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Annie Annie is the daughter of TaterTot. Look at that face! She is a large mini / small standard, around 45lbs. She has completely clear DNA health testing. Annie is an exceptional dog, raised by Natalie herself. I (Tom) have had the opportunity to spend a good amount of time with Annie, both in Texas, and in Kentucky. I absolutely love her. Why do I love her so much? She's fun, but not too much energy. She's well behaved and doesn't jump on me. She welcomes strangers and isn't fighting for attention with the other dogs. She hangs back [...]



Penny is a beautiful blue merle aussiedoodle girl. She has bright copper markings on her legs and face that will continue to get brighter as she grows. She even has a cute little white chin. We love this little girl! We think she will look like her sister Nika as she gets fluffier. Congratulations to Alys and Trevor in Georgia.



Ziggy is a handsome blue merle aussiedoodle boy. He has bright copper markings on his face and legs that will get more vibrant as he gets fluffy.  He has a cute white patch on his chest too. He's perfect!  We think he will look like his sister Nika as he gets older. Congratulations to Bernard and Rachel in California.


Tater Tot

Tater Tot is a beautiful black phantom female aussiedoodle. Her copper markings are already so vibrant - wow! We can't wait to see how bright they are as she grows. We think she will look like her brother Gunnar or her sister Tito as she gets older. Congrats to Cathy in Oregon!



Stella is a gorgeous black phantom female aussiedoodle. She has adorable white patches on her chin and chest and vibrant copper her face and legs. So cute! We think she will look like her sister Mocha as she gets fluffy. Congrats to Ann & Ken in Texas!



"Tito loves everyone and everything. She is first into every adventure." Victoria is a black phantom female AussieDoodle with intense copper.  Congratulations to Karen and Earl in Texas.



"We couldn’t be happier with our Tripp!  He went to the ballpark tonight to watch another granddaughter play softball. He was a “HIT”!  Everyone loved him." Tripp is a black phantom male AussieDoodle with intense copper. Congratulations to Marianne and Jimmy in Texas.



"Eddie is doing great and we just love having him! " Eddie is a blue merle male aussiedoodle with intense copper, eye mask like moma, and a little white. Congratulations to Andrea in Maryland.


Mocha Black Phantom AussiePoo

"We are loving having Mocha!  She is very sweet and affectionate.  She really loves being outside, even in the freezing New England weather.  " Mocha is a black phantom female AussieDoodle with intense copper and nice white chest. WOW! We've never had one like her. This copper will be super bright as she grows. Congratulations to Iris and her family in Massachusetts.



"We're completely in love with Nika." Nika is a blue merle female AussieDoodle with intense copper, eye mask like moma, and a little white. Congratulations to Priti and Robert in California.


Kinley : June 2018 ADOTM

Kinley is a true lover boy. He knows no stranger and thinks every dog/cat wants to be his pal. He is kind, sweet and smart. In the evening he thinks he is a lap dog. Kinley loves to go for car rides, even if it doesn’t mean he gets to go somewhere fun. He loves to go hiking. He is pretty much happy doing whatever we are doing. He seems to know when to ‘hang out and be chill’, or run around the back yard with my youngest son. He loves to hike and explore the mountains. He rolls around on the tundra and growls at nothing. :) He is a goofy, happy, sweet boy! We couldn’t love him any more. Congratulations to Linda in Alaska.



Twix is a blue merle male AussieDoodle with intense copper, eye mask like moma, and a little white.  Congratulations to Sean and Jenny in Georgia.



"We really enjoyed meeting Natalie when we picked Dash up today — and we got to meet Annie (who is such a dream dog), plus Tater Tot and Libby!! It was really fun to see them in person. Annie jumped in our first family photo...such a doll. And I even managed to get an accidental pic of Annie and Dash “saying goodbye.”  Dash is amazing!!! Very sweet and cuddly. Had some “crazy puppy time” earlier and we all got a kick out of him. Poor guy got a little carsick on the way home, but otherwise did great. Our kids were completely shocked — and he warmed up to them quickly. Our big dog Penny finds him very interesting  and is getting lots of sniffs in.  He’s stuck to us like glue right now — and we love it! " Dash is a blue merle male AussieDoodle with intense copper, half eye mask like moma, and a little white. Congratulations to Christine and Mark in Texas.


Gunnar Black Phantom AussieDoodle

"Hi! Can i tell you, once again, what a good little boy this is! You guys did a great job with the puppies. Love, love, love this sweet boy. And Gus loves him too! Thank you!!!" Gunnar is a black phantom male AussieDoodle.  Congratulations to Patty in Michigan.



Ausker is a blue merle male AussieDoodle with intense copper, and a half eye mask like mama.  Congratulations to Leighann and Justin in Texas.