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Introducing your puppy to the crate

When you get your little one home, it’s time for you to continue the crate training.  One thing to remember, our dogs are a little more “high maintenance” than most.  Since we smother them with love and human touch from day one, they develop a connection with humans.  This, combined with the already “velcro” nature of the sire and dam, creates a dog that wants to be by your side 24/7. They are definitely not the type of dog that is happy in a room by themselves, or shut outside alone.  But they SHOULD learn to love their crate.  When [...]


Minimizing excitement when you get home

Have you ever seen a dog who is overly excited when it's owner gets home? Jumping, barking, and being rambunctious? This behavior is annoying but is common with dogs. Learn how to curb this behavior in this article.


Collar and Leash Introduction

How to introduce your puppy to the collar and leash. If not done properly, you could spook your dog into NOT wanting to get it's leash on and then you'll be chasing it around the house every time you want to go for a walk.


Come when called

Come when called is arguably the most important skill every owner should teach their dog. You should be able to bring your dog back to you from unwanted behavior, people, other dogs and a dangerous situations. When you call your dog it should come all the way to you. To help reinforce the behavior of coming when called, we start by training with treats. This can also help your dog learn its name. Remember to keep your voice cheery and not to scold your dog for not coming. If he's not responding to 'come + name' you can mix things up 'here boy' and a whistle and when your pet finally comes happily reward him with a treat and praise!



DOWN is NOT a natural action for dogs. It is a submissive action and requires thought on their part. In all our training, we want to encourage our dogs to THINK for themselves. We want them to CHOOSE the behavior and then we reward. DOWN is also a different command than OFF. Use DOWN when teaching your dog to lay down. Use OFF when asking your dog to get off the furniture or not jump on you. Your dog should already know SIT, EYE Contact, and NAME. As you read each of our training articles, you will see they all build on each other. And the same basic principles ALWAYS apply: Prep for training session, start with quiet environment with no distractions, and slowly introduce distractions, timing and consistency is KEY to success, and HAVE FUN with your dog.


Get in your place

Get in your place is a great way to teach your dog that you need space, and they don't need to be on top of you all the time. It helps with separation anxiety as well.