What’s the best food for your AussieDoodle?

There are lots of great foods on the market but who can be sure which is the best for your dog? Rather you might be surprised with all the different dog foods we recommend.

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Puppy Medicine and Vaccinations

You've welcomed an AwesomeDoodle puppy into your home! Now you're trying to sort through the information about puppy vaccinations and medicines, and which are required and optional. Learn more here about which vaccinations puppy needs, and the recommended schedule.

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How to prepare your house for the arrival of your new AussieDoodle Puppy

Want to know how to arrange the gates and crate in your living area so your AwesomeDoodle puppy is safe and near you? Remember, puppies want to be with people. They are not happy closed up in a room by themselves. Here are some recommendations to puppy-proof your home, and allow them to feel like part of the family. Bonus: These suggestions also help with the potty training process!

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AwesomeDoodle Golden Rules for Dogs and Puppies

Every dog needs to know how to behave appropriately in its human's world. AwesomeDoodle's technique for training dogs is a combination of both positive reinforcement, and letting our dog know what we don't want. These 5 golden rules for AussieDoodle Puppies will help you shape your pup into a well-behaved dog.

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AussieDoodle Puppy
 Shopping List

The first week with your new puppy will be busy. Plan on taking some time off work to help your pup through this transition. Your puppy will demand much attention. He/she will be whining the loss of litter mates, his/her mother, and the humans he has been with since birth. It’s your job to fill that role, ease the transition, and bond with your new companion. It’s time to visit the pet shop. Don’t wait until you have your puppy; go now! Walking into the pet shop can be overwhelming. There are so many options, and inexperienced workers who don’t know much about dogs. Your bill can quickly add up if you’re buying all the wrong things. Here, you'll find the best puppy shopping list.

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 Shopping List2019-11-12T11:21:36-05:00