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Julep is a blue merle female aussiedoodle with bright copper markings.. She has cute white patches on her face, chin, chest, and a little on her paws too. Her dark tail is adorable! We think she will look a lot like Gilley as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Gretchen and Shane in Kentucky.



Lucy’s dramatic copper markings and blue eyes turn heads wherever we go. She’s so friendly, too. Her personality is just as beautiful as she is. We love that she’s both fun and cuddly. Lucy is eager to learn and has known “sit”, “eyes”, “lay down”, “rollover”, and “stay” since she was twelve weeks old. By the time she was 15 weeks, she would sit at the door while I opened it and wouldn’t cross the threshold until I said, “Okay!” Now, I can place her breakfast in front of her, tell her “leave it,” and she won’t go to her dish until I release her. And her classes for basic training don’t start for another week.



Rusty is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with bright copper markings. He has a little white chin and cute white paws. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Da Vinci as he gets older, but with white paws. Congratulations to Debbie and Eric in Arizona.



Jasper is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with vibrant copper markings. He has a little white chin and a white patch on his chest too. He's so handsome! We think he will look like Pacino as he gets older. Congratulations to Duffy in Tennessee.



"All is going well! He loves playing with my other AD Bowie....they play and play and play!Sleeping well in his kennel at night next to my bed getting up once or twice to go outside.  No accidents in house (yet)  Thank you!" Jagger is a blue merle male aussiedoodle.  He has tons of white everywhere.  He is absolutely adorable!  We think he will look a lot like Sydney or Remy when he gets older.  Congratulations to Kelli and McClory in North Carolina.



"Thank you for the links. Super useful information!  He just went to the vet this morning for his 2nd round of shots, check up, stool analysis, etc. and everything looked great! We are monitoring him all day today to make sure he doesn't have any bad reactions to the vaccines. All the ladies LOVED him!  We are all just getting used to one another, loving him being here with us, and look forward to watching him grow! He's been an angel during night time in his crate. He only cries when he needs to go out and pee!" Oreo is a dark blue merle male aussiedoodle.  His merle pattern is so vibrant and he has little white patches on his chest and head too - so cute!  We think he will look like Merlin or Leia as he gets fluffy.  Congratulations to Heather and Chase in Georgia.



Izzy is a dark blue merle female aussiedoodle.  She has many shades of black and gray, and even a cute little white patch on face and chest.  She is stunning!  We haven't really had a pup like Izzy before, but we imagine she'll look a little like Benjie as she gets older.  Congratulations to Josh and Tara in New York.



"All is going quite fabulously here on the farm with Margie!  She has adapted quite well to her new home...we, as a family have worked to learn who she is as a puppy, and help her to feel welcome and loved in her new home...She has had many outings...helping kids move back to college...helping me get my classroom set up for the new school year...and traveling to our camp!   Potty training of the humans is going well...so she has not had many accidents...she absolutely hates her kennel, so we are working on positive reinforcement with treats, as she is quite food driven.  We have kept up with practicing sit, stay, and come...all is going well on that front!  She has puppy crazy time...puppy overtired time...puppy nipping time...so I guess she is quite normal...hahaha. We all love her personality and loving spirit!   Thank you for all that you do!" Margie is a black and white bi-color female aussiedoodle.  She has a ton of white everywhere - so cute!  We think she will look like Hobbs or Chesney as she grows up. Congratulations to Lisa and Stephen in New York.



"Kekoa is slowly adjusting to West Coast time and getting use to his surrounds. We took him to the vet and got a clean bill of health and his second set of shots Sunday. He did great...laid on the table and enjoyed adoration! When he's not being mouthy, he is offering lots of love and what underlies everything, a very sweet nature! Thanks for any advice you could pass on!" Kekoa is a black phantom male aussiedoodle.  His cute copper and white accents will get more vibrant as his fur grows.  We think he will look like a lot like Huckleberry or Phoebe as he gets fluffy.  Congratulations to Katherine and Donna in Washington.



"Hi! Ozzy has been doing amazing! We are amazed by how smart he is. We paid for a set of puppy group lessons and about half way through the trainer told us he has graduated and we should bring him to the adult group. He is her “star student”, but that’s not surprising! We work on training him in different environments, the vet tech was so impressed watching him “sit” and “wait” in the waiting area.  Ozzy loves any one and any dog! He loves giving kisses and playing with all of his toys! His favorite is fetch. For more weeks than we should probably admit to, Ozzy has slept at the foot of our bed. He goes all night without any accidents!! His color is evolving every day, as of now he looks like he has a mask on and his inner ears are lined with silver! It’s adorable!  Thank you for everything!" Ozzy is an adorable black and white tuxedo male aussiedoodle.  His fur is so silky and soft and we can't wait to see him get fluffy.  He has a cute white patch on his chest and a little white on each paw too.  His white toenails are even adorable!  We think he will look a lot like Moose as he gets older.  Congratulations to Lauren and Jason in Florida.