Puzzle is adorable and her pictures don’t even do her justice! Her eyes are such a pretty blue and her coat is impossibly soft and thick. She came to us as an 22 lb. adult and had not been socialized very well. She’s a different dog now though! It’s her job to alert us when someone comes to the door end it takes all of 30 seconds or so before she’s rolling on her back asking for a belly rub. She’s a moderate energy dog overall. She’s likes to be outside especially if it’s not too hot. When it’s hot out, she likes to lounge around in the kiddy pool. She’s likes to be close to Dana but is happy spending time with anyone who will give her some attention. Definitely a happy go lucky girl! She has been an amazing little mama so far. Since she hasn’t [Read More]



Windy is a female Apricot AussieDoodle. Her fur is super cute! She will look a lot like Pete when she gets bigger. Congrats to Sara and Beth on this lil sweetheart. https://youtu.be/ZVMVDyAcZoI 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old     2 weeks old 1 week old    



Jack is a male Apricot AussieDoodle. His fur is apricot / pumpkin colored. He will look a lot like Pete when he gets bigger. Congrats to Amelia and family. https://youtu.be/rVIJIS5oFn4 7 weeks old   6 weeks old   5 weeks old 4 weeks old     3 weeks old 2 weeks old   1 week old      



Thank you so much for the wonderful puppy! Murphy has fit right into our family and is a joy! Dana did a great job of starting him on the right road. From day one, he has slept in his crate all night without a peep. Potty training is getting better, however, to be honest we are the ones who are trained! He did go to the door last night and whimpered to go out! Our biggest issue was getting him used to a collar and a leash but we are doing well with that now (you’re video was very helpful). Yes, we have our puppy crazy times which are to be expected. Just wanted to thank you for the super job you do with your puppies! Murphy's Family



"Thank you for the awesome prizes for Stormy! He loves the duck! Overall things seem to be going well. We average 1-2 accidents a day as long as we are diligent with taking him outside. He has two locations in our house that he likes to use for pottying, so if we catch him heading to those spots, we quickly call him and head outside. In this situation, he typically comes immediately, we head to the front door together and he quickly does his business outside. Generally coming when called is hit or miss. It depends on what he is doing and where we are. If he is playing with his toys, he will come quickly with his toy ready to play. If he isn't doing much, he comes quickly ready for treats. If he is doing something naughty, he runs the other way! Example, if he finds one of [Read More]



"We are enjoying Pete and he's acclimating well to our home. He's been sleeping at night in his crate from 10pm - 5:30am without accidents. He's doing a good job of using the bell to signal that he wants to go outside and he's going potty about half the time he rings the bells.  He's comfortable in his crate for naps during the day. We are impressed with the work that Dana and her mom did in early skills training. Please pass our feedback along to them - for this being a first (or early, can't remember) litter of puppies, they are doing a wonderful job.  The big behavior for us this week is nipping and biting. He's very mouthy (normal and expected) but we're working with our young kids on switching his mouthy-ness for a chew toy and whelping if his bite is too firm.  He is a star in the kids carpool line and everyone at Home Depot loved him earlier today. He's a great dog." Pete is a red male aussiedoodle. He has cute white paws and a white patch on his chest. He's adorable!  The video is a much better representation of his color.  We expect him to look just like his daddy, Humphrey (with a less curly coat). Congratulations to Catherine and Benjamin in Texas.



"We have had a busy and fun weekend getting to know Bradie and giving her lots of love and snuggles.  She is doing GREAT!  She has slept through the night in her crate with zero whining or crying for three nights now, and no accidents in her crate. The moment we got her home we took her out to the yard and put the pellets out and she went potty right away on the pellets, we have had no pee accidents in the house but a couple of poop accidents, right after she does it we take her outside and I think she is definitely getting the concept of going potty outside.  She LOVES her crate and we have had no problems getting her to go in at night.  She has had a couple of crazy puppy moments (to be expected) but seems to calm down pretty quickly with a little petting.  She's adjusting great in our house and loves playing outside in the snow.  We had a little family photo shoot yesterday at a local park and she did so great and really enjoyed meeting some new friends while we were there.  Thank you so much for all of the helpful tips, we will be sure to reach out if we have any questions :)" Bradie is a black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has copper markings coming out on her face and legs that will get brighter as she grows. Her little white paws are so cute! We think think she will look a lot like Louie or Gunnar as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Erin and Ross in Ohio.



"We are just loving her to death.   She is starting to get comfortable with us.  She was this shy timid thing when we picked her up but as days go by her puppy madness is coming out.  She is so smart.  Hardly any accidents in the house.  Every time she potties outside I have been telling her she is a good girl and she already knows that she is going to get a treat as her reward.   We just had 8” of snow and she absolutely loves it.  She buries her head and comes up with a white face.  We also found out that she loves toes.  So far she is not too bad in her crate.  Cried 1st night for about 15 min but since then only about 1 min.  All in all I think she is going to be an amazing family member. Thx for everything and all the gifts for Elsa." Elsa is a black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has beautiful copper markings on her face and legs, and adorable white patches on her chin and chest. So cute! We think she will look like Louie or Gunnar as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Pam and Gary in Illinois.