Diva AussieDoodles



We’ve been waiting for this girl! If you thought Patches was a sweetheart, just wait till you meet Diva. Diva will melt your heart with her loving and happy go lucky attitude. Extremely loyal, gentle, and most of all intelligent. She is the go anywhere, do anything doggie. She goes on long truck rides with Natalie, Kris and the horses and she loves meeting new people, but sticks to her owners like a good dog should. Diva is 33lbs and we expect her puppies to be in that same size range.     Past Puppies Potty TrainingQ: Her behavior and potty training have both regressed some.  Lots of accidents in the kitchen even though I take her out a lot. We go on walks 3 or 4 times a day.  The problem with the bells is that she plays with them and plays tug of war with them, so then…
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Teddy the Black and Copper Phantom AussieDoodle

“Just thought I would let you know that Teddy is doing great. He had his vet check yesterday and weighed in at 8lbs 2oz. He eats well and has demonstrated that he know how to ring the bell to go outside even when it’s freezing cold. We love our little guy!” Teddy is a black and copper phantom aussiedoodle with a TON of copper. This little guy is going to be the cutest! Congrats to Jen and Kevin in Texas. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old 4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old  
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“Kona is beyond amazing!! We are so impressed on her behavior! I bet it’s been pretty stressful for her as we are going from family members houses to hotels. Even with all these new things and new people she’s doing great! She hasn’t showed any signs of being stressed like shaking or crying, we are very amazed by this.She’s eating, drinking, and going potty! She’s doing really good on going potty on the potty pad or telling us she wants out. Kona and I are bonding extremely well! She is such a sweet gentle girl. Shes had tons of exposures. She loves playing with little kids and doggies. She is just now finding her voice it’s so cute!” Kona is a Black and Copper Phantom AussieDoodle with lots of rich copper. She has cute little copper eye brows. Congrats to Noella and Janine in Arizona. 7 weeks old 6 weeks…
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“We’ve been home for about a hour and so far so good.  She’s precious and loves snuggles!” Mable, is a sweet little Black and Copper phantom AussieDoodle with exceptional copper markings. Congrats to Robert and Stephanie in Kentucky. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old 2 weeks old
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Phoebe is a sweet little black and copper phantom AussieDoodle. She is adorable. Congrats to Tamera in Oklahoma. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old 3 weeks old   2 weeks old
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black phantom aussiedoodle ruby-1


“Ruby is doing great! She’s doing very well with eye contact, sitting, recognizing her name, and “come”. We are still working on potty training, staying consistent. She’s not asking to go out, but getting to know her routine and taking her out every hours has helped reduce accidents!” Ruby is a black and copper phantom AussieDoodle Puppy. Her copper is going to be so rich!  Congrats to Erica and Larry in Michigan. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old  
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“Things have been really fun and great so far! He’s getting really good at holding it almost for the night (usually one break around 3/4am). Potty training has been manageable as well. He hasn’t had too many accidents and I am starting to pick up on cues he’s giving when he needs to go (although we have a potty pad out for times we miss them). He’s a pro at sitting and getting very good at eye contact as well 🙂 Puppy crazy time is REAL but also manageable! We also just went for our second vet visit and he did great.” Jojo is a blue merle AussieDoodle puppy with very rich copper. He will look a lot like Annie. Congrats to Kasey and Dave in Massachusetts. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old 5 weeks old 4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old
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