Marley is a black and white bi color female aussiedoodle. She has tons of white on her face, chest, legs and also the cutest white tipped tail. She so gorgeous! We think she will look like Lila or Toby as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Abby and family in New York.


Kaibab “Kai”

"Kai" is a chocolate tux male AussieDoodle with a beautiful dark red coat. We think he will resemble Sassy when he matures. Congrats to Cheryl in Arizona on the beautiful boy!

Kaibab “Kai”2019-11-14T19:29:37-05:00


Goose is a red merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy has that classic red merle look with a white patch on his chest too. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Romeo as he gets older. Congratulations to Holly and family in Texas.



"Dawson has become the love of our lives. We just completed a long trip to Mexico and Louisiana before returning home to California - WITH him! He completed 8 flights in all, and he acclimated just beautifully. He sat quietly in the soft carrier on the airplane with no noise at my feet. He was curious and alert at each destination, and had no behavioral disruption with any of the changes!! So I would say - he is a well adjusted puppy and super connected to all 3 of us (especially me); he comes on command; he will sit on command for even any stranger. He is socialized at home with our nanny's 2 older dogs (where he goes 4 hours/day). In Mexico, he played 2 times a week with my best friend's boxer. He loves walks and playing in the ocean/river/lakes. I can now walk him on leash and off leash with really great success. He is my little shadow. He does not have any fears or weird nervousness. He is crate trained but also sleeps at night with any of us. He wakes up at 6:30-7:00 each morning and runs outside with my son to use the bathroom." -Laura


Charles G. Henry

Charles G. Henry is a blue merle male aussiedoodle. This little guy has that classic blue merle look with a white chest and a little white on each paw too. The dark merle patch on his face is so adorable! We think he will look like his older sister Blue or older brother Boomer as he gets older. Congrats to Kevin and family.   6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old  

Charles G. Henry2019-08-19T13:22:38-05:00


"Blue arrived home like she has always been here!! " Blue is a blue merle female AussieDoodle. She will look just like Kona when she grows. Congratulations to Sharon and Bill in Virginia.



"Many thanks for all the resources.  And many more to Michelle for all her care.  It was so great meeting her in person and getting her wonderfully helpful information. " Ella is a tuxedo female AussieDoodle. She will look a lot like Kip  or her brother Carson when she grows up. Congratulations to Cheryl in Arizona.



Romeo "Romie" is a red bi-color male AussieDoodle. He will look a lot like Brady when he grows. Congratulations to John and Santhi in California.



Dinah is a tuxedo female AussieDoodle. She will look a lot like Kip or her brother Carson when she grows up. Isla is an F1-B AussieDoodle (3/4 poodle, 1/4 aussie) - her parents are Lefty & Atticus. F1b puppies usually don't shed at all and they are better for families with allergies.  Congratulations to Ives and Cliff in Colorado.



"Taja is a doll, I absolutely love her.  She went to the vet, got de-wormed and her poop sample looked good.  She started puppy class yesterday and she was by far, the wildest one but also one of the only ones who didn’t snap or growl at all.  She made a friend with a 10 week old mini labradoodle.  She’s comfortable with dogs of all sizes, which is nice. Thanks so much for your continued support.  Feel free to keep sending tips!" Taja is an f1b blue merle female AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Noah in New York.



Carson is an f1b black and white tuxedo AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Flossie and Michael in Maryland.



"It is going great with Hudson!  He is such a sweetie and so good!  He is really getting the hang of "sit" and has been really good with a collar and leash.  I thought I had him going with a bit of fetch with a mini frisbee we got for the yard, but I'm sure that was a fluke (3 times he brought it back!) . Thanks for the new tips!  We love playing with him and teaching him new things.  He is a smarty-pants!"   Hudson is an f1b blue merle male AussieDoodle with nice white on his chest.  Congratulations to Betsy and Dave in Colorado.



"It's been great, Boomer is a total sweetie pie and he's settling in well. He gets on well with my parent's dog and has only had a couple of accidents in the house. He went to the vet and everything was great. We actually started using a leash on the way home and he's completely good with it now (although I usually put him in a harness because I don't like the pressure on his neck if the leash is attached to his collar).  Anyways, Boomer is doing great here in Texas, we love him very much! "   Boomer is an f1b blue merle male AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Suzie and Andrea in Texas.