Auna AussieDoodles



Auna is 16-18lbs. We she makes some of our more calm, small, and lovable AussieDoodles. If her puppies are anything like her, they will melt hearts.   Past Puppies Potty TrainingQ: Her behavior and potty training have both regressed some.  Lots of accidents in the kitchen even though I take her out a lot. We go on walks 3 or 4 times a day.  The problem with the bells is that she plays with them and plays tug of war with them, so then I have to remove them and that doesn’t help either.  What else can I do? A: Phases with training and potty accidents are normal. Are you taking her out every 30-45 minutes?  It is tiresome, but that is the best way to limit accidents and build her confidence where to go.  If she’s asleep, let her sleep, but out she goes the second she …Click to see…
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“Needless to say we love Lola. She is doing quite well sleeping at night, crate naps and crate potty training. Of course, potty training is hit or miss. She is still getting to know us and we’ve probably have not seen her full personality yet. 😉 Lola loves to fetch the Frisbee! She usually brings it right back, but doesn’t want to give it up, believe it or not!”   Lola is a rare red sable merle AussieDoodle puppy with lots of white on her chest. Look at her white paws. Super cute. She should have some nice dark fur around her eyes when she matures. Congrats to Tammy and Mark on this lil sweetie. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old   9 days old   4 days old      
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“Rusti has adjusted extremely well & a lot quicker than we thought she would!!  She has the “Go Potty” down Perfectly & has only had 2-  #2 accidents in the house.  She responds pretty good to “Rusti Come” even when she is distracted by blowing leaves 🙂 She goes & naps on her own in her crates & is still sleeping 7 to 7-1/2 hours at night:)  (Makes her Momma really happy!)  She also goes into her crate with the command “Get in your crate” & with no whimpering when I close & lock the door. She is eating her puppy “kibble’ very regularly now about 3-4 times a day & now will eat on a plate:) instead of the floor. Rusti attended our son’s baby shower on Saturday 🙂 & had PERFECT MANNERS!!  Lots of different people & children – we were very Proud of her!!  She also accompanied…
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Ginger is a Red sable merle with two different shades in her merling and a white heart on her chest. What a doll. She has a little white on her chest. Her main color should look like her mom when she grows up. Congrats to Charlotte and Jim on this sweet girl. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old   3 weeks old   2 weeks old   9 days old     4 days old  
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“Stevie is doing so great! We are already madly in love. Since the first night we brought her home, we started crate training. I’m proud to say last night she only woke up once to pee! She’s had very few accidents in the house and loves all the adventures we take her on. She is great at sitting and making eye contact. We take her with us a lot and get strangers to give her treats (which is not hard because everyone wants to pet her). We are working to get the biting under control by keeping her busy with toys. Puppy crazy time is no joke!! We had our vet visit and she is in perfect health! We are taking her to our family’s home this weekend to meet their Australian shepherd. Star is a big puppy but I think she will do great.  She is the sweetest, most…
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Kevin is a red sable male AussieDoodle Puppy. Look at those bold colors. He will look a little like Fitz. What a handsome boy. Congrats to Wendell and Bob. We’re in love with this little (big) boy. 7 weeks old 6 weeks old   5 weeks old   4 weeks old     3 weeks old   2 weeks old   9 days old   4 days old    
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