sheepadoodle puppyAwesomeDoodle is now offering SheepaDoodles.

The BIG (and fluffy) announcement is here. We’re not kidding when we say BIG!

How did this happen? When we started the AwesomeDoodle group, we were focused on AussieDoodles, but the original plan was to do other kinds of doodles as well. We have been asked about SheepaDoodles often, but up until now, we wanted to focus on perfecting our policies, and our AussieDoodle skills.

Now is the time to expand, and there’s no better choice than SheepaDoodles.

At this time we have two partners who will be raising SheepaDoodles with us. Tammy and Britt. So far, two litters of Sheepadoodles have already gone home and puppy owners are smitten with their demeanor. Look at these links to see their puppies:

SheepaDoodle FAQ

What’s the temperament of a SheepaDoodle?

Our SheepaDoodles are only F1, which means they are 1/2 poodle, so obviously, they are still very intelligent and share half the characteristics of our AussieDoodles. But in general, the main difference, (besides being bigger) they are a little less maintenance, a little more “laid back”, and a little more happy go lucky.

Like Aussies, Old English Sheepdogs don’t want to be left alone, but are  more capable of being independent. They are known to be not as “intense” as an Aussie, very little barking, overall healthy dogs, and while playful, less energy than AussieDoodles. They make great family pets. Old English Sheepdogs can be a little “Stubborn”, so extra attention to puppy recalls are encouraged when your SheepaDoodle is little.

Old English Sheepdogs shed very little, so combined with a poodle, they are nearly zero shedding.

I’m on the list! Can I sign up for a SheepaDoodle too?

Yup. Go to your profile and check the “Which Doodle” checkbox for SheepaDoodle,  AussieDoodle, or both. For SheepaDoodles, there are no color or size choices. If you don’t answer this option, we will only offer you an AussieDoodle.

Is there a separate waiting list for SheepaDoodles?

NOPE! If you’re already signed up to get an AussieDoodle, you still hold your original position on our master wait list. No one who signed up after you, will get to pick any puppy, including a sheepadoodle before you. If you’re on our list, and you’re the first one to tell us you want a SheepaDoodle, we will still offer them in order of sign up date.

If you’re not signed up yet and you ONLY want to sign up for a SheepaDoodle, the process is the same. Just let us know in your profile that you only want a sheepadoodle and we won’t offer you any other breed.

Is the health guarantee the same? Do you health test your Sheepdogs?

Yes, yes, yes. Nothing about our policies will change with the way we raise and support sheepadoodles. While our Website and VIP articles are geared around AussieDoodles, they are still applicable to any *Doodle. SheepaDoodles are known to live healthy lives of 12-15 years.

Do I get AwesomeDoodle’s VIP membership and lifetime support with a SheepaDoodle?


When will I be offered a SheepaDoodle?

As of now, July 20th, we currently have availability for anyone who signed up by July 20th.

The pick process for SheepaDoodles is the same for our AussieDoodles. Keep an eye on your email; we will give you a 48 hour “opt in” email litter announcement before we offer, so you can decide if you want a pick a puppy from that litter or not.

We’re excited for you to get your new puppy. Thank you for choosing AwesomeDoodle.