London is a small standard chocolate colored poodle. She is 21 inches tall and weighs 35 lbs. She was born in May of 2015. London's PRA test was clear, and she will get her hip x/rays done when she is 2 years old. London is AKC Registered. London is very loving and wants to be loved back very much.  London is always curious about what we are doing and she likes to be a part of what ever we are doing.  London loves to play, run, and romp around the yard with Angus and our poodle Khloe.  She also loves to play with Skipper our orange tabby cat.  London welcomes other dogs over to our house and is always willing to give them a challenge by running around the yard and romping with them.  Poodles are the second smartest dogs in the world and London is no exception.  She is [Read More]


Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose was born in November of 2017. She was the ONLY puppy in London's second and final litter. We bottle fed Charlie Rose from a puppy and needless to say, we got very attached to her. Congrats to Cort and his family on this beautiful girl.  

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Penelope: Red Tuxedo, August 2017 D.O.T.M.

"Couldn't be happier with her disposition....sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much....she's just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable. Haven't really figured out what color she is/will be....I'd call her red with interesting brown undertones and white undercoat.  Cutest face ever!  I'd get another one from her parents in a heartbeat!"   Michele E. - Biloxi, MS Congrats to Dave and Michele on this beautiful girl!

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"Blu is doing great and is a good boy! He has slept every night through the night except day of and day after his shots. He's a super happy puppy and goes everywhere with us. He loves Katerina, our 3 yr old granddaughter the best :) Kat's been in speech therapy for a few months because she was refusing to talk - despite her being very bright. Last week she made a 44% improvement and therapist asked..."did you guys get a dog?" Kat and I went for a walk down to the lake last night and she says, "Yama, I will take Blu - he loves me!" So she took his leash and he walked beside her. Was SO cute." Blu is a gorgeous red merle male with copper blaze. WOW. He looks just like an Aussie, with a big 1/2 white collar. Incredibly rare to find an AussieDoodle like this. Congrats to Cheryl and family.



Tula is a red merle female AussieDoodle. Tula is a gorgeous girl with a rare, full white collar that connects the white all the way to her nose. She looks just like an Aussie with her beautiful copper face and her merle coloring. She is super cute! Congrats to Pedro, Monica, and family. They have been waiting a very long time for this girl!



"Cooper is doing great and we couldn't be happier with him.  He was pretty much house trained on his 2nd day with us.  He only had three accidents and two were our fault for not getting to the door on time.  He loves his crate, and except for the first night with us rarely whines at night.  He has slept until at least 4:30 every night. His training is going well as he learned sit and leave rather quickly.  We continue to work on down, stay, and come.  Our biggest issue is teaching him off as he gets his front paws up on the couch. He loves his walks and wants to greet everyone we walk up to.  He is really good with other dogs, but is a little timid around larger dogs when the other dog is excited.  If they are calm he goes right up to them.  We had our first puppy play time this past weekend and will be doing puppy training over the next several weeks. Cooper just had his second vet appointment today and everything was great. We are so happy to have Cooper with us.  He is adorable, very smart, and has a wonderful personality." Congrats to Rich and Lynn!


Trudy: Red Merle AussieDoodle

Trudy is a female, red merle AussieDoodle. Trudy has an incredible white collar, distinct merle contrast, perfect markings, and best of all, a gorgeous copper-blazed face. Congratulations to Alex S.

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