I have a passion for AussieDoodles because they are the perfect combination of the intelligence and loyalty of the Australian Shepherd, plus the intelligence and happy go lucky attitude of the poodle.

I only have two girls, Poochie and Winnie. They will stay with me forever. I have a few other guardian dogs (who live in their forever homes) and they come to my home to have their AussieDoodle puppies.

I raise my puppies in my office where I spend  lot of time. Like all AwesomeDoodle Puppies, after 5 weeks old, they get to roam my kitchen, just like they were my own forever dogs. This makes your puppy well rounded and gives it great start on socializing to all the home sounds.

See below to view all my dogs. I raise my AussieDoodles in Louisville, KY.






Their Furever Pets

  • Envy
    Envy is arguably the most beautiful addition to AwesomeDoodle’s incredible AussieDoodle moms. Envy’s Sire and Dam are both show Champions. Only one word can describe Envy: PERFECT. She is spectacular in every way. Envy is one of Tom’s Guardian dogs and she lives with Sugar Baby. Envy is like a little shadow and very loyal to her owners. She has no desire to run after distractions like other dogs or squirrels, and she is more interested in sticking with her humans. That said, she is not the “in your face” type of dog. Yes, she likes human touch and is affectionate, but she’s not demanding of affection and she is content to just sit a few feet away from you. Envy is not a high energy or high maintenance dog. She loves to fetch frizbees or balls, but only needs a moderate amount of exercise per day to remain satisfied. While I don’t consider any Aussie a “calm” dog, Envy is one of our most calm Aussies, so that trait may pass down to …
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  • Sugar Baby
    Sugar, Sugar Baby, Sugar Bear, we have lots of nicknames for her, but one thing is for certain: she has spunk and personality. Sugar Baby lives in her forever home with Jennifer and Aaron in Bloomington, Indiana. She’s what we call a “Guardian dog” just like Robin. Sugar lives with her Winnie X Ares AussieDoodle sister, named “Winnie Jr”. She has a fun life with Jennifer, Aaron, and their 4 kids. Sugar goes to Tom’s house every few months for “vacations” and hangs out with Tom and family. Sugar is just as comfortable at either home. Sugar will also go to Tom’s house when it’s time to have puppies. Sugar puppies are little dream dogs and seem to have Sugar’s fun and loving personality. What can we say about Sugar? How much time do you have? I could talk about her all day. You’ve probably seen her in some of our videos, like our “what to do and what not to do” Video. She’s a doll baby. She’s …
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  • Layla
    We waited a year to get this amazing girl. Layla is perfect in every way. A small mini Aussie, She is 31lbs and the most STOCKY dog we have.  Her parents are both Champions. She is perfect bone structure. She’s got the look, the stature, and best of all, she’s as sweet as they get. I got on a very long waiting list and waited patiently for the perfect red merle. Layla came to be when she was 9 weeks old and I raised her for the first month. Then she went to her forever home with Christy, her husband and their two daughters. Christy is the sister of Becky, who owns Robin. Click here to see Robin. Layla comes to my house now and then to visit and have play days with my dogs. She is a pleasure to have around. She is playful but not destructive and rarely barks. We socialized her well and she is great with strangers. Layla has already passed all of her genetic testing and she is clear on her entire Aussie panel. She is AKC registered. https://youtu.be/0o_C8qszRhc…
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  • Robin
    Robin is a 19lb, 13.5″ tall, Toy Sized, Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. She lives with Becky and her family in Prospect, KY. Robin is a guardian dog. That means she lives a fun life in her furever home, but she comes here for play-days and to have her puppies. She is docile, playful, lower energy, submissive, and best of all, she is extremely affectionate.  Don’t let her small size fool you; she’s just as intelligent as the rest of our pack. Robin lives with Becky, her forever home and family. When she comes here, her eyes LIGHT up and she is SO excited to see us. She has a blast here at our house and is spoiled rotten. I love Robin more than words can describe. She is incredibly special to both Becky and I. It’s one of those relationships that simply cannot be explained, because you would never believe it if I tried. Whatever you’re doing, Robin wants to do it too. Whether you’re working in the garage, swimming in the pool, or going in the car, …
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  • Mini Poochie
    Mini Poochie is an AKC registered, Champion Quality, Mini Australian Shepherd, weighing in at 29 lbs and 16″ tall. Since her first litter of puppies, everyone wants a Poochie pup! Poochie pups grow to the 24-29 lb range.  Mini Poochie LOVES to snuggle and is so affectionate, and her puppies follow suit.  She will usually hang out in whatever room you occupy.  Poochie can be independent as well.  She will go out in the back yard, find a place to perch and she will hang out on her own.  Poochie has a little less energy, and is a little less “high maintenance” than Winnie.  In other words, she is not quite as demanding of your time.  Poochie is known to get into trouble if she is not monitored.  Poochie LOVES to play fetch with the Frisbee, chase squirrels, swim in the pond, and be outside.  She is loyal and comes when she is called, but can be stubborn when she has a squirrel in sight. She is a little “sensitive” and very submissive.  While she loves kids …
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  • Winnie, the dog that started AwesomeDoodle
    Winnie is not a just another dog who makes beautiful puppies.  She’s exceptional, and so are her puppies. No, she probably wouldn’t win any blue ribbons in the show ring, but that’s not why we make puppies with her. Like every dog you see on our website, she is our family pet.  Winnie is the dog that got it all started.  We decided to make puppies because of her loving temperament, her agility, and her beautiful smile. She’s the dog that got us hooked. Winnie’s last litter will be in December of 2017. Her puppies are so desirable, we have people waiting specifically for her pups. Her puppies are known to be some of the smartest and most affectionate dogs we have. Winnie loves to fetch her Frisbee, jump through a hoop, and chase chipmunks.  Winnie is demanding with attention and hugs.  When you talk to Winnie, she looks you in the eyes, tilts her head and listens.  She has never met a stranger and loves everyone, including kids. She knows a variety of …
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