AwesomeDoodle helps you prepare for your puppy, helps you shape your puppy’s behavior, and socialize your puppy, once you get it.  Click on the topics below for her advice on how to get through some of these typical puppy problems.

My puppy annoys my older dog

Q: My new puppy is constantly trying to engage my older dog to play. He annoys my older dog to the point where my dog growls at puppy, and I try to supervise so nothing bad will happen. What should I do?

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Introducing your puppy to other pets in your home

Q: How should we introduce our new puppy to our older dog? A: I was nervous about how everything would work with introducing my two pups. Once you have a routine down, it's hard to imagine how adding another pup will shake everything up. Remember, all dogs are different, so you'll need to use your own judgement when you first introduce your adult dog to new puppy. The goal is to make it a good experience for puppy. If you spoke to five different trainers, they would probably tell you five different ways to introduce them. Here's our method:

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AussieDoodle’s Favorite Things

Q:  I'm so excited and getting ready for my pup to come home.  What kind of toys, treats and supplies are your favorite for AussieDoodles?

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Two AussieDoodles at the same time?

Q: What is your opinion/advice on raising two puppies at once? I've heard horror stories about behavioral issues that it may cause but I've also heard cases in which it didn't seem to make any difference at all.

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Boy vs. Girl Puppies

Q:  Should I get a girl or a boy? I've had my heart set on a girl pup, but I'm not sure I want to pass up a boy pup if I'm offered one.  Can you tell me the differences?

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Potty Training

Q: My pup was doing so well with potty training, but it seems she has regressed and is now having accidents again.  She has lots of accidents in the kitchen even though I take her out a lot. We go on walks 3 or 4 times a day.  The problem with the bells is that she plays with them and plays tug of war with them, so then I have to remove them and that doesn’t help either.  What else can I do?

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Puppy Biting

Q:  We are having a huge issue with biting and jumping.  I have worked so hard with her trying to distract her with toys (that rarely works), time outs (I leave the space), reward her when she sits down.  And it is not just puppy crazy time. It is all of the time, except when she’s sleeping.  What else can I do?

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Q:  She’s definitely a bundle of energy which has brought some challenges! She REALLY likes to dig and eat up all my plants.  We are trying to distract her with other toys or move to other rooms to play when she starts to fixate on something (ie plants outside or piece of furniture.  Let me know if I should try anything else.


Nighttime Crating

Q: Crate training has been a little more difficult (especially at night), but we are hoping that as he becomes a little more comfortable in the house and gains even more trust, it will get easier.  Any tips?

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Separation Anxiety

Q: We could use some advice...we are having what I think is a big separation anxiety issue. At first I thought it was a crate training issue because other than sleeping at night, he doesn’t spend time in his crate. He prefers to lay on his bed or lay on the floor near whoever is in the room. Granted, he doesn’t have to go in his crate often because someone is usually home - especially over the summer. Now that everyone is back to school, there are times I need to put him in his crate - just long enough to go to the gym or run a few errands. The funny thing is, he goes in his crate willingly, but than barks like crazy until someone returns. I return to find his chin and front paws soaked in saliva - every single time. He then drinks a bowl of water and takes a nice long nap, right near wherever I am. We’ve concluded he just doesn’t like the idea of being alone. I worry that he’s going to hurt himself trying to get out of the crate. Is this a problem we can fix?

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