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Pumpkin is a half – sister to Robin. If you know AwesomeDoodle, you know Robin. Arguably the sweetest and move submissive girl we have, and Pumpkin follows suit. Pumpkin’s personality is bubbly. She’s always happy to see you, always ready to snuggle. When you get home, Pumpkin is patiently waiting and tries to contain her excitement, as she hopes she is the first thing you touch. I wouldn’t call Pumpkin a “velcro” dog, but she’s never far away. When she is sitting next to you, she’s not happy unless you’re petting her. But she also go out in the yard and explore. Pumpkin rarely barks, she doesn’t chew up anything, and she is not a digger.  She is about 20lbs, so we expect Pumpkin’s puppies to be in the 20lb range and sweeter than ever. We also have Pumpkin’s sister, Juno, so stay tuned to see her puppies too. Pumpkin…
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Coco Bi-Color AussieDoodle

“Coco finally made it home to us this morning!! She is doing beautifully, and already adjusting to her new home in California. We’ve been exploring the front and back yards, as well as the kitchen, and even tried our first training session! The bells are on the door, so we’re working on everything out of the gate. On to the vet this afternoon. It’s a lot for the first day, but she seems to be adjusting really well and she has the sweetest disposition. Not a peep out of her on her long flights home – she started losing patience literally the last mile! She’s wonderful and we’re totally in love. Thank you!” Coco a gorgeous black and white bi-color aussiedoodle female.  She tons of white everywhere with the cutest face you’ve ever seen!  Congratulations to Dale & Robert!
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Toby is a high contrast blue merle male aussiedoodle.  We’ve never had a pup quite like Toby.  He is one of the lightest blue merles we’ve ever had. He is absolutely adorable and will be stunning as he grows and gets fluffy! Congratulations to Mary Beth, Dave, & Brooke in Florida!
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“Everything is good. Nothing too challenging typical puppy stuff getting her acclimated to California time is getting better. She’s doing fine in the crate she’s doing fine with potty training (few accidents) we’ve done a lot of socializing friends family and Father’s Day. She’s been everywhere but the pet store with us and she has a Vet appt. tomorrow. Having are other dog here I think helps from not missing momma and litter mates too much” Lexi is a super cute black and white bi-color that surprise turned tri-color  aussiedoodle female.  She has perfect markings, with tons of white everywhere, including the cutest little white tip on her tail.  Congratulations to Steve and family in California!
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“Well, we fall more in love with Bailey every day!  She is still getting up once during the night and then waking really early, but I know that is because we do go to bed early. I am use to waking around 5:00, so 4:00 isn’t that different. She takes some long naps, early, so I try to get one in, as well, before I have to start working.  She is doing great in the crate and the playpen in my office!!  Potty training is still a work in progress, but she does go every time we take her out.  We try to take her out every twenty minutes, more if she eats, or drinks a lot. The silly girl gets a drink every time she moves and loves to sleep beside her water bowl. She loves being outside, except in the middle of the day when it’s so hot!…
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Leo is one of the most unique blue merle aussiedoodles we have ever had!  He has such beautiful, high contrast markings in multiple shades of white, black, and gray, along with the most adorable face you’ve ever seen.  Congratulations to Saima, Zoya, and family in California.
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“Thank you so much for the email and the links. All this information is so helpful to a first-time dog owner like me! Pippin is doing really well at home! He already understands that going outside in the grass means to go potty right away. When he is finished, he walks over to the back door and sits! He’s also doing a great job of not jumping and not biting. He’s been taking lots of naps on our cool tile kitchen floor, so we ordered him a cooling mat for his crate. He’s been eating and drinking water like a champ.” Pippin is a black tuxedo aussiedoodle male.  He’s got a cute little bit of white on his chin and chest and a little on his paws too.  He also has some copper coming out on his legs! His fur is so silky and soft and we can’t wait to…
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Sophie is  a gorgeous black and white bi-color aussiedoodle female.  She has perfect markings, with tons of white everywhere, including the cutest little white tip on her tail.  Congrats to Howard & Judy in Florida.
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“Dexter is adjusting to our schedules and antics quite nicely!! He knows to sit, lay down and come. He sleeps all night. Has minimal accidents in the house.  We are still working on biting, though, especially with my kids since I’m assuming he sees them as something akin to litter mates.” Dexter is a high contrast blue merle. He will be very striking as he grows and his coat gets longer. We haven’t had a puppy quite like him before.  Congrats to Evan and Jaclyn.
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Mia is an adorable red merle female with amazing copper on her face. She has bold colors and will be striking as an adult. Congrats to Patrick and Holly.
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“Things are going pretty well with Bella. She seems to feel more comfortable with us everyday. Today, she spent time in her crate while we left the house for a short time. She did not seem stressed at all which was a big relief!” Bella is a darling red tri-color female aussiedoodle. She is so sweet and she has a ton of white on her, which is rare. Congrats to Kurt and Lori.
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Louie is AwesomeDoodle’s Classic Tuxedo! Congrats to Megan and Paige.
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blue merle aussiedoodle blue eyes sydney-


Sydney is an amazing blue merle female with a large white collar. She’s perfect!  Congrats to Bridgin and Ian.
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