Where can I find a GOOD AussieDoodle, now?

AwesomeDoodle rarely has AussieDoodle puppies "Available". Our puppies are not born homeless; and they are selected at 1 week old. If we do have one available, you will see it below. Sometimes when we set our mind to something, we want it right now! Who wants to wait months for a new puppy?  Who wants to give a deposit and get on a wait list, for a dog they have not even seen yet?  Be it AwesomeDoodle or another breeder, if you want a good dog, it is a MUST to place a deposit, and then wait until it is your turn to pick an Aussie Doodle Puppy when puppies are born. If you find a breeder with "available" puppies, those puppies are usually homeless for a REASON. Most of our deposits are received 2-6 months in advance.  Sometimes longer if you are very picky about gender and color.  At AwesomeDoodle, EVERY DEPOSIT is 100% refundable for any reason, up until the time you pick your puppy. We would never want to pressure someone into getting a dog, if they change their mind. It's a big decision, and you should be 100% confident when your pick your puppy. Many times [...]