few times a day they'll run around like a kid on caffeine. Thankfully, they burn up that energy quickly. Here we'll teach you how to deal with Puppy Crazy time, so you don't go crazy yourself.


Throw a flying disc to your dog

AussieDoodles love to fetch. There is something about catching a flying disc in the air that really gives them satisfaction.  If you're not teaching your puppy to catch a flying disc, you're missing out on a really fun game with your dog. Follow these tips for an enjoyable and bonding time with your dog.


AwesomeDoodle Golden Rules for Dogs and Puppies

Every dog needs to know how to behave appropriately in its human's world. AwesomeDoodle's technique for training dogs is a combination of both positive reinforcement, and letting our dog know what we don't want. These 5 golden rules for AussieDoodle Puppies will help you shape your pup into a well-behaved dog.


Barking at People

Barking is a common problem and one of the most difficult behaviors to break. Puppies may bark when they want something, and sometimes they just bark because they like hearing themselves bark. These training approaches will help put a stop to your dog's barking habits.


Training your puppy NOT to jump on your guests

We've all seen it: Our dogs are so excited to greet us and our guests that they practically come out of their fur and knock us over in the process. Unfortunately, we condition our dogs to jump on us, even though we don't know we're doing it. Training your dog to not jump on your friends when they come over, and not jump on YOU when you get home can be a challenge. Here are some valuable tips proven to shape your dog into one that is a joy to greet.


Puppy Car Sickness / Motion Sickness

You want to "socialize" your puppy to car rides and teach them how to behave in the car but your AussieDoodle gets car sick and pukes on your leather seats? The good news is, most will outgrow this. In the meantime, here are some suggestions to help them overcome car sickness.


The first month with your Puppy

The first month with your puppy will be challenging, for sure. However, it is also THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME with your new puppy, for socializing and shaping your dog's behaviors. There are some things you can do to "set the standard" right away. Think like a dog! Here are 12 areas you should focus on during this critical time.


Teach your Puppy to Fetch

With Aussies and AussieDoodles, getting the moving object, comes natural.  Bringing it back to you is the hard part. Here, we will teach you how to teach a 7-week-old puppy how to fetch a ball.


Basic training for your new Puppy

How do you know what to teach your puppy? When is the most critical time for shaping puppy's behavior? How do you teach your puppy to "offer" good behaviors and what are those good behaviors? These questions and more are answered in this article packed with valuable lessons for you and your pup.


Doggie Do’s and Don’ts

Every family needs do's and don'ts to live by. There are also rules we need to follow with our dogs. Help them become exceptional family members by following these principles. This article goes hand in hand with our most popular video on YouTube, "Doggie Do's and Dont's."


Socializing your new Aussie Poo Puppy

What does it mean to "socialize" your pup? Did you know it's the single most important thing you can do for both of you? Socializing your puppy helps them develop into a dog that is comfortable, happy, and a joy to be around. Learn more about what socializing is and how to create these opportunities for your pup.


You are the “pack” leader.

Did you know your dog needs you to be pack leader? Establishing yourself as pack leader is critical to shaping their good behavior and building trust. These 8 Lessons teach you how to be in charge without being the bully, so the two of you can enjoy a healthy relationship.


The Secret To Potty Training your Puppy

Potty training a puppy can be a challenge. At first, you will be following puppy around with paper towels. Knowing at what age their bladders are capable of "holding it," and for how long, will go a long way with your training progress. The steps for housebreaking success are all here. This article contains one of our most popular videos, The Secret to Potty Training, plus information on how to shape your potty training lessons, based on the puppy's age.