Fun Things to do with your Dog


Play SEARCH with your dog

“SEARCH” is a super fun game you can play with your dog. It will help teach your dog to search for things on their own and use their nose to sniff it out.
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Throw a flying disc to your dog

You can exercise your dogs by playing catch with a flying disc. After a day at work, your dog is ready to go for a walk.  You’re too tired?  No problem, get out the disc and go in the back yard for some fun. I like to use the cloth discs because they float well, and the dog can get to the disc before it hits the ground.  They also won’t hurt your dog if it hits them in the face. This is the flying disc I like the best: My dogs love to fetch, and yours should too!  There is something about catching a flying disc in the air that really gives them satisfaction.  They really TRY to catch it before it hits the ground. If you’re not teaching your puppy to catch a flying disc, you’re missing out on a really fun game with your dog. If…
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Teach your Puppy to Fetch

With Aussies and AussieDoodles, getting the moving object, comes natural.  Bringing it back to you is the hard part. Here is Max, Tilly and Rosie, learning to fetch: Max, Rosie and Tilly, learning to fetch at only 7 weeks, 2 days old   Below you can see a video of Levi at only 7 WEEKS OLD!  He loves the ball already.  This was our second session.  The advantage here is Winnie’s Aussie Pups love people, so he gets the ball and then he wants some human attention.  He didn’t want to give the ball up though. Teaching Levi, the 7 week old Aussie to fetch.  He’s a natural!   This video provided by Jennifer and her good boy, Ace.  Jennifer got Ace from us in 2013.  He is an exceptional dog and has and exceptional owner.   Soon, they bring it back to you consistently for another round of fun. …
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