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Gracie is a toy size Aussie, at 9 lbs. She is TINY. She will make toy size Aussies and we have a couple boyfriends in mind for her. Gracie has character, that's for sure. She has some "toy-ish" mannerisms. She can be a little skittish of new people, (like most Aussies) and she thinks she is a little guard dog. Little dog, big personality. And you should see her fetch a Frisbee! Watch the video below. Diane and Morgan have been teaching her and Maddie to fetch, and they are doing well.



Meeka is a Black Tri-Colored female AussieDoodle. She has a white chest, belly, and feet. Her copper points will come out more as she grows. She also has a beautiful white strip on her head.  She will look a lot like Arlo when she gets bigger. She is the smallest one in the litter, being half the size of her litter mates. We expect her to stay under 10 pounds, full grown. Congratulations to Carol & Michael on this gorgeous sweetie pie! 4 weeks old 3 weeks old 2 weeks old 1 [...]



Franky is a Red Tri-Colored female AussieDoodle. She has rich color with amazing copper points. Franky is the perfect example of a Red Tri-Color!  She will look a lot like Atlas when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Lisa & Zachary on this little beauty! 4 weeks old 3 weeks old 2 weeks old 1 week old    



Bandit is a Black Tri-Colored male AussieDoodle. He has a beautiful white collar, chest, and belly with copper points. He will look a lot like Brandi when he gets bigger. Congratulations to Jud & Rayneen on this handsome guy! 4 weeks old 3 weeks old 2 weeks old 1 week old    



Steely is a Blue Merle female AussieDoodle. She is the most perfect Blue Merle. Her classic Blue Merle colors with white markings and copper points are absolutely gorgeous! We've never had a puppy who's colors are so striking, but we think she will look like Finn with even richer copper and more black in her coat. A big congrats for this little beauty to Lara and her sons! 4 weeks old 3 weeks old 2 weeks old     1 week old    



"So far, so good with Mister Monty - Monty for short! He was calm and sleepy on the flight over and had a sleepy weekend as he was acclimating to his new home and parents. On Monday, we took him to the vet and he's totally healthy. He was very sweet and calm at the vet as I've been working on handling with him (paws, teeth, belly, etc) - the handsome man was quite a hit with the vet and vet assistants. Round two of vaccinations scheduled for next week." Monty is a toy size aussiedoodle. He is a handsome blue merle male with a big white chest, a cute white patch on his head, and white on each paw too. He is adorable. We think he will look like a smaller version of Bluez as he gets older. Congratulations to Jose and Maddie in New York.



"It’s going well, and I really mean well.  Oswin loves everyone and is eager to greet new people.  He has attended his first puppy training class and really did good.  He is socializing with new puppies.  He had been socializing with mature dogs and did well and learned. He goes to his crate, is walking on the leash in the yard and on the sidewalk.  Housebreaking is going very well.  The crate training has that housebreaking advantage.   He plays fetch, brings the ball back near - we’re getting there.  The article about frisbee training is helpful and should be a great transition. I do have to tell you that Oswin doesn’t meet strangers.  He’s such a lovable Oswin and is desired everywhere he goes.  He is doing well in the puppy training classes.  Of course, he’s a STAR:) Oswin is an absolutely treasure." Oswin is a toy size red tux male aussiedoodle. He is so adorable and his fur is so silky! It looks like he might have a little white patch on his chin. We think he will look like a smaller version of Farnsley as he gets fluffy, just without the white chest markings. So cute! Congrats to Patience and Leroy in Maryland on this little sweet boy.



"He is such a joyful part of my life.  My entire family got to meet him when I went home for the holidays (he does fantastic in the car btw) and they all just kept commenting on how he was just the friendliest pup." Rodan is a toy size male aussiedoodle. He is a red phantom color with vibrant chocolate and copper markings. We think he will look like Winnie, but with the color of Matti as he grows and gets fluffy, but a smaller size - with very bold copper. Congratulations to Miranda in North Carolina.



"Abbie is super smart.  I am so proud of her. Six weeks ago I enrolled Abbie in Puppy Level 1 at Petco. The trainer was so impressed with Abbie’s learning ability she was advanced to Puppy Level 2 and completed the training course yesterday." Abbie is a toy size female aussiedoodle. She is a red phantom color with beautiful chocolate brown and bright copper markings. We think she will look a lot like Winnie but with the color of Matti when she grows up, just in a much smaller package - with very bright copper.  So adorable! Congratulations to Christopher in Ohio.



"Just Loving Tucker!!!!!  She is Awesome and Such A Good Girl" Tucker is a female black Tuxedo toy size AussieDoodle. We love Tucker.  Congratulations to Scott in Michigan.



"At 4 months old, Sully is a whole whopping 6 lbs ;) He has several nicknames including Sullis, Sulliban/Sullivan, Sull-bull, & monkey-head. Sully is smart and incredibly affectionate (he loves to cuddle and is a total mama's boy). He comes to the store with me on days I'm working the floor and has participated in a few therapy events already! We worked really hard in the beginning to introduce him to many different places, people, and animals - and it's paid off. Sully loves greeting people as well as playing with new dogs (and even cats). He has even ridden a horse with mom! Everybody who meets him wants their own "Sully". We love him so very much." Sully is a toy size blue merle male AussieDoodle. What a cute boy. Check out that eyeliner! Congrats to Jaci (Miss North Dakota 2012) and her husband Kolt in South Dakota.