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Gracie May

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Gracie is a toy size Aussie, at 9 lbs. She is TINY. She will make toy size Aussies and we have a couple boyfriends in mind for her. Gracie has character, that’s for sure. She has some “toy-ish” mannerisms. She can be a little skittish of new people, (like most Aussies) and she thinks she is a little guard dog. Little dog, big personality. And you should see her fetch a Frisbee! Watch the video below. Diane and Morgan have been teaching her and Maddie to fetch, and they are doing well.     Past Puppies Separation Anxiety in AussieDoodlesBoth Australian Shepherds and Poodles have been bred to be loyal companions. They stick to their family at all times. So when you mix an Aussie with a Poodle, you get double sided sticky! If you’ve done your homework, you already know that most Aussie Doodles suffer from separation anxiety to…
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Tucker is a female black Tuxedo toy size AussieDoodle. We love Tucker.  Congratulations to Scott in Michigan.
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Aslan is a red bi-color toy size AussieDoodle. Look at that full white collar! Congrats to Mike and Jennifer in Utah.
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“We are so thankful to AwesomeDoodle for our little Sully! It hasn’t even been a week at home and he’s already GREAT at ‘sit’ & ‘come’ commands. Additionally, he can already play fetch like a champ! – He brings his toy duck all the way back – he LOVE it! ((frisbee is a little big form him yet)) We think he might be a genius and are awaiting MENSA’s phone call ;)”¬† Sully is a toy size blue merle male AussieDoodle. What a cute boy. Check out that eyeliner! Congrats to Jaci (Miss North Dakota 2012) and her husband Kolt in South Dakota.
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