All our Mommy and Daddy dogs live fun, happy, lives in their forever homes.

We treat our dogs like our family and we believe that dogs should get to have fun every day. Our dogs are pets first, mommies second. Some of our moms and dads live with us, and some live in Guardian homes. A guardian home is a family who owns the dog, but the dog comes to our home to visit, play, and make beautiful AussieDoodles. Therefore, we never have to re-home an un-socialized dog after it is done breeding.

While your average breeder keeps UN-socialized dogs in a boring kennel or a barn, AwesomeDoodle is very different. Our dogs go everywhere with us and very much part of our family, just like your new puppy will be.

At AwesomeDoodle, we want to give you a “virtual tour” of our mommy and daddy dogs. You’ll find high quality photos and a video of MOST every dog we have below. While all our dogs are well balanced, read and watch below and you might find a mom that strikes your heart as the type of dog you would love to have. In general, pup’s temperaments will be a lot like mom and dad.

Click any dog below to see more photos, a video, and a full bio on that dog.


  Dixie is a 10lb Aussie Dixie's Puppies are raised by: Dixie's Past Puppies:



This is Champ, weighing in at 10lbs. Champ is the perfect family dog. He likes to go on walks off leash, and sticks very close to his family. We call him “little champy” and he comes to us without even thinking about it. At Mike’s house, he has four human brothers and sisters and loves them all, even Mike’s 2 year old son. As you can see in his video, he is very playful and has a pretty good attention span, especially at only 10 months old at the time this video was done. If you’re looking for a portable, loyal pal, consider a Champ puppy. [Read More]



Blue. She's under 20lbs. Photos and video coming soon.



Pepper is the daughter of Faith. If you like Faith's puppies, you'll be sure to like Pepper's too. She's under 20lbs and what a doll she is.



Meet Thor, the Super Aussie who will melt your heart. He’s the perfect family dog. He will alert you when someone comes on your property, but we’re not sure if he’s being protective, or he just wants to meet someone new. After a few barks, he will warm up to strangers. He loves with play with the other dogs and is not overly dominant or submissive. He is a happy go lucky dog and is loyal to his family. [Read More]



Meet Jenna. Jenna is our phantom Moyen sized poodle.Jenna is a lover by nature. We have many dogs around here, and Jenna enjoys her place in the pack. I would not consider Jenna to be an alpha. She is more submissive, and content being friends with everybody! Whenever I want to catch Jenna’s interest, all I need to do is bring some type of toy around in her and her ears perk up and she’s ready to play fetch! Most days I find her tossing a ball up to her self and checking the perimeter to see if anyone will play tag with her. Jenna is very sweet and loving, and wants to be near you most of the time. But she isn’t too clingly. You might find her chilling in her crate with her favorite bone. Jenna’s calm behavior is easy to fall in love [Read More]



Meet Gunner there is so much to say about him!. Gunner is right around 35lbs and wow he is he stunning! Gunner will be out playing with the kids and as we are sitting on the porch I tell my wife “what a beautiful boy”. We absolutely love his personality. Gunner is soft and gentle with our kids. He is so happy and playful, and just wants us to pet him at all times but not overly velcro. He loves his days filled with long walks in the evening, dinner on the patio, playing with the kids, and a movie on couch to finish the night before bed. One of his favorite things to do is chase and wrestle the cats in the yard, they are his buddies. He loves playing in water with the kids. And lastly he so meek and calm being around my 2 year old. [Read More]



  Faith is a classic blue merle with two VERY blue eyes. At 23 lbs, her puppies with Cash or Humphrey grow to the 20-25lb range.  Faith is our most independent dog.  She can happily entertain herself and is not as needy as our other mamas, but if offered, will happily "endure" belly rubs for as long as you are willing.  She's also possibly our most intelligent dog.  She is athletic, but isn't interested in playing fetch.  We think she wonders what those silly dogs are trying to accomplish by chasing that same ball every day.  She's very outgoing and loves everyone she meets, UNLESS she has puppies.  Faith is a very attentive mother.   She takes great care of her puppies but is very protective of them.  Faith's puppies are some of the most beautiful puppies we have. See her past puppies below. Faith's Puppies [Read More]



Penni is our beautiful little girl, with the most beautiful eyes. She has a submissive personality and she’s ready to give us all the love in the world whenever we walk in the door. She loves attention and cuddle time.   At 20 lbs, she is the perfect, portable size!  Penni loves going on walks and is excellent off leash. We have a cat and they are best friends. She has always been so good around other dogs, and when we take her to the park she always has so much fun playing with pup friends. We love our little girl Penni. We are so glad she is a part of our family. Penni's Puppies are Raised by: Penni's Current Puppies In Mike's Home: Penni's Past Puppies:



What can we say about Skyler? When you think about the ultimate family dog , look no further than our blue Merle Skyler. As a family, we bought Skyler, hoping for a dog that we could raise around our 4 children and could bring protection and also tenderness with our little ones. We didn't want to get just a pet, we wanted a family member, and Skyler has proven her self over and over to be so much more than just a dog. Our kids can wrestle and play with her and she knows that it's just play time. She is the leader of the pack so to speak and takes on the role of "guardian "to our kids. Skyler enjoys the frisbee. As a matter of fact , she enjoys it so much, she hardly lets the other dogs get a chance to play. The way we raised [Read More]



Meet Lucy. Also known as Lucy Goosey, Loopy doopy, Louie, Lucy Bug, Loopers, and probably about 5 other "pet names". Luc is the sweetest, most easy-going Australian Shepherd I've ever met. She is loyal, docile, loving and just an overall good dog. Being our second pet we could not of asked for anything better. She never had a "crazy puppy phase" nor has she been overly needy with stimulation. Whatever you want to do is what Lucy wants to do. She is always by my side; Penny will be in the yard chasing squirrels and bunnies but if I am inside doing laundry Lucy is there keeping me company. Time for a walk or a hike? This girl is ready. She sits by the door waiting for her collar, has her own backpack for longer treks and she does so well off leash it feels like she is walking [Read More]



Rocket is the perfect family dog.  He stands around 20 inches tall and weighs 26lbs.   Easy going, but loves his play time.  He's our first poodle and has been an absolute delight.  Was super easy to house break and teach tricks.  He's incredibly smart and super easy to train! Rocket is the son of Jackpot, who has sired several litters for us. He's a rock star in this part of the world.  Everyone knows and loves rocket as he rides in the truck everyday to horse barns all over North Texas and never meets a stranger.  He has dog friends at every stop and has gotten where he knows where we are before we get to the barns!  He loves to play ball and fetch. He especially loves the boat and the lake.  He can't wait to get in the water and you can't keep him out of it.  [Read More]



Your Content Goes Here Meet Via, our fun loving, spunky, snuggly princess. She may be small, just over 13 lbs., but our little girl packs in the personality! An optimist, full of joy, Via loves to leap, fetch, and chase. She is a very agile, clever, and independent (but affectionate) dog, that plays hard and crashes hard. She’s been known to sleep in our arms cradled like a baby, especially after bath time. Via thinks our guests have come to see her and makes everyone feel welcomed and loved. She does not discriminate, she will take a belly rub from anyone big or small. Via loves to be wherever we are; traveling somewhere new, on a boat, or just snuggled up on the couch. When the door is opened, Via has no interest in escaping, she loves her family. One of Via’s [Read More]


Bodee, the super poodle!

Pretty boy Bodee is what our groomer calls my poodle Bodee.  Its true, he is a beautiful boy.  Any where we take him publicly everyone that comes up to pet him immediately assumes he's a girl because he has such a pretty face.  A little girl once told me that Bodee looks like he's wearing make up.  Bodee is not just another pretty face; he's one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet, and he has a calm demeanor and great personality to match.  He has a beautiful big curl coat and doesn't shed, he's easy to groom and is well behaved when being groomed.  Bodee loves playing outdoors and with our other dogs as well. Bodee is AKC registered, 18 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds.  His genetic disease panel from Paw Print Genetics is all clear.  Bose is very happy, healthy boy! [Read More]

Bodee, the super poodle!2019-10-23T15:06:40-05:00


Well I’ve said it before; our dogs are extremely loving and compassionate, but I’m not sure this quote could fully describe the kind of love that Roxie shows us daily. To say that she is loyal, kind, and affectionate would be an understatement. Roxie is her name & affection is her game. This beautiful red merle mini aussie stands 16 inches tall and is 35 lbs. Roxie’s coat is so beautiful and her blue eyes will pierce to your heart when she glares at you. As you may know, The Australian shepherd is known to be athletic, fun and loyal to their owners. Roxie possesses all of these qualities and shows them on a daily basis. From playing fetch, to hugs, Roxie just wants to be around people. Her favorite game is tag with the other dogs in which she shows off her amazing athleticism. Other than Maggie, I’m [Read More]



Juno is the perfect jogging partner, swimmer, boater, golf cart rider, she does it all. Juno is a perfect example of a “velcro” dog, and she loves everyone, even strangers. Juno is full sister to Pumpkin. Juno is incredibly affectionate and doesn’t let her owners out of her sight. She’s the type of dog that can mingle with you around the neighborhood, and you’ll be perfectly comfortable that she’s not going to run away. All the neighbors love Juno. She is one happy camper. Juno is one of our higher energy dogs, but she is also ready to snuggle up on the couch with you any time you want. She has no problem keeping up with you on hikes. If you want a frizbee star dog, agility dog, or trick dog, Juno is your girl. Juno is comfortable going anywhere. She is not shy at all. Juno only barks when someone comes to the door. She’s not a digger or a chewer. She’ll take some belly rubs anytime you’re ready to give em, and then she’ll ask to go outside and play frizbee. She already knows some super cool frizbee tricks!



This is Penny.  Our smart, sassy, happy girl.  Penny is truly an equal member of the family.  She is an AKC Registered miniature American Shepherd and a perfect 30 lbs. Penny has all the classic Aussie traits: highly intelligent, loyal, active, and best of all, loving.  She is a dog of many tricks but our favorite is "shut the door" and her "I love you" song.  That phrase "Can't teach and old dog new tricks" would never apply to this girl. Penny goes everywhere with us.  We keep her active all year long - she loves hiking, swimming, boating, and playing in the snow.  Her favorite place to be is our family cabin in Northern Wisconsin where she and her bestie Lucy can really run like racing dogs through the trails. The best part about this dog is how loving, affectionate and emotional she is.  She is in tune [Read More]



Kindel is a full standard sized Australian Shepherd. She is full size of Fun, and full size of love. Kindel weighs approximately 50lbs and 19" tall. Kindel loves to play with other dogs, very friendly with strangers, and always waiting for what you want to do next. One of the coolest things she does, is when I ride my horse in the arena, she lays there watching and waiting for me. She is very focused on me and my actions. She's always eager to see what I'm up to next because she doesn't want to be left out. You can't turn around without Kindel being right there. At the end of the day, she's happy to be in the house, snuggled up at your feet or preferably in the bed (but she's not allowed). Her puppies are wonderful family dogs or the perfect active partner for your outdoor adventures. [Read More]


Codee the standard poodle

Codee is a 64 pound standard AKC/CKC registered standard blue parti poodle. Codee loves his people and doing his tricks! He is a very sweet boy who is a little cautious when he first meets a stranger, but soon warms up and is a big lover. He gets along great with other dogs and loves going on runs, he's never found to far from your side. 's Past Puppies:

Codee the standard poodle2019-10-27T09:08:41-05:00


Darla is available for immediate guardian home within of 60 miles of Louisville, KY. Darla is 35lbs full grown. Darla will be a mommy in 2020. Can’t wait to see her puppies. Full bio and video coming soon. [Read More]



AKC Kissing Bandit is a red and white parti poodle. Bandit stands 13” at the shoulder and weighs in at 9lbs. Bandit is a super affectionate young man and is very low key. He gets along with all of our dogs as well as our family. Bandit is loved by all. Our groomer, who has a extensive history showing poodles stated that he is a very nice poodle and has great characteristics. Bandit comes with good ratings from OFA and has a clear genetic panel through Paw Prints Genetics.  Bandit has been sought out for his services through artificial insemination by several other high end breeders. These breeders say that he always produces small puppies with good color. Bandit has a really nice coat quality and requires minimal maintenance. Bandit is a hard to find type of male poodle exhibiting nice color, conformation, health, personality and temperament, as well [Read More]



Gator is a daddy to several of our new toy size and mini AussieDoodle puppies. We chose Gator not only for his spunky and friendly personality, but also for his colors. Not only does he produce great colors, but his friendly, playful, and happy go lucky attitude will make puppies that are well rounded, compact, go anywhere family members. Gator is a little guy at only 11lbs. [Read More]



The word that comes to mind when I think of Koda is loyal.  Koda does not  let me get out of her sight very often.  When I leave a room Koda is usually right by my side. If I'm busy and going from room to room Koda goes too.  Koda is not a hyper dog but she does love to run and play fetch outside.  Hiking through the woods and trails are her favorite things to do.  Kids are attracted to her because she is so loving and sweet. Koda loves our cat and loves to lay on the deck in the sun with her. Koda has a beautiful full coat that is worthy of dog shows for sure.  Her merle pattern is perfect along with her huge white collar and blaze face and she has beautiful rich copper points.  Koda is beautiful inside and out, that is for [Read More]



Ranger is a half brother to Robin. If you've kept up with Robin, you know that Robin's pups are some of our most coveted puppies, for their playful demeanor and her constant affection. We were so lucky to get Ranger and we expect his puppies to have some of Robin's traits. Ranger is playful, he loves other dogs, and he's always by your side, or on your lap. Ranger is so cute when he meets new people. He has that typical "stand off-ish" attitude like most Aussies have, but as soon as he sees you petting one of the other dogs, he can't help himself. He just wants some of that affection too and he doesn't care who gives it to him. Give him a little love and he's yours forever. Ranger doesn't have a mean bone in his body. He shares his toys and he loves all the [Read More]



Hi everyone, meet Willow!  Willow is a beautiful blue-eyed blue merle with perfect button ears!  Willow and Cali both came to us at Thanksgiving in 2016 – and we have been giving thanks for both of them ever since!  The best Holiday gift we have ever received. Willow joined our family and fit right in, while still making a name for herself.  She’s small but mighty as they say.  All of 15 pounds and 14" – she’s the smallest of my pups.  However don’t let that size fool you!  She is the leader and doesn’t let those bigger dogs push her around one bit! She controls the play sessions, making sure everyone plays fair and has a good time – a natural momma. Fetch is her game! She prefers tennis balls to Frisbee, and will play as long as you will.  She very sweetly brings the ball and gently [Read More]



To best describe Sedona could be summed up as “Beautiful Happy Sweetheart.” She is always smiling and wagging her tail. It is so cute because she twirls her tail around like a helicopter blade ready to take flight. All I have to do is look at her and she smiles and wags her tail. She looks to Pumpkin and me for guidance on what she’s supposed to do. As soon as I am going to work or going to bed, she goes to her crate and waits for me to shut the door just like Pumpkin does. Very obedient and easy to train. A lot of the time, she rides with us in the car then in my purse with Pumpkin to walk around wherever we go. It’s a darling sight to see. Sedona is quite different in personality than Pumpkin. Pumpkin is always so excited and happy to [Read More]



Nova is a happy go lucky small standard poodle weighing in at 55lbs. He is a large brown phantom / parti poodle. He loves to swim in the pond and assist with all the chores around the ranch. He is happy all the time. He is well socialized and not shy at all.  Nothing ever phases him. He likes when visitors come and loves to meet new people. Nova does not belong to LaDonna. Nova belongs to the same person who owns Jackpot. We have a special partnership which allows Nova and Jackpot to have a fun life. 's Past Puppies:



Petunia will be an AwesomeDoodle mom someday. Stay tuned for video and full bio on her.



Winston is a mini poodle Poodle stud. He has a great coat, and white markings. He puts white on most of his puppies. He has a perfect little stance and a great shape. But best of all, Winston currently works as an emotional support dog in a Guardian home. He has the very best life with his furever family. He has the best, most gentle nature. He is on the more calm side and he is super cuddly and wants to be by you all the time. He is also quick to learn, attentive and playful. 's Past Puppies:



  Cali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. She weighs 25 lbs 's Past Puppies:



Want a dog everyone loves? A dog that is playful but also a cuddle buddy? Look no further than our girl Harley. Harley is one of our small blue merle mini Aussie moms. Harley is a spunky little girl and absolutely loves spending time with her people. Harley lives with one of our guardian families in Columbus Ohio. They have amazing things to say about her friendly personality and they absolutely love her. Harley is a great size, standing 15 inches tall and 25 lbs. She has fun being outdoors and exploring the backyard; however, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her guardian family. Harley can be often be found lounging around on her back, fast asleep, like she doesn't have a care in the world. Sometimes we think she forgets she is a dog!  Some of our favorite pictures of her are her sleeping positions.  Although she loves her humans and loves to [Read More]



Meet Lego. He's a 10lb toy size poodle and he's as red as they get. It took us a long time to find Lego and we're so happy we did. He's the perfect size to make our Toy Size AussieDoodles with Gracie May and Tilly Tail. Lego has a little prance about him that is so fun. One minute he is bouncing around the back yard like he has springs on his feet, and the next minute he is curled up to you on the couch. Lego lives with his owner Jeannie, and his Chihuahua pal and two cats. Lego is playful with the cats but doesn't overstep his boundaries.


Anna Claire

Anna Claire is a beautiful standard Aussie, she weighs 50 pounds and stands 22 inches tall.  Anna Claire reminds me of an old soul, she young, but is very calm and leveled headed like a dog that is 10 years old.  She never meets a stranger and is always willing to let kids lay on her, squirming and wrestling.  Anna Claire is patient and easy going in the house, she minds her manners and is never pushy about  trying to get your attention.  She usually waits her turn for treats and sits patiently when we tell her to sit.  Playing ball and Frisbee are her favorite games to play in the yard, she loves going on trail rides and running ahead of us just to race back to make sure we are still coming up the trail!  Anna Claire let's us know when company arrives as she barks and [Read More]

Anna Claire2019-10-30T18:09:20-05:00


Livvy joined our family 2 years ago when she was just a puppy, and we have been inseparable ever since. She comes on every family vacation and makes our memories that much better. She is the sweetest, most lovable girl ever. For example, she waits by the back door when she knows it's time for the kids to come home after school. She is the protector of our home and goes from room to room to make sure everyone is ok. Once she’s done that, she lies by my feet and waits patiently for belly rubs and attention. Then she does it all again, checking on all the kids, including our 3 year old.



Oakley is 10 lbs. Two blue eyes and full of fun. He's an attention hog and ready to go whenever you are. 



  Little pumpkin at just 10 lbs. What a doll. She and her boyfriend Oakley make some very sweet toy size AussieDoodle puppies. Everyone who has a chance to spend a little time with Pumpkin, falls in love with her. Pumpkin, fondly coined Pumpkin Pie by loved ones, is a red AKC registered Miniature Poodle born 11/29/15. To describe her in a few short words is impossible. Pumpkin is having babies because I want other people to experience some of the priceless moments, love & affection, and friendship she has brought into my life. I tell her we can’t keep this for ourselves, we’ve got to help more people find the joy and enrichment a dog like her can give to a human. She has to have babies because she is just too good of a dog for me to keep all to myself. Having Pumpkin with me when [Read More]



Humphrey is a poodle and he is the son of Jackpot. Everyone loves Humphrey's puppies and we love this little guy. He's gentle, he's fun, and he will do anything for some hugs. Humphrey is just over 20lbs. His owner is an avid outdoors-men and he loves to hike, swim (in pools and lakes and streams) and do just about anything outdoors. He is fast and agile on his feet, and he is never far from his people. What we love most about Humphrey is his temperament. He simply doesn't have a mean bone in his body. A human or another dog can take away his food or toys and he never protects his resources. If you're looking for a guard dog, Hump is NOT your man. ha ha. He is great around kids and loves to meet new people. He is good with other dogs of all sizes [Read More]



Meet Woody.  I’ve known Woody since he was 8 weeks old and I have watched him grow into a beautiful adult dog. He’s a blue merle miniature Australian Shepherd. He weighs 32 pounds, stands 19 inches tall, and akc registered. Woody is ready to go any time his family is ready. He loves to take walks with his family through the pastures and hay fields. When we go check the cattle and count calves, Woody is the first one to load up. He’s loves the farm life, but Woody is very affectionate and playful with our kids and our cat. He likes to fetch and play frisbee.  Woody is the classic Aussie. He's intelligent, he's loyal, and he's an attention hog. He is very demanding of your love and he wants to crawl in your lap (as you can see in the video). He was a fast learner as [Read More]



Ginger is Jordan's beautiful red merle Aussie female. Ginger lives with a wonderful Guardian home and they are over the moon for Ginger. They love her so much and she has a great life. Ginger is so sweet.  She LOVES being around her people.  She will stick right by your side and her favorite place to be is in your lap.  Ginger never meets a stranger either.  She is always excited to meet new people and she warms up to everyone and wins their heart very quickly.  She also really enjoys meeting and playing with other dogs. She is 24 lbs. and stands about 15 inches tall.  She and Cash will make pups in the 20-30 lb. range.  This is the perfect mini size if you are looking for a pup who will be a cuddly lap dog, but also not super tiny.  We are so excited for Ginger's [Read More]



Envy is arguably the most beautiful addition to AwesomeDoodle's incredible AussieDoodle moms. Envy's Sire and Dam are both show Champions. Only one word can describe Envy: PERFECT. She is spectacular in every way. Envy is one of Tom's Guardian dogs and she lives with Sugar Baby. Envy is like a little shadow and very loyal to her owners. She has no desire to run after distractions like other dogs or squirrels, and she is more interested in sticking with her humans. That said, she is not the "in your face" type of dog. Yes, she likes human touch and is affectionate, but she's not demanding of affection and she is content to just sit a few feet away from you. Envy is not a high energy or high maintenance dog. She loves to fetch frizbees or balls, but only needs a moderate amount of exercise per day to remain [Read More]

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