"Treat training sessions are going well and we have even started to do some light leash walking! He did SO well today trotting by our side. I’m shocked that he’s barely 9 weeks old! He also boops the bells we hang by our balcony to go outside - fingers crossed but he hasn’t had an accident indoors since we got him a fresh patch of grass! We just adore our little guy and he is learning so fast. He seems to be very well acclimated to our home and we have set up a few play dates with him this week with vaccinated dogs of close friends. We’ve been carrying him almost everywhere with us and he’s definitely become a lot more confident and alert. Also whatever you did to socialize him to everyday sounds clearly works! We have sirens go by often and I also vacuum quite a bit and Moo doesn’t budge!! He definitely has a chill and independent personality (on a relative puppy scale) and is a perfect addition to our family!" - Melissa



"She is AMAZING! I hit the jackpot with this girl! She is sooo sweet and good! She did great last night, slept in crate from about 9:30-5:45 with waking 3 times whimpering, each time I took her outside, she peed and then went back in the crate. Cried for a couple mins and then would go back to sleep. We went out again at 5:45 and she peed again and then we came in and she ate. She chowed down on her food this morn and let me know she had to go out immediately after by going to the gate in the kitchen and whimpering. We went right back out and she pooped! Every pee and poop has been outside! I’m so impressed with her and hoping it’s not just beginners luck! She def had some puppy crazy time last night biting pants and hands. We were able to redirect her with a toy tho which was great! This morn we worked on some sitting and eye contact with little bits of chicken and she did great. The hardest part is getting my son not to chime in and distract her. I will have to make sure I do some training when he’s at school and occupied with something else, but right now he won’t leave gracies side! Overall she is transitioning nicely and we are all so in love already with this sweet sweet girl!" - Leigh



Ellie is a female Phantom with no white on her chest. "Phantom" means we have the big bold copper color that will not fade. We think she will look like Brandi when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Alexander for choosing this darling!



Wilson is a male Phantom with white chest. "Phantom" means we have the big bold copper color that will not fade. We think he will look like Meli when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Brian and Janice on this handsome boy!



June is a female Phantom with split white chest. "Phantom" means we have the big bold copper color that will not fade. We think she will look like Meli when she gets bigger. Congratulations to Ben & Kelsey on this jewel of a girl!


Huckleberry Finn

"We finally decided on a name ... Huckleberry Finn.   He has been such a good pup so far.   Stanley, our 1yr old AwesomeDoodle, has been so gentle yet playful with him.  Huck slept well (11:30 to 6:30).  Not one peep out of him.  He slept in a crate next to our bed.  He has eaten and is drinking a lot.  We carried him on our hike through Marsh Creek this morning.  He was a little nervous in the car, but never cried. He met my brother and his family.    He has gone to the sliding door twice now when he had to poop which is amazing.  We plan to train him with bells just like we did for Stanley.  He has a fenced in area with food, water, a dog bed and toys that is right in our kitchen/family room area.    So far, so good.   He adores Stanley and people.  He is alert and his tail can’t wag fast enough most of the time!  The hardest part so far is that the kids want to hold him all the time ;).  Please tell Tom his little guy is doing well and is being spoiled with lots of love ️. He is fitting right into the mix of our family :)" - Renee and Matthew

Huckleberry Finn2019-10-20T15:26:11-05:00


“A few updates on Nest and what I’ve learned so far! I have found Nest gets extra nippy or challenging when he’s just at the end of his energy expenditure, so I often give him a puzzle to complete and then he knocks out into a nap. I train right before each meal for optimal good/obedient behavior, and play with commands right after, or we go outside so he can sniff away. Nest looooooves his Propac puppy food so incentivizing him is easy peasy! Also, he goes crazy over the healthy cheese treats I give him in behavior coaching for distance and come calls (Answers Pet Food). Just look at how he hops gleefully into his crate 😂😂😂 He offers sits to everyone in the house now without treats, so slightly less jumping for attention which is great! He hates being away from us, of course, so I’m coaching him [Read More]



"Hank has been enjoying his new surroundings, especially jumping in grass and soft hydrangea bushes. We are blowing the today leaves which will disappoint him because he sees every one as an individual treasure. He is eating well and the vet said I was over-feeding him. We are dropping down to three times a day plus chicken bits for training. He sits immediately if he senses there are treats in the vicinity. He is making good eye contact with me. He is rambunctious with my schnauzer who has been very tolerant but not playful. She was away for the weekend but came back late Sunday. Out of an excess of caution, I initially kept her on dangling leash but Hank can’t resist pulling on the leash so they are both running free in our yard. He loves fetch and will return the ball four or five times before moving on [Read More]