Glimmer AussieDoodles



Glimmer on a walk, sporting her new manicure. Or would this be called a pedicure? You decide. Glimmer is a Dark Chocolate, AKC poodle weighing in at 35lbs. She has had an amazing litter with hercules and her next litter will be with Zorro!   Past Puppies Potty TrainingQ: Her behavior and potty training have both regressed some.  Lots of accidents in the kitchen even though I take her out a lot. We go on walks 3 or 4 times a day.  The problem with the bells is that she plays with them and plays tug of war with them, so then I have to remove them and that doesn’t help either.  What else can I do? A: Phases with training and potty accidents are normal. Are you taking her out every 30-45 minutes?  It is tiresome, but that is the best way to limit accidents and build her confidence where…
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Betsy Ross

“Betsy had her last puppy vaccination and weigh in, today Betsy weighs 13.6lbs, all legs. Our vet is so in love with Betsy, as she has raised Australian Sheppards, but, Betsy is her first Aussidoodle, she’s very curious. Betsy has mastered potty training, we also have the nipping under control, sleeps through the night in her crate. I’m crushed that she prefers her crate to our bed, but, whatever makes Betsy Ross happy. Although, she does love a afternoon snuggle with her mom. The joy this little girl gives us is endless!! Betsy is the smartest, most affectionate, well behaved puppy,  also, quite the comedian and trickster. I know you have heard all this before from each of the Awesomedoodle families. Thank goodness! Betsy Ross is the perfect puppy for Jim and I, we are so in love. I tell myself that she reached out from that first picture and picked…
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“Wally is truly the love of our life.  He is ridiculously smart and easily trainable.  We have been going to a clicker based positive reinforcement  puppy training class.  It’s been great for socialization.  Wally is such a people lover.  He literally goes around to every person to say hi.  He’s totally cool and fine with other dogs and puppies but he kind of ignores them.  He occasionally acts timid around other dogs but not often.  We literally take him EVERYWHERE.  He is very popular in all the shops and restaurants.  He’s finally getting the sit to greet down.  I would say he doesn’t jump totally up on people.  He mostly sits  or almost sits and he just wags his whole lower part of his body. It’s hysterical.  He’s trying so hard to be patient.  He’s great on the leash.  Sometimes he pulls the leash to lead us when we first…
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“Amber is doing very well.  She had a great weekend and enjoyed playing outside.!She slept in her crate pretty well – each night better than the last.  She has her first veterinarian visit this morning and then she will have time to acquaint herself to her city apartment.  She seems happy to find a playmate whenever she needs one – with 4 kids in he house she has no problem finding attention and love!“ Amber is a sweet little red merle female. What a doll she is! Her colors may hold or she may turn a cream color like Courtney’s Charlotte when she grows older. Congrats to Stephanie and Jeremy in New York. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old 3 weeks old 2 weeks old  
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Carlo is a cute little tuxedo male AussieDoodle. What a little cute boy. He looks like he’s doing some dance moves. Congrats to Sue and Tom. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old 5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old 2 weeks old    
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Rosie is an adorable light red merle female. Look at this sweetie! Rosie may hold her color, or her coat may turn a cream color like Courtney’s Charlotte. Congrats to Jeannie and Neil. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old  
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“We are just thrilled with Selah.  She is the best.” “Selah is beyond amazing. She is so smart, loving and good. We feel so blessed to have her a part of our family. Selah is sleeping beautifully in her crate at night. She cries about one time per night and very sleepily heads out to go to the bathroom and then goes right back to sleep. She is remarkably fun to play with and is already fetching and bring frisbees and balls back with ease and glee. We love her!” Selah is the most striking Sable AwesomeDoodle has ever had. She will look a lot like Riley with more dark spots. Congrats to Dax and Stacy. Selah the 7 week old Sable Aussie Doodle 6 weeks old   5 weeks old 4 weeks old 3 weeks old   2 weeks old  
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“We are pleased to share that Finnegan is continues to sleep through the nights like a pro.  He has a special whimper when it is potty time and does his business on cue.  He gets easily distracted by leaves on the ground or distant dog barks, but time will ease that we are sure. We have been taking him to dog-friendly shops and he loves riding in the carts.  He does great.  So he is getting out a lot.  On top of that, it worked out where we had to travel for an early Christmas with family.  He rode in a car for 12 hours!   He was amazing!  There were lots of stops to potty and stretch, but he just handled his crate wonderfully.  Once we arrived at our destination, he had a loose stool for a day, but then was quickly back to normal.  He took to “grandma and…
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