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   Faith is a classic blue merle with two VERY blue eyes. At 21 lbs, her puppies with Cash grow to the 20-24lb range. Faith’s puppies are some of the most beautiful puppies we have. See her past puppies below.                   Past Puppies Cali AussieDoodles…Click to see more CaliCali is a miniature sized blue merle Australian Shepherd with copper. She weighs 25 lbs. Full bio and pictures coming soon.  …Click to see more Setting up your Puppy ProfileLog in with your email address and password by going to the bottom of this web page and clicking the KEY ICON. If you don’t know your password, use the “lost password” link to reset it. Then change your preferences and click UPDATE PROFILE. Then check your preferences to make sure they saved properly. Your Information: When you log in, you can change your…
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Red merle aussiedoodle Cashew-1035


“It crazy how much Cashew has grown — he’s now 13 pounds but packs the punch of a much bigger dog.  What Cashew loves – stuffed animals, goat horns, playing outside in the park, playing with all dogs and saying hi to little humans  What Cashew does not like — baths, alone time anywhere, vacuums, church bells, being held for too long  Socialization – doggy daycare, dog park, play dates with neighborhood pups, taking the subway  Super smart signs — “secretly” takes out goat horn from night crate and will eat it quietly in the hallway instead of bringing it to the living room, knows leave it and drop it like a champ, knows to sit until we give the release word for all meals  Thanks so much for all the advice Courtney! Cashew is growing into a wonderful pup and shows us he learns so well.  We look forward…
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Kiwi Black Bi-Color AussieDoodle

Kiwi is a super cute bi-color AussieDoodle with tons of white. Look at this little guy and his bold white snout and head.  Congratulations to Marc and Cameron in South Carolina.
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black and white tuxedo aussiedoodle legion-0929


Toby is a tuxedo AussieDoodle. If you don’t like the look of white feet, this little one is your guy. What a cute little guy.  Congratulations to Marcia and Rich in California.
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Black Tri Color Aussiedoodle Milo-0978


“Milo is doing fantastic! The airplane & car ride went well. Then he was not too timid when meeting all of our family members and our dog Bella. Each day they feel more and more comfortable with each other and his new Familiy and new environment.” Milo is a black tri-color male AussieDoodle. Tri-color means he has black, white, and copper. Plus, he has lots of white. He’s beautiful.   Congratulations to Kendra and John in Florida.
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black and white tuxedo aussiedoodle selby-0943


“We have our Selby girl!  She is adorable, loving, playful and everything else a puppy should be!  Our pick up went smoothly and she traveled well, maybe a little stressful for her since she did have a few loose stools but she acted like a champ.  Some crying the last two nights (in her crate) but she calmed quickly.  We are of course working on the potty, except for a few accidents, she does go outside when we take her out and she enjoys running around our patio area.  Thanks for the training information, we are trying our best to have the best Awesome Doodle!”   Selby is a tuxedo AussieDoodle. If you don’t like the look of white feet, this is your girl. What a sweet little one.  Congratulations to Maria and Tom in Kentucky.
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blue merle male aussiedoodle hudson-1006


“Hudson is doing great! He’s growing very fast. Already 12 lbs and growing tall.  He’s is sleeping well at night and is better with the crate. He still won’t go in by himself while we are around but he doesn’t fight us at bedtime. He loves toys and plays with all of them. His favorite is a pillow pet.  He loves his bully sticks especially before bedtime. His crazy puppy times have gotten shorter and less wild.  He loves to cuddle on the sofa before bed.  He is the happiest when we all sit together as a family in the family room. Potty training has been good. He has learned to ring the bell at the door when he needs to go out.  The funny thing is that he rings it when he wants attention and wants to play. So we have to figure out what he really wants. He loves going…
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black and white tuxedo aussiedoodle finley-0906

Sir Lonestar Finley

“It is so good to have Finley home.  He’s a little champ and is doing great.” Sir Lonestar Finley is a Tuxedo AussieDoodle with cute little white tips on his paws.  Congratulations to Kevin and Sandra in Texas.
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Black Tri Color Aussiedoodle Sully-0958


Sully is one of AwesomeDoodle’s Classic Tri-color AussieDoodles. He is just perfect with those copper highlights.  Congratulations to Alicia and Jack in Connecticut.
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blue merle aussiedoodle hope-0996


“Our little Hope is as sweet as can be. We think she has more Australian Shepard tendencies as it always looks like she is “rounding” up the kids when we go outside. She is SO fast! I wish it would stop snowing and start warming up so we could play with her more outside. We are doing well, but you can tell she loves the outdoors! ” Hope is a blue merle AussieDoodle with a little touch of copper. She’s an exceptional looking girl and her copper highlights will come out more as she matures.  Congratulations to Jeremy and Danielle in Nebraska.
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Ollie is a little adorable guy with lots of white. He’s a classic looking tri-color AussieDoodle. Congrats to Whitney and Nick!
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Watson is a red bi-color male. And oh what a beautiful boy he is. A full white collar is very rare to find in an AussieDoodle. Congrats to Ben and Abbie on this adorable little one.
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“So happy to have EBONY!  Ebony has brains and beauty !” Ebony, is the smallest of the litter. Look at that sweet face. She’s so shiny. Congrats to Susan D. and Family!
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Lennon Red Tri-Color AussieDoodle

“Lennon is amazing! We got home a couple of hours ago. He did great in the car and so far so good at home. He could very easily become a real lap dog but I’m purposely trying not to pick him up too much. Right now he’s quietly sitting under the chair I’m sitting on. I know it’s still the honeymoon period but he is just so good! He follows me everywhere but I assume that will change as he gets more comfortable with his surroundings.” Lennon is arguably the best red tri-color we have ever had. Very rare to have a red tri that looks this perfect. And add a full collar? Incredible! Congrats to Susan T. and family!
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“I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for providing the cutest, most loving, and incredibly smart puppy I have ever met! Oliver is doing great. He has picked up pretty quickly where he is supposed to go to the bathroom and we have been working on our basic training (He really likes the “dont look at treats” move and dramatically looks away from my hand), and his mouthy-ness. We haven’t quite had a full night of sleep, but I think we’re getting there. He’s a big hit with everyone he meets, and loves to walk right between my feet.”
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“We cannot imagine our day to day lives without Hurley we love him dearly!!” Congrats to Stephanie, John, Sophie and Lillian!
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Gracie is an amazing blue merle with a little white sliver on her head and chest. Her high contrast coat will really POP. Congrats to Libby and Bob and Family!
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Brombie is a incredible blue merle with copper highlights on his face and legs. A little white on his chest. He has a really nice bold black patch on his right side. Congrats to Jim & Jeri and Family!
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Maverick is an blue merle AussieDoodle, WITH COPPER black on his face and legs. Congrats to Alexander and Logan, they have been waiting a long time for this sweetie.
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