Libby is a ASDR full size Australian Shepherd. She is sweet laid back girl. She loves to be by your side as she doesn’t want to miss anything. Libby is the girl that is always on my heels…literally. She’s lower energy and doesn’t get as “ROWDY” with the crew. She prefers her quiet time and to be laying at your feet.



Walnut is a male red merle with bold copper, a moderate amount of white, including white feet. So cute! He will look like Trudy when he grows. Congrats to Yana and family.



"Arnie is doing great! He is just so adorable! He's growing like a weed though! He has the occasional accident but has been doing really well with potty training. He hasn't had an accident in his kennel since the first week or two we had him home, which is great! He is such a smart boy! It's crazy how fast he has learned phrases. He is already an expert at "Arnie come" (but you better have a treat when he gets there ha!). He will come over to you and sit down like a good boy! I've even tested him when he's playing in the yard with our other dog and he still comes. I can definitely tell he's teething. Especially just in the last couple days he's started to try to chew on anything he can get his mouth on. He has a few ropes and balls that he loves to chew on so I just redirect his biting to those and it works really well. We start his first puppy class on Saturday and I can't wait to see how he does! I really want to start working with him on loose leash walking because right now he does not like walking on a leash at all. The puppy class will be awesome for him though: burn some energy and make some more pup friends! Thanks again AD for such an amazing pup!" - Ashlynn



Twix is a female Blue Merle AussieDoodle with hints of copper and a white white collar and snout. She will look like Kiva when she grows. Congrats to Melissa and Jarrett.



Gunner is a male red bi color with a big white collar and chest AussieDoodle.  He will look a lot like Hattie when he gets bigger.  Congratulations to Robert!



Coco is a perfect tri color female AussieDoodle with big white.  She will look a lot like Shelley when she gets bigger.  Congratulations to Sharon, Marc and family!



Georgie is a female Red Tuxedo with copper AussieDoodle. Her copper is very bold. We think she will look a lot like Jack when she gets bigger. Congrats to Cody and Andi on this very unique girl!



Charlie is an adorable black phantom male aussiedoodle. He has a cute white chin and white patch on his chest. The copper markings on his legs and face will get even brighter as he grows. He's perfect! We think he will look like his sister Saylor or Mocha as he gets fluffier. Congratulations to Amy and Brian in Washington.



Zeke is a handsome black phantom male aussiedoodle. He has super cute white paws, a white chin, and a patch on his chest too. He's adorable! His vibrant copper markings will get brighter as he gets fluffier. We think he will look like his sister Saylor or Winnie as he gets older. Congratulations to Fritzi and Brian in Oregon!



Nala is a beautiful black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has a white chin, white patches on her chest, and a little on each paw too. Her copper markings will get brighter as she gets fluffier. She's perfect! We think she will look like her sister Saylor or Mocha as she gets older. Congratulations to Maleah and Marikaye in Illinois.



Dash is a handsome blue merle male aussiedoodle. His merle markings are so adorable. He has a little white on each paw and on his chest. He might have some copper markings that get brighter as he gets older, as many Jackpot puppies do. If so, he might look like MacDougal or more like Casey if he keeps his classic merle look. Congratulations to Brandi, Matthew & family in Georgia.



Oberyn is a handsome blue merle male aussiedoodle. His copper markings are already so bright, we can't wait to seem them as he gets fluffier. He has a cute white chin and chest too. We think he will look like his brother Quigley or his sister Izzy as he gets older. Congrats to Evander & Abigail in Texas!



Maddie is a beautiful blue merle female aussiedoodle. She has bright copper on her face and legs. She has cute white patches on her head, chin, and paws. We think she will like her brothers Nolan and Rory or her sister Aspen as she gets fluffy. Congrats to Teri & Reggie in North Carolina!



"He has been nothing but the absolute best thing ever!! He was even an integral part in our recent engagement.... last week!! I just wanted to add some picture so you can have a little update. He loves to nap, especially near shoes and boots, sometimes his head is even in one of our boots, but no matter what he is always by our feet, we love him as much as he loves us. He is obsessed with other dogs, the bigger dog the better, he loves to play, and his puppy crazy time lasts literally maybe 1 minute and then he's over it. We taught him to sit, stay, lay down, high five, he doesn't teeth too much anymore, he sleeps with us for an hour in the morning when we are slowly getting ready to get up for the day, and he even rings a little bell when he wants to go outside. In just being about 4 weeks of having him we are so obsessed and hate leaving him even just for an hour to go to dinner. Thank you again for everything WE LOVE WINSTON!!!!" Winston is a handsome blue merle male aussiedoodle. His markings are so cool with bright copper and a cute split face. He has a white chin, a big white chest, and also little white paws hence his original name was "Socks". We think he will look a lot like his sister Storm or Dash as he gets older and fluffier. Congratulations to Chad and Randell in Michigan.



"We are having a wonderful time with Nolan....he is sweet and smart." "It has been busy around here as we spread the love to Nolan who is an absolute treat. He is so happy and he and Oscar are now play buddies." Nolan is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with copper and also a really unique shade of brown on his back.  We are so excited to see his colors as he grows.  He will look a lot like Jojo.  Congratulations to Robin and David in Ohio.



Lucy is a black tri color female aussiedoodle.  Look at that face!  She has copper and a white chest.  So cute.  



"Rory had a great vet first visit yesterday. He was well behaved and the vet thought he was a great dog. The five women working there all wanted to take him home so I was lucky to get out of there with the dog. Rory is very energetic and acclimating well. Challenging with the potty training but we are gaining on it. Thanks for the articles need all the information we can get." Rory is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with bright copper markings.  He is absolutely adorable and will look a lot like Jojo.  Congratulations to Matthew and Stacia in Massachusetts.



"Aspen has been such a dream! Her first night she only woke up once to go potty outside and she didn’t cry at all except one little wine to tell us she needed to pee.  I could brag all day about this sweet little girl! Brandon and I feel so thankful and lucky to have her home finally! AwesomeDoodle really does make some Awesome Doodles! " Aspen is a blue merle female aussiedoodle with lots of beautiful bright copper!  What a pretty girl.   Congratulations to Brandon and Moriah in California.



Storm is a blue merle female aussiedoodle with copper.  We just love her adorable face.  So unique!    Congratulations to Troy and Amy in Texas.



Izzy is a blue merle female aussiedoodle.  She has a lot of bright copper, and we are so excited to see how this comes out as she grows.  Congratulations to Brad and Carly in Colorado.



"So far he is amazing -  well mannered, smart, and good at pottying " Quigley is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with a lot of copper on his face and legs.  So cute!   He will look like a lot like little Jojo.  Congratulations to Jon and Merry in Florida.


Onyx : ADOTM Oct 2018

"Everything is going so great!! We are working on new commands such as leave it and heading out for some sort of socialization every day. Potty training is still a work in progress but seems to be getting better everyday. We’ve had a trainer over and are working on crate training during the day for small amounts of time. Onyx has also been going to puppy play time for about 1-2 hours twice a week, which is soooo good for him and me, since I haven’t left him without supervision yet. He is certainly a Velcro dog and I want to make sure separation anxiety isn’t an issue if I do ever have to leave him for a short while. He is such a sweet dog and he fits into our family like he’s been here forever!"

Onyx : ADOTM Oct 20182019-08-19T09:29:30-05:00


Saylor is a black tri color female.  She has copper colored legs, hence why she was named"Boots" at birth :) We are excited to see her bright copper color come out even more as she grows.   Congratulations to Joseph and Marcie in New York.