Considering an AwesomeDoodle – FAQ

/Considering an AwesomeDoodle - FAQ

Colors of AussieDoodles

Q. What colors of AussieDoodles do you offer and how long will I have to wait? A. If you are not picky about your size or color, your puppy may be born in just a month or two. Below are the colors we offer and typical wait times. For specific sizes or genders, the wait time could be a little longer. Click here to see if we have any available aussiedoodle puppies. (Black Tuxedo, Black bi-color, Black Tri , Black Phantom: 0-1 month) (Red or Chocolate Tuxedo, Red/Choco bi Color, Red/Choco Tricolor 0-2 months) (Red Merle: 1-3 months) (Blue Merle: 1-4 months) **Some Rare Puppies may take 1-2 years**


AussieDoodle Delivery Options FAQ

Q. What are my options for getting my new puppy? A. 1. We will meet you within one hour drive from our home for no charge. 2. You can fly to the closest airport, and we will deliver the puppy to you at the airport at no charge. 3. Use our puppy nanny service to deliver your puppy to your closest major airport. Fees vary, but usually around $450 Q.  Can you keep my puppy longer than 9 weeks old? A.  Occasionally (not guaranteed), we can arrange for an "extended stay" if you can't pick your puppy up by 9 weeks of age.  The charge is $25/day after 9 weeks, and must be approved BEFORE you commit to a puppy.  While these extra days can sometimes be arranged, we strongly encourage you to pick up your puppy by 9 weeks of age.  Being the "last man standing" can be difficult for puppies.  They get lonely without their litter mates.  8-12 weeks is also the most crucial time for socializing your puppy, so you won't want to miss out on any opportunities during that time. Q.  If I fly to pick up my puppy, will you meet me at the airport, [...]


How to choose a breeder

Barbara from "DreamyDoodles" with one of her girls. Barbara is the "Queen" of doodles, and has a passion for making the prettiest, most healthy, puppies you can find. I HIGHLY recommend her puppies. What determines if a breeder is "responsible" or "reputable?" The Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club states that responsible breeders should raise their animals with the intent to produce healthy dogs, and to ensure that all animals are provided responsible homes and socialization.  
Would you consider a dog who lives in a “kennel” as a socialized dog?  Would you consider a barn or kennel, the same thing as a home?  While the "dog house" may be humane, clean, and satisfactory, we don’t consider it a HOME. What is a puppy farm? When people hear the word “Puppy Farm” they instantly think, “inhumane conditions, poor puppy health” etc.  However, this isn’t usually the case.  Especially with Aussies and AussieDoodles, most breeders keep clean and healthy conditions for their dogs.  But in the end, these breeders are still considered a “puppy farm".  They are breeding dogs, with the intention of selling puppies, and after these dogs are too old to have puppies, these un-socialized, sometimes isolated [...]


About the AussieDoodle

AussieDoodles are typically known as the "Einstein" of dogs. This makes them incredibly easy to train, and they learn what you want very quickly. One might argue that poodles and border collies are smarter but I disagree. They tend to learn human phrases, such as, "go ahead", "back up", "get in your crate" within the first few months. With a little effort, these dogs can be trick dogs, agility dogs, therapy or comfort dogs. They don't typically make great "service" dogs, since they are always so happy to see strangers. I always feel sorry when I see the golden retriever with the "DO NOT PET" sign on his back. We can't speak for ALL AussieDoodles, as they are not all equal, however we can speak to AwesomeDoodles. AwesomeDoodles are known to be "happy go lucky" dogs who can do anything. They are Jogging partners, surf-boarders, hikers, doggie disc stars, swimmers, fetchers, trick dogs... the list goes on and on. If you can dream it, these dogs can do it. Are AwesomeDoodles for everyone? Absolutely not. They are not usually high energy dogs, but they can be high maintenance, due to their intelligence. Click here to read an article to see if [...]


Where can I find a GOOD AussieDoodle, now?

AwesomeDoodle rarely has AussieDoodle puppies "Available". Our puppies are not born homeless; and they are selected at 1 week old. If we do have one available, you will see it below. Sometimes when we set our mind to something, we want it right now! Who wants to wait months for a new puppy?  Who wants to give a deposit and get on a wait list, for a dog they have not even seen yet?  Be it AwesomeDoodle or another breeder, if you want a good dog, it is a MUST to place a deposit, and then wait until it is your turn to pick an Aussie Doodle Puppy when puppies are born. If you find a breeder with "available" puppies, those puppies are usually homeless for a REASON. Most of our deposits are received 2-6 months in advance.  Sometimes longer if you are very picky about gender and color.  At AwesomeDoodle, EVERY DEPOSIT is 100% refundable for any reason, up until the time you pick your puppy. We would never want to pressure someone into getting a dog, if they change their mind. It's a big decision, and you should be 100% confident when your pick your puppy. Many times [...]


Where are you located?

Where is AwesomeDoodle? Our home base is in Louisville, KY, and we have partners who raise mini AussieDoodle Puppies in several locations all across the US. So far our partners live in Searcy, AR, Atlanta, GA, Columbus, OH, Akron, OH, Dallas, TX, Tulsa, OK, Nashville, TN, and Ocala, FL. You are welcome to pick up your puppy from any of the locations. We do NOT want you to feel like you must limit your choice of puppy based on location. We never know what mother nature might bring with each litter. As a result, limiting yourself to one location can significantly increase your wait time, especially if you're specific about color/size/gender. What if you live in New York and your perfect puppy is born in Florida? You should get the puppy you want! If your perfect pup is located too far for driving, don't worry, you have options. While many of our puppies ride home on airplanes under the seat with their owner, other puppies fly to their new homes with our "puppy nanny".  Finally, some puppies are shipped on non stop flights only.  Click here for more info on puppy nannys and shipping.  Sorry, we will not ship a puppy out of the [...]


AussieDoodles vs other *Doodles

If you're already researching Australian Shepherds, then you probably already know how loyal and smart they are. AussieDoodles are known as the "Einstein" of dog breeds. Why is that? Australian shepherds and poodles are some of the smartest dog breeds out there. Golden retrievers and Labradors are smart too, but what sets the AussieDoodle apart from LabraDoodles and GoldenDoodles, is the loyalty characteristic in the Aussie. Below are a few things to consider (these are simply my opinions), remember, 90% of your dog's personality will come from the way you shape it's behavior and socialize it. Winnie, the AwesomeDoodle lies with her best friend AussieDoodle highlights: *Typically able to walk with you OFF LEASH in several different environments after one year of age *Incredibly affectionate *Wider variety of colors *Easier to recall an AussieDoodle back to you, especially in a time of danger *Incredibly easy to train, because of their attentiveness to their owner *Best at Agility and Frisbee *AussieDoodles are more interested in YOU, than the neighbor's cat *Due to their extreme smarts, AussieDoodles are usually more needy of your attention and need more exercise "Lilly," the DreamyDoodles GoldenDoodle GoldenDoodle / LabraDoodle highlights: *A little [...]


Picking a puppy: temperament vs. personality vs. behavior

What is the difference between AussieDoodle temperament, personality, and behavior? When do dogs start showing their personality? Below you will find definitions of each. You will also find information on how these three factors bleed into each other, as well as some tips on how you can shape the perfect dog. Temperament: "a person's or animal's nature, especially as it permanently affects their behavior." The temperament of your dog is controlled by it's genes. When I say, "poodles are very smart dogs," or "Australian Shepherds love to swim," these are descriptions of a dog's temperament. Keep in mind, this is not the "rule" for dogs. For example, you may have an Aussie that will NOT get in the water, despite your attempts to acclimate it to your pool. In most cases, this is because you didn't introduce the dog to water until it was over 6 months old. Another good example or "temperament" is that some dogs like to "hunt." It is their instinct to follow a scent trail. On a side note, this is another reason I like AussieDoodles over Labradoodles. Aussies have a much lower "hunting" temperament, so they are usually more reliable off leash than Labradoodles. Behavior: "the way in [...]


AwesomeDoodle AussieDoodle Sizes

We raise all sizes of AussieDoodle Puppies. As puppies are born, if your name comes up in our pick list, and you don't want that size dog, you're welcome to wait until the perfect sized dog is ready. We will keep your name on the list and you won't lose your pick spot. We have lots of different sizes, from Toy all the way to standard size. The majority of our puppies are in the "mini" size, so please note that Toy or Standard sizes may be a little longer wait time. While some breeders misquote the expected size of their puppies, we estimate the full grown size of your puppy, based on the weights of mom and dad. You'll hear lots of different opinions on sizing, and while every dog is an individual, here are our general guideline for our dogs, based on our experience: Standard (45+lbs) Pros: Larger dogs tend to mature a little quicker, at around 1 year old. Larger dogs tend to be the most intelligent; the type of dog that can read your mind and learn hundreds of phrases. They also are usually the quickest to potty train. Cons: Large dogs take up a lot [...]


Is an AussieDoodle right for me?

Our AussieDoodles are smart, happy go lucky dogs.  They love EVERYONE!  They are very low shedding, low allergenic dogs.  That said, the are NOT fit for every family.  We rarely send puppies home to homes where adults work out of the house, or families in apartments.  AussieDoodles, especially ours, are incredibly smart dogs.  They are NOT HAPPY, sitting around for 8 hours, waiting for their master to come home.  They are too smart to sit there with nothing to do.  Just like a child, AussieDoodles can develop behavior problems, if they are not engaged in human interaction, and not exercised several times a day.  You should be realistic with yourself, and ensure you can make this commitment to such a smart and high energy dog.  If you're more the "couch potato" type, you should choose a different breed, or a cat :-) Here are a few reasons you should get an AussieDoodle: 1.   AussieDoodles shed less, sometimes not at all. 2.  AussieDoodles are better for people with mild allergies. 3.  AussieDoodles are incredibly smart and easy to train. By 4 months old, they will already know several phrases, like "let's get in the car," and "time for bed," and "let's go [...]


Are AussieDoodles Hypoallergenic?

While no dogs are 100% Hypoallergenic, poodles are known to be one of the most tolerable dogs for people with allergies.  Short haired dogs are usually the worst, while long haired dogs are known to be better.  To date, no family has ever returned one of our F1 AussieDoodles due to allergies. We have sent dozens of puppies home to families who report they have "mild allergies", and they report no reaction to our F1 AussieDoodles. That said, no one could ever guarantee you won't have an allergic reaction to an AussieDoodle (or even a poodle). If you have severe allergies and really want an AussieDoodle, we would suggest getting an F1B AussieDoodle, or spending some time with a F1 AussieDoodle (if you can find one) and seeing if you have a reaction. When two humans have a child, sometimes the child looks like mom, and sometimes like dad, and sometimes both.  With dogs, it is the same way.  In summary, there is no exact answer to this question, because it depends on the severity of the allergies. AwesomeDoodle only raises pure F1 or F1b AussieDoodles, so you can be assured you will have a true AussieDoodle, with no [...]