Adult AussieDoodle Photos


Penelope: August 2017 D.O.T.M.

“Couldn’t be happier with her disposition….sweet, loving, playful, busy but not too much….she’s just a happy dog and she is soooo adorable. Haven’t really figured out what color she is/will be….I’d call her red with interesting brown undertones and white undercoat.  Cutest face ever!  I’d get another one from her parents in a heartbeat!”   Michele E. – Biloxi, MS Congrats to Dave and Michele on this beautiful girl!
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“He’s the chillest dog. I think socializing him as much as we did at the beginning made a HUGE difference. And now the biting and jumping and barking stopped he’s a dream boat. So loving and sweet. He is a HIT everywhere we go. We get stopped at least 10 times a day no joke. It’s wild. He had his first doggy sleepover this weekend. He’s depressed she’s gone today.   And he’s mastered the bells. I honestly Gave up on them and one day he rang it, I was so excited and now it’s every time he needs to go out. It has made my life so much easier.” Merlin is a classic Winnie blue merle boy with white back feet and his front feet are half white. Lots of white on his chest and big dark bold markings. He is one beautiful boy. Congrats to Whitney and Fransisco…
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RemDog: Nov 2017 D.O.T.M.

“Remy is very honored to be AwesomeDoodle of the Month! He is a pretty great doodle, but I am biased. Here are some Remy updates: Likes — Sojos puppy treats, of-leash hikes (hikes in general and being off leash in general also..), other Aussies (he has a special bond with them), morning snuggles, belly rubs, the snow and catching snowballs, running with friends or after a ball at the dog park, giving kisses (he is a compulsive licker..), licking the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, learning new tricks (we are currently working on “give me a hug” where he puts his paws on my shoulders and rests his chin on one), jumping on everyone and everything (this is definitely a hard behavior to control, he’s like a little spring), chew toys (i give him a chew every evening because it really helps calm him down and get ready for bed!)…
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Kinzie the soon to be famous AussieDoodle

“She’s the most adorable puppy I’ve ever seen.” Says Courtney. Kinzie is a high contrast Blue merle female AussieDoodle Puppy. She has black splashes everywhere, plus two different shades of silver. Look at this doll! Congrats to AwesomeDoodle’s own Courtney!
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“Things are great with Leo. He’s relaxed and gotten more energetic, playing harder, sleeping better (first few nights predictably rough), and having so much fun exploring his new place. He’s SO SMART – already sort of ringing bell to go out some of the time, knows where to go, is coming when called, sitting calmly once he arrives (sometimes after some jumping around of course) knowing he’ll be rewarded, and starting to play fetch.”   Leo has it all. Blue merle boy with striking markings and copper all over him. Congrats to Kim S and family.
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“We LOVE Brandy. Very, very smart. Training going well. Brandy is the sweetest, loving, gentle dog. She and our Goldendoodle get along famously. She loves everyone and even other dogs that come for a visit! She weighs 34.3 lbs at 6 months old She’s 21 inches tall from floor to top of shoulders.” Brandy is a red tricolor AussieDoodle. She is the very first red tricolor we have ever had and we are so proud! Congrats to Pam and John S. She will be very loved.
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Tucker is a Black Tri-color. “Tri” means he is black, white and gold / copper. His copper markings will get a little more prominent as he grows. It is rare for us to have tri-colors with this much copper on them; we love them. Congratulations to Griffin, Kendall, and Family!
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“We cannot imagine our day to day lives without Hurley we love him dearly!!” Congrats to Stephanie, John, Sophie and Lillian!
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Maverick is an blue merle AussieDoodle, WITH COPPER black on his face and legs. Congrats to Alexander and Logan, they have been waiting a long time for this sweetie.
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“We are so so happy with him.  He’s doing really well. He met both families and he’s soooo well behaved!” Stout is a gorgeous, blue merle mini aussiedoodle puppy. He’s got a striking coat with handsome, high-contrast black and white markings. Check out that black and white sock! Congrats to Dominic C and family.
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“The first couple of days were a bit of a learning curve, but thanks to the videos and plenty of chew toys we’re on track. 😉 He’s resting just near me in his puppy bed. We were just outside running around. He just loves exploring our yard. He’s doing well. :)” Logan is a super sweet, black and white tuxedo mini AussieDoodle puppy. He’s got adorable, tiny white markings on his chin, chest, and paws! Congrats to Bailey and family!
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“She’s an ace at sitting and waiting her turn for treats on her first day home! She’s really doing great. She waits her turn and she stays sitting the whole time now, even while the other dogs are getting their treats and jumping around.” Juno is a blue merle and she looks (and acts) a lot like a puppy named Thunda, from our previous litter. She is very outgoing and doesn’t know the word “SHY”. She is a tiny bit bigger than the rest of her litter. We expect the litter to end up in the 30-40lb range, and she may be in the 35-40lb range. Not only is she the most outgoing, she is quite demanding of our attention already. She likes to be doing SOMETHING or being loved on, all the time. She has an amazing fluffy coat and we expect her to be VERY low shedding. Congrats…
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Riley: The Sable AussieDoodle Puppy

“We are having a great time with Riley! She was so good in the car on the ride home and is learning our routines at home. She saw our vet on Monday and he said she looks great!  She slept 5 hours on Tuesday night and 7 hours last night!  Riley is great at sitting and she knows she has to sit and wait to come inside or eat. We’re working on ‘stay’ but that is harder!  She’s very mouthy but we’re working on distraction and ignoring the behavior.  The boys are learning that if they stop moving (hands, feet) she stops nipping.  She’s got the bells down for potty training but she also likes to just play with them!   She is just a joy and we’re so happy she’s home!” Congrats to Liz and family.
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Keeper: the blue merle, aussiedoodle puppy

Keeper is an incredibly marked blue merle with lots of copper. Just look at him; the photos say it all! We can’t wait to see how he matures. Congrats to Anne Marie and family.
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Tucker: Red merle aussiedoodle

“Tucker is doing great. He is so smart – already going up and down stairs, easily finds his way home, sits for food and to go outside. He is so fun and engaging; curious about everything but mostly, his pure love of people draws everyone in. He treats everyone like his new best friend. What a gift! If there is a more perfect dog somewhere, you’d have to convince me. Thanks to you and your family for your tremendous care of him!” Congrats to Steve and Brenda W.!
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Evie: the red merle aussiedoodle

“Little Evie is doing great! Her potty training is going well – we’ve had a few accidents when it’s raining outside, but for the most part she’s great! She’s a doll and we can’t get enough of her! Our Goldendoodle has formed a special bond with her; she’s the best babysitter! She’s used to her crate- even puts herself to bed some nights around 9:45! She has mastered sitting and down. She comes when called when I have treats! We are using the bell system and teaching her to have her feet cleaned after going out! Our Golden lifts her paws for them to be cleaned- When we first started this with Evie she didn’t like it one bit. Now, she allows me to clean her paws and even allows me to clip her toenails without throwing a fit! I will be contacting a trainer soon to  help with excitement when…
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Bentley: the black tuxedo mini Aussiedoodle puppy

“Bentley is AMAZING.  He took right to our girls and family.  He did not have an accident the entire car ride. Made it home and we took him in the yard and he did his business. He played with us in the yard for a while and relaxed with us for a bit in the evening. Only 1 small accident  (and it is my fault bc I took my eyes off him while getting ready to take him out). He is an AMAZING dog and we are lucky to have him in our family. I will be sure to read ALL of these tips and appreciate any advice you may have.   The trainer is scheduled to come tomorrow. We are absolutely in love!” Congrats to Justine and Family in Connecticut on this cutie.
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Bluez: the blue merle mini AussieDoodle Puppy

“He is a super good boy! Almost potty trained, sleeps from 10 or 10:30 to 7:00-7:30 without getting up and no accidents in his crate, can sit, stay, come, fetch, drop, and touch! Couldn’t ask for a better dog, although he is definitely a puppy! We have spent a ton of time working with him these past three weeks, but it’s paying off!” Congrats to Tracy and Phil in Indiana.
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Remi: Red merle mini aussiedoodle puppy

“He is doing great! The whole family is in awe of him. He has never cried at night from day one. He goes right in the crate as long as he can see me and right to sleep. The bells on the door are working well, he rang yesterday probably 75% of the time. We had company last night and they couldn’t believe it. Remi loves everyone he meets. He was sitting and making eye contact by his third day with us. I use that when I need crazy puppy to stop. Lol I could go on all day…. I still can’t believe he’s ours!” Gloria Remi is the famous red merle puppy who has defeated all odds! Congrats to Gloria and her husband, who were so lucky to get this handsome guy.
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Coco, Female Toy Size Red Merle AussieDoodle

Coco is going home to Ausin Texas, to live with her sister, Pepper. Congrats to Mindy and Tom. This is their second AwesomeDoodle.
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Oscar: Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

“I think he loves his life, and we love him. There were a lot of other dogs and people on the beach. He met an aussie named Duke who was also 5 months old, a golden lab, a golden retriever, a black lab bull terrier mix named Riley, two Yorkies, and tons of people that stopped to say hello. What’s even better, he’s such a good boy and is doing so well with our ability to trust his listening and training, that he was able to go off leash and play ball and Frisbee for a while, and walk with us with other people and dogs around. He also got to come with us to dinner, we all sat out on the patio at Sam’s Chowder House in Half Moon Bay and he got to enjoy organic chicken breast as a special treat while we had a nice ocean side…
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Blue Merle AussieDoodle Puppy Ned

Congrats to Don, Christy, and family in Florida. This is their second AwesomeDoodle. Their first is Tilly. Thanks so much and congrats on your new boy.
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Mika: Blue Merle AussieDoodle

Mika, the gorgeous Blue Merle Mini AussieDoodle puppy, heading to her new home in Georgia.
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Aria the Sweet and Petite AussieDoodle

“She was perfection from beginning to end of trip home. Tolerated plane and auto travel like a pro! She does really well in her carrier, which I use to take her in the car at this point because she is too small for her harness and car seat.  She would be content to have me carry her around most of the day… She does her business outside well, squats immediately after I say”go potty”. She does love people. Her little tail wags like crazy when she meets someone new. I have taken to calling her my “chocolate cream puff”. As I was going upstairs the next day all of the sudden this little puff ball is hopping along side of me like stairs we no big deal. She may be small but she is fast!!. I think she may be an agility dog.”   “I preferred to pick up my…
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Rosie: Red Tuxedo AussieDoodle Puppy

Hello Awesome doodlers: Rosie Doodle came into her new home just two weeks ago. I am so grateful for all the help, support, suggestions and love that came in the Rosie package. You helped me out so much to prepare and make this transition as easy as possible. From picking me up at the airport, to providing food and treats (I arrived with only an empty dog carrier and water bowl), to including her smelly blue towel that reminds her of home. She is simply an amazing pup. She rings the door bells to go outside, she sits for treats, she plays fetch and she has charmed our old, grouchy, part-chow rescue dog into being her new best friend. These are all things she learned from being raised by YOU. All this goodness arrived in the little fur ball that I picked up in KY two weeks ago!! She is…
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Max The Therapy Dog AussieDoodle

“We love our Max! He is smart, loving, FULL of energy and so cute. Max has 2 speeds:  0 or 100.  At 11 weeks there is nothing in between.  He is doing great on his leash and loves playing in the backyard. He also likes coming to work with me; the staff at my office adore him.  He sits and lays down on command, and is getting better at fetch all the time. We can’t wait to continue to challenge him and to see what he will learn next. He has an important job in front of him — bringing love and comfort to hospice patients.  Thank you, Awesomedoodle, for giving Max such a great start!”
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Ruby: AwesomeDoodle was the ONLY choice

There is no real way to prepare oneself for a puppy when you haven’t had one in over 20 years, but you and Larissa came as close as one could come.  After much research and great ado, AwesomeDoodles was the ONLY choice for the Hamlin family. Your videos, facetime, phone calls, and emails were reassuring and necessary as we were bringing baby home to an 8 year old black lab rescue who doesn’t love all doggies. I am grateful for Barbara at Dreamy Doodles for recommending you so highly.   I am not sure we would have pulled the trigger and given my kids the puppy experience all children should have if it weren’t for the special attention and your kind willingness to get to know our little family and its idiosyncrasies.  It is quite clear that you breed Winnie because you adore her and the disposition she has and…
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