Preparing for your new AussieDoodle


Setting up your Puppy Profile

Log in with your email address and password by going to the bottom of this web page and clicking the KEY ICON. If you don’t know your password, use the “lost password” link to reset it. Then change your preferences and click UPDATE PROFILE. Then check your preferences to make sure they saved properly. Your Information: When you log in, you can change your your phone numbers, address, etc. Please verify your address is accurate, as we may send you a surprise in the mail. We will use the phone numbers you provide to txt you and offer you a puppy, so please make sure we have at least one good number, preferably two. Puppy Criteria: We use your puppy criteria to know if we should offer you a certain puppy. If your criteria isn’t set accurately, you might miss out on an Awesome puppy. In order to get offered…
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Collar and Leash Recommendations

What size collar and leash should I get? We recommend a super light, inexpensive, plastic clasp, (nothing fancy) collar and leash. Don’t get something puppy can “grow into” and don’t buy something flashy or cute, or one with a complicated clasp.  The first collar and leash may only last a few weeks or months, but it will be worth it to help your pup adjust to wearing a collar or leash for the first time.  Also, never, ever buy a retractable leash as there are safety concerns and they don’t promote loose leash walking and make it difficult to enforce your role as pack leader.  See below for details on what we recommend. Collar Length – 8-12 inches Width – less than 1/2 inch, ideally 3/8 inch Material – plain and simple, ideally nylon Clasp – easy, light, plastic clasp (no fancy buckles or metal) Overall – keep it super simple and…
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Puppy Medicine and Vaccinations

In most states in the USA, puppies get vaccinations at 6 weeks old, 9 weeks old, and 12 weeks old, then a rabies shot at 16 weeks old. These are standard booster shot type vaccinations that include the vaccine for things like Parvo. At AwesomeDoodle, puppies go to the vet at 6 weeks old, and the vet does all the proper vaccinations. We feel it is important for the vet to do the vaccination, so you have the reassurance they were done properly. We don’t want any question as to if your puppy got the correct vaccine or not. When you get your AwesomeDoodle Puppy, you should take it to the vet for a puppy check up within 3 days of getting it. Ask your vet to do a FULL stool analysis, and make sure they check for everything (not just worms). If it’s time for your puppy to get…
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How to prepare your house for the arrival of your new AussieDoodle Puppy

Puppies want to be with people.  They are not happy closed up in a room by themselves.  You’ll want to spend time with your puppy, in an area of your house that is “puppy-proofed.” Below, you will find information on a way to prepare your house for your new puppy, no matter what kind of puppy it is! In this video below, we demonstrate a great way to gate off your kitchen, since that is where we spend the most time.  Your puppy will get comfortable in one room, where it has access to food, water, you, and it’s crate.  By confining your puppy to the room where you spend the most time, you’ll also help in the potty training process.  As your puppy gets older, it will be LESS likely to pee and poop where it plays. You can order the gates here: Watch this video before buying a…
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AwesomeDoodle Golden Rules for Dogs and Puppies

Our technique for training dogs is a combination of both corrective action and positive reinforcement.  Corrective action is similar to the way Cesar Milan teaches.  He lets his dog know if they are doing something he doesn’t want them to do.  He doesn’t hit them or scold them; he says, “Shhhht!” And sometimes he will tap them, just enough to get their attention and snap them out of the behavior they are doing.  He practices the “pack leader” theory, which leads your dog to believe you are in charge.  This creates a more submissive and well-behaved dog, rather than an “out of control” dog who jumps on the counter and helps themselves to your sandwich. Positive reinforcement is similar to the way Kikopup trains her dogs.  You can find her on youtube.  So ONLY does positive reinforcement.  She is amazing and her dogs will do things that will blow your…
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AussieDoodle Shipping, Pickup, & Delivery Options

We love to meet our puppy’s families and you are welcome to come pick up your puppy from any of our locations. If you have a long drive home, here are some tips for you: Your puppy has never been locked into a crate or car carrier. You can bring a carrier for pickup if you have one already (don’t go out and buy one), but likely if you put puppy in a carrier or attempt to contain it in the car, it will probably panic and scream bloody murder. This won’t be a great experience for puppy. Instead, we recommend letting puppy ride on your lap in the back seat. Puppy is also less likely to get car sick if it can ride on your lap. Bring paper towels and puppy safe spray cleaner just in case puppy pees or pukes in the car. Your puppy has not had…
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AussieDoodle Puppy
 Shopping List

The first week with your new puppy will be busy. Plan on taking some time off work to help your pup through this transition. Your puppy will demand much attention. He/she will be whining the loss of litter mates, his/her mother, and the humans he has been with since birth. It’s your job to fill that role, ease the transition, and bond with your new companion. It’s time to visit the pet shop. Don’t wait until you have your puppy; go now! Walking into the pet shop can be overwhelming. There are so many options, and inexperienced workers who don’t know much about dogs. Your bill can quickly add up if you’re buying all the wrong things. Let’s start with the items you need before you bring puppy home: 1. A crate. We suggest getting two crates. One for the bedroom, one for the Kitchen. Toy size (under 20lbs) 30L x…
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